Tales from the Eastside Directory -CZW TV report for 8/3/02

-First off, I'd like to offer my sympathies to The Messiah, who was attacked in his home and severely beaten last week. I'll hold my theories on who's responsible for this and just say that I hope Messiah heals up soon.

-Having re-watched the tape of M-Dogg 20/Tony Stradlin from last week, I noticed that MD20 1) Did the DVD backbreaker on the injured knee, and 2) Landed RIGHT on the injured knee with his somersault doublestomp yet covered right after. Shoddy selling and I'm back to being down on MD20, so ignore my comments from last week. Ahh, revisionist history, gotta love it.

-A new addition to the reports this week, as I debut my new ratings system. Instead of using stars, it's on a 0-100 scale, ala what The Cubs Fan uses for his EMLL reviews.

-The first thing we see? An XPW ad touting their debut at the ECW/CZW Arena on 8/31. Blech. Why couldn't it be EPIC expanding out here? If anyone in the Delaware Valley area feels up to going to the XPW show and throwing rocks at Rob Black, send me a line, I'll help (as long as it doesn't involve actually attending the show).

-We open picking up leaving where the show left off last week: John Zandig (who looks like he's been frequenting the Old Country Buffet in his downtime) standing in the ring. The Rachies run out and attack Zandick with chairshots, then Rockin' Racist and Big Daddy Smooth emerge to help tie Zandick in barbed wire. The Rachies follow up with a sandwich chairshot to the wrapped-up Zandick! Flash with a chair to the head, Rose with a chair to the head, Flash with a chair to the head, and so on. Nick Gage, Nate Hatred and The Wifebeater (with his weedwhacker) run out for the save. The heels scatter except for Rose, who is unfortunate enough to get plowed over with a lariat from Hatred. So wait, Wifebeater WASN'T really hurt and it was all storyline? Wow, Zandick's booking sure is atrocious, way to screw the fans out of the match they paid to see.

-Cut to Eric Gargiuloand I Hate John House. Eric has questions about what just happened but I'm trying to forget it myself, so let's move on. Hype for 8/10. Lobo vs. Wifebeater WILL happen! They swear! They've already pulled the old bait-and-switch with this match twice, it wouldn't surprise me if Zandick had the gall to do it once more. Anyway, let's forget all this unpleasantness and look at tonight's card. The main event sees Justice Pain defend his World Heavyweight and Iron Man titles against Adam Flash, and there's a four-way tag match that sees Ian Knoxx and Chris Styles (the 'Irish Drinking Team') vs. New School vs. Hurricane Kid and Ultraviolent Towel Boy vs. Eddie Valentine and John Dahmer, with the winners immediately getting a shot at CZW Tag Team champions Nick Gage and Nate Hatred.

-Robby Merino is with Ian Knoxx and Chris Styles. Styles tries to explain to the inebriated Knoxx about how their match is coming up soon. Knoxx tries to understand, fails, and starts going into a story about how he was with two college girls last weekend. Eddie Valentine and Jon Dahmer enter, and Dahmer rather impolitely makes fun of Merino's hair. Dahmer says that if the Drinking Team are swapping stories, he has one of his own to add: "Remember that time before the four-way dance when VD came into your promo and kicked your ass?" Knoxx: "::Thinking hard:: Umm...no..." VD give Knoxx a reminder, administering a beatdown on him and Styles. Funny stuff. Dahmer says that tonight is the night VD re-enter the title hunt.

-Robby Merino is with another team in the upcoming four-way, New School (who are accompanied by their manager, Pastor Jim Washington). GQ notes that Pastor Jim made a lot of promises- the girls and money may be there, but where are the title shots? Jim notes that New School are undefeated, and says that while he may make a lot of promises, he also delivers on them. Jim says that his plan will come together tonight.

--New School vs. Ian Knoxx and Chris Styles vs. Hurricane Kid and Towel Boy (with Rick Feinberg) vs. Eddie Valentine and Jon Dahmer for the #1 contendership to the CZW Tag Team titles. This is under elimination rules. Pastor Jim handles the intro for New School himself. Knoxx comes out drinking the same bottle of wine he was working on in his interview earlier. Towel Boy is apparently no longer Ultraviolent. Feinberg is a rather effeminate fellow in a pink boa.

GQ and Chris Cash grab chairs and look ready to storm the ring, but they set up the chairs and have a seat on the outside instead. Towel Boy and Valentine start. Collar-and-elbow tieup, Valentine with a side headlock, Towel Boy throws him off and hits an armdrag. They exchange armwringers, with Valentine winning by cartwheeling out. Blind tag in by Hurricane Kid and he flies off the top rope with a plancha to Valentine that gets a two count. Towel Boy tags back in and he tries a plancha of his own, but Valentine catches him and drops him with Sudden Impact (Blockbuster suplex spun to sitout Uranage). Valentine scoop slams Towel Boy down, then tags Dahmer in. Dahmer to the top rope- flying elbow! Cover by Dahmer and he gets two. Tag to Valentine, Dahmer headbutts Towel Boy and VD lay into him with alternating chops. VD get Towel Boy up, then drop him with a nice double Reverse suplex! Valentine hooks the leg, only two. On the outside, New School attack Feinberg. Valentine tags Dahmer back in, and he gives Towel Boy an arrogant slap. Whip into the ropes and Dahmer hits a lariat. Cover, and another two count. Hurricane Kid springboards in and tries a 'rana to Dahmer, but Dahmer holds on and hits a powerbomb- holding for two, but he's not done yet. Dahmer holds on for a third powerbomb, then a fourth (!), then STILL holds on and gets Kid in position for a Doomsday Device. Valentine covers (I must've missed when he and Kid became the legal men) and gets the easy pin.

Styles enters the ring and throws Valentine over with a quick Stylesplex. Right hand and he throws Valentine to the corner, then hammers on him with knife-edge chops (four in all). Whip by Styles, blind tag by Knoxx (I think), and Valentine is right in the path of a Knoxx lariat. Trio of forearms by Knoxx, then a double-thrust to the throat. Tag to Styles. Nifty doubleteam by the Irish Drinking team: Styles hits a backbreaker on Valentine, and Knoxx flies off the top rope with a diving senton elbowdrop. Styles covers, hooking the leg and getting a two count. Styles: "Irish Style!" Waistlock by Styles, but Valentine hits a mule kick to break it up. Valentine comes out of nowhere with the Shotei to Styles and covers, one, two, Knoxx breaks up the cover. Dahmer's in the ring and he holds Styles, Valentine goes to throw some powder but Styles ducks and Dahmer is blinded. A slugfest erupts between Styles and Valentine, broken up when the blinded Dahmer hits both of them with a double Saito suplex! Knoxx comes in and hits Dahmer with an inverted Suplex backbreaker, then drops him with a Ki Crusher (I missed his name for it) for the pin. Again, I must've missed when those two became legal, oh well.

Cash (who, along with his partner, have successfully avoided being in the match thus far) quickly rushes in the ring and brains Knoxx with a chair. Knoxx staggers back into the corner, then slowly walks out, yelling for Cash to do it again! Cash obliges but Knoxx blocks it and swipes the chair. Now it's Knoxx trying a chairshot but Cash rolls under to dodge it, then sends Knoxx to the mat with a kick to the knee. On the outside, GQ is beating on Styles, whipping him into the guardrail. The Irish Drinking Team are put in dueling Trees of Woe on opposite sides of the ring, with Cash slingshotting in with a dropkick to Knoxx while GQ does the same to Styles. Cash hits a springboard dropkick to Styles while GQ covers Knoxx and puts his feet on the ropes (why not?) to get the pin (74). Not bad at all, the best sequence was the Knoxx & Styles/VD portion in the middle (which should've gotten some more time), and the New School were quite good as asshole heels. Hurricane Kid & Towel Boy added nothing except their usual career-shortening bumps. The lack of legal tagging in and out kind of hurt the match. Some familiar faces immediately storm the ring...

-New School (with Pastor Jim) vs. Nick Gage and Nate Hatred (with Dewey Donovan) for the CZW Tag Team titles. The H8 Club's first defense. Cash and GQ immediately bail from the ring when Gage and Hatred run out. Cash shows some trepidation but he's going to start with Gage. Collar-and-elbow tieup, Gage with a pair of forearms and he goes for the Chokeslam Backbreaker, but Cash throws him off into the ropes. Gage tries a back elbow, Cash ducks and comes the other way...running right into the Chokeslam Backbreaker! That was fast. Now it's GQ and Hatred in the ring- GQ with a flurry of right hands but Hatred shrugs them off and shoves GQ away. GQ runs back with another five rights, and again Hatred shoves him off. Lariat by Hatred folds GQ up. Whip into the ropes and Hatred plants GQ with the tilt-a-whirl face-first powerbomb. Cover by Hatred, one, ohhhh he pulls him up!

Another whip by Hatred and he catches GQ with a hard back elbow. Whip to the corner, Hatred meets GQ with chops. Another irish whip and a side slam by Hatred, right into a cover- it gets a very close two, Cash breaking up the pin by pulling Hatred out. Gage is tagged in and he works over GQ in the corner with a trio of shoulderblocks. Double whip by the H8 Club and a double shoulderblock. Gage with a Backdrop suplex and then a pair of quick elbowdrops before tagging Hatred back in. Double whip, right into a double flapjack by the tag team champions. GQ gets whipped into the corner and crushed by an avalanche. Hatred whips him face-first to the opposite buckle, then drops him from behind with an inverted DDT! Hatred takes the time to pose, allowing GQ his first real offense of the match in a superkick. Neckbreaker by GQ and he covers for two. Right hand by GQ, whip, trying a lariat but Hatred ducks and throws him with a German suplex! GQ is tossed into the corner and gets the living hell kicked out of him. Meanwhile, on the outside, Dewey fetches a table.

GQ is slumped over in the corner, so Hatred calls in his partner- running bootscrape by Gage! GQ is sent into the ropes and nailed with a powerslam into a cover- one, two, again GQ gets pulled up. Cash decides to intervene, flying off the top rope with a plancha onto Gage. Hatred comes in and tries to lariat Cash, but Cash ducks and hits a spinning heel kick. Cash up to the top rope again, trying to hit a flying headscissors onto Hatred, but he's caught and Hatred powerbombs him. GQ tries his luck with an aerial move, hitting Gage with a missile dropkick off the top. He goes for a plancha onto Gage, but Hatred steps in and folds him in mid-air with a lariat! Gage gets GQ up, and right back down with a downright HATEFUL brainbuster. Then another! Good lord.

Hatred, apparently feeling that New School haven't been beaten to a pulp quite enough yet, powerbombs Cash. Dewey sets the table up against the ring apron, and Gage Piledrives Cash from the apron through the table! Very nasty headdrop; I think New School have had enough. Back in the ring, Hatred drops GQ with the Fire Thunder Driver, and that's enough (obviously) to finish the match (71). Afterwards, Pastor Jim goes into the ring to give the H8 Club a hard time, and Dewey gives him a (somewhat weak) chairshot. Hatred takes the chair from Dewey and says "this is how it's done", smashing the chair over Jim's head and breaking it in the process (the chair, not Jim's head)!

A 71 is about the highest rating I could give such an out-and-out squash, but this was entertaining for what it was. Cash and GQ bumped like coke addicts. Gage and Hatred gave them a little offense, but not enough to make this even remotely competitive. If New School had been given more hope spots this could've ranked higher. Still, I see a potentially interesting story here: New School keep going after the H8 Club, getting progressively more competitive as the matches go on, leading to an eventual victory. Kind of like the heel version of the excellent Gage & Hatred/Briscoes feud from last year (although, don't get me wrong, Cash and GQ are nowhere near as good as the Briscoes).

-Robby Merino is in the back with Hurricane Kid, Towel Boy and Rick Feinberg. Feinberg is down on his knees...messaging Towel Boy's feet. Then he puts his pink boa around Merino's neck. See, his name is 'Rick Feinberg' which sounds a lot like 'Rob Feinstein' and he acts really gay! Oh, the hilarity. I'm not a fan of Feinstein, but this is really immature and petty. Anyway, there's nothing worth mentioning here except that we seem to be building towards a VD vs. Towel Boy & Hurricane Kid match next month. Can't they find anything better to do with Kid and Towel Boy and give that slot to the Irish Drinking Team?

-We cut again to Robby Merino (who should be getting paid overtime this week), who is talking to a very tired and beaten New School. Cash: "We just got our asses kicked by the H8 Club, nothin special about that, what the hell do you want us to say?" GQ, in lieu of saying anything, just walks off. Merino mentions that it's Cash's birthday. Cash: "Yeah, some birthday present. We got dropped on our heads- his neck could've been broken! Is that nice?" Cash decides he has nothing more to say, and leaves.

-Adam Flash (with Danny Rose) vs. Justice Pain for the CZW World Heavyweight and Iron Man titles. Pain's second defense of the World Heavyweight title and first defense of the Iron Man. He had a World Heavyweight title match against Zandick in Ireland where he lost, but he regained the belt in a match later that day. The problem is, the records are hazy on which match was a title match and which wasn't. CZW hasn't really mentioned it since, so I'm just going to consider it a successful defense for Pain in his third title reign. As Flash enters, Gargiulo gives a really good speech on commentary about what eleven years in the wrestling business is like. Pain stretches on the ropes before the bell. Pain and Flash circle, but before they make contact, Pain rolls out of the ring and attacks Danny Rose! Pain puts a chair in the ring, then rolls back out and grabs the mic: "These people are here to see Justice Pain vs. Adam Flash, one on one, so get that (motherfucker) ::pointing to Rose:: out of here!" Rose obliges and it looks like we have a fair contest.

The two feel each other out. Collar-and-elbow tieup, Pain grabs a waistlock. Standing switch by Flash, Pain chain wrestles to a full nelson. Pain holding on and wrestling Flash to the mat in the full nelson, now with an armwringer as Flash makes it to his feet. To the hammerlock, Flash reverses to one of his own, and now it's Flash with the armwringer. Wrenching it in, but Pain cartwheels out and throws a pair of hard chops. Flash with a chop of his own, and we get a standoff. Let's go again: Collar-and-elbow, Pain throws two kicks to the leg to send Flash to his knee, then a third kick nails Flash right in the temple. Stomping by Pain. Irish whip but Flash holds onto the ropes. Pain charges Flash and gets backdropped over the ropes, but he manages to land on the apron. Pain tries to step back into the ring, but Flash catches him with a snapmare and dropkick to the face. Going for a Back suplex, but Pain blocks with elbows to the head. Lariat by Pain sends Flash down. Pain with a chop, Flash returns with one of his own, Pain, Flash, Pain, Flash, Pain tries another chop but Flash ducks and drops him with a Back suplex. Holding on for a cover, but Pain gets the shoulder up at two. Flash still holding on to pull Pain to his feet, and dropping him with an atomic drop powerbomb! Another cover, getting a closer two count this time.

Flash puts Pain in the corner and works him over with a pair of right hands and a chop. Whip to the opposite corner, so hard that Pain is sent outside but he's able to hand on his feet. Pain slingshots in and tosses Flash with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead suplex! Pain goes to catch Flash with a 'rana, but Flash holds on. Going for the running Ligerbomb, but Pain counters with a headscissor that sends Flash over the ropes and to the floor. Pain hits Flash with a chair on the outside and whips him into the guardrail. Pain rolls Flash back into the ring and goes up top- Blockbuster! Cover by Pain gets two. Whip into the ropes and Pain tries a gutshot, but Flash catches it and snaps Pain to the mat with an STO! Leg hooked by Flash and a two count. Flash spears Pain through the ropes and to the floor.

Gargiulo mentions that this match is under Iron Man title rules, meaning falls count anywhere. We get some minor clipping. Pain with a right hand, chop and whip to the guardrail. Flash is laid against the apron and chopped. Beal over the guardrail by Pain sends Flash onto chairs. Chair to the back by Pain and we've wandered onto the stage area. Flash gets to his feet, but is knocked right back down with a dropkick to the knee by Pain. Pain spikes Flash with a hard Piledriver on the stage! Clip. Flash wanders out to the rampway and Pain throws a garbage can full of weapons into the ring. Pain rams Flash's head into the fence by the entranceway, then drags him back to the ring. Pain with a washboard, which he breaks over Flash's back. Flash fights back with a low blow using a hockey stick. Pain thrown into the corner and levelled with a trash can lid shot. Flash readies himself up for an avalanche, but Pain rushes out of the corner with a spear.

Pain with a running over-the-shoulder powerslam to Flash, then covering for two. Flash gets thrown through the ropes to the floor. Danny Rose is back out and trying to lariat Pain, but Pain ducks and hits a neckbreaker. Rose gets thrown out onto Flash, then Pain hits an Asai Moonsault to the outside and onto the Rachies! Flash staggers back into the ring and Pain covers him, one, two, kickout. Forearm, whip into the ropes and Pain drives Flash to the mat with a backdrop. Rose comes into the ring and hits Pain with an elbow. Referee Rob Hartog takes issue with the interference and Rose rolls back out of the ring. Flash whips Pain into the ropes- and into Hartog. Flash with another whip into the ropes and a Sky-Hi. Right to a cover, but there's no ref. Pain gets cinched up on the second rope, and brought down with the Move of the Month (the 'Lobonator' this month; kind of weak compared to past names). Rose is in yet again, and there's a sandwich chairshot to Pain! Flash hooks the leg and Hartog with a slow count, one...two...NO! The crowd sadly isn't as into this as they should be.

Rose rolls a table into the ring. Pain is laid on the table and Flash goes up top for the Last Call legdrop (remember, the flying legdrop through the table was what got Flash a disputed three count in his last match with Pain at "...And Justice for All"), but Rose accidentally crotches his friend. Rose gets lariated from the ring. Flash with a whip, trying a lariat but Pain ducks and gets a German Suplex hold! One, two, shoulder up. Flash is laid on the table now and Pain goes up to the top floor, but he gets a chair thrown at his back. Flash gets up and meets Pain on the top rope, both men jockey for position and Flash hits a Back Superplex through the table! Well, in theory it was an avalanche-style side Russian legsweep but it didn't come off like that. Flash gets an arm over Pain and vice versa, and Hartog counts both of their shoulders down for the pin (83). So, who won the match? Hartog tells announcer Dennis Shock that he's ruled the match a draw, so Pain retains his World Heavyweight title but Flash wins the Iron Man title. Pain is pretty pissed off and he calls for five more minutes (the crowd agrees and chants for it). Flash looks like he's going to enter the ring, but Rose holds him back...and Flash flips off Pain, then walks away. Ha. Back in the ring, Pain argues with Hartog about the decision. Hand of Friendship extended by Pain, Hartog accepts it (man, he's stupid) and of course he gets hit with the Pain Thriller. Pain walks over Hartog as he exits the ring.

Reports were right, as this was a disappointing match. That doesn't make it a bad match, though. The early work was excellent. The crowd brawl was pretty good as well, with stiff punches and the nice Piledriver from Pain. The weapons stuff and Rose interference was pretty goofy, but things were starting to pick up when Pain hit the German suplex. Of course, that's when they decided to finish the match, and things felt incomplete. There was a lack of big moves from both men. Flash didn't use his running Ligerbomb, flying legdrop (both of those were teased though) or Flash Driver; Pain didn't use the Dragon Screw legwhip, STF, Pain Thriller, Quebrada or Tiger suplex. It's not like the greatness of the match is determined by the number of moves used, but the fact that both guys limited their movesets hurt things. The lack of crowd heat also took away from the match. One more gripe: They didn't take advantage of the Iron Man title rules. Throwing in some nearfalls in the crowd could've added a new demension to the crowd brawl. Not as good as it could've been, or as good as their match from last November, but a pretty enjoyable match overall.

-Eric Gargiulo and I Hate John House wrap things up. Gargiulo calls Flash a coward for not taking five more minutes; House makes a surprisingly valid point, saying that normally a draw would go to the champion. Gargiulo with some hype for 8/10, talking about Justice Pain's open challenge and the Wifebeater/Lobo match that will happen. Really, it will. They promise! Legal notice and we're out.

-Eh. Not as iffy a show as last week's was, but still nothing really blowaway. If Flash and Pain got ten more minutes and a better finish, they could've made this a better show. As it stands, we've gone a couple weeks without a really good show. Hopefully this Saturday's show will change that and create some material for a couple weeks of good TV. There's an outdoor deathmatch tournament in Delaware on 8/31, but I doubt any of that stuff would make TV (not that I really want to see it anyway).

-Speaking of this Saturday's show, I've decided to go over some of the candidates for Pain's open challenge. This was partially a grandstand challenge to ROH, but it also could be very interesting and lead to an excellent match (like Pain's last open challenge did).

1) David Young. He's the current Wildside Heavyweight champion (after the last TV taping), so it would fit in with the Wildside invasion angle. Pain/Young could be really great if given time, and Young has proven in the past that he can be an effective heel.

2) Jerry Lynn. Lynn hasn't worked CZW since "High Stakes", where he was feuding with Pain. It would be a fitting return to CZW for him to resume his feud, and Lynn's recent appearances on NWA:TNA PPV have only helped raise his stock.

3) Chris Hero. Hero was scheduled to make a second appearance in CZW for the July "Deja Vu" show, but a booking in IWA Mid South cancelled that idea. What better way to make an impact in CZW than to challenge the champion?

4) B-Boy or Super Dragon. Two workers from EPIC who made a really good impression in CZW during the Best of the Best tournament. Both had been in discussions to make returns to CZW, and a feud could carry over into EPIC (who uses CZW workers).

5) Other CZW workers. There are some good choices that aren't yet booked in matches on 8/10. Messiah is obviously ruled out. Nick Mondo still has issues with Pain from losing his Iron Man title, while Ruckus has never faced Pain in a one-on-one match and with Messiah injured, he's pretty much the number one face.

-Now for a new feature, which I've dubbed the "Single Shot". Occasionally, let's say once a month, I'll stick a special match review at the end of one of my TV reports. It can be Puro, Lucha, anything that strikes me as good wrestling. We may even see a WWE/F match in here at some point (not bloody likely)! This month, it's...

Eddy Guerrero vs. Doug Williams. This is from 2/9/02 and is a semifinal in the 'King of England' tournament that was aired on the UK Revival TV special. Your announcers are a fellow named Dean doing play-by-play and Mark Priest on colour. Both are quite good, nothing exceptional but they keep up with the action admirably.

We start out with both men looking for a knucklelock, but Guerrero changes his mind and goes to a side headlock. Chain wrestling to a front facelock by Guerrero, then a snapmare but Williams floats over into a headlock. Guerrero reverses and gets a drop toehold, bending the legs trying for a Mexican surfboard but Williams is quick to make the ropes. Guerrero pulls him back and he pretzels the legs again, setting up for the surfboard again but he can't make much progress before Williams uses Guerrero's own arm to pull out of the surfboard attempt and into a side headlock. Guerrero goes right back to the legs, though, with another pretzelhold, converting to a hurtful knee-in-the-back variation of the Boston crab. Guerrero smoothly transitions to a front chancery, then goes from there to an STF. This is some amazing matwork. Williams again manages to escape to a headlock, this time of the ground variety. Guerrero fights to his feet, grabs an armwringer, turns that into a top wristlock but Williams fights and turns it into a knucklelock. Test of strength going on, Williams comes close to pinning Guerrero's shoulders to the mat so Guerrero breaks out of the knucklelock with a rolling koppou kick that sends Williams into the ropes!

Guerrero with a straight right hand, Williams fires back with several forearms but Guerrero with an eyepoke to break that up. Williams is down, so Eddy gives him his signature bootscrape. Guerrero attempts a whip, reversed by Williams and he hits a powerslam into the first pin attempt of the match, getting a two count. Snapmare by Williams and he locks on a figure-four headscissors. Guerrero knows the hold, however, and he's able to counter out by slipping through Williams' legs and once again attempting the Mexican surfboard. Guerrero successfully ties up the legs, but Williams refuses to let himself be bent backwards so Guerrero improvises into a very painful looking surfboard chinlock. Williams quickly grabs the top rope to force a break.

Right hand by Guerrero and he throws Williams face-first to the corner, then attacks with punches to the back (four in all). Dropkick to the back, then a hard Back suplex by Guerrero. I think that Eddy may have picked his body part. Guerrero goes to the apron- slingshot senton to the back of Williams! Another right by Guerrero but Williams fights back with a punch of his own, then a European uppercut. Guerrero is thrown into the corner and Williams nails him with a running kneesmash. Williams immediately follows up with a Snap suplex and covers, with Guerrero kicking out at two. European forearm and Williams with a knee to the gut, corner whip, trying another running kneesmash but Guerrero moves. Guerrero wastes no time moving his attack to the knee, hooking on a British figure-four leglock! Williams lets his shoulders fall to the mat, but he shoots them up at the two count.

Guerrero reaches to add an armlock to the British figure-four, but Williams uses this to his advantage, ducking out and turning over the British figure-four to a modified Indian Deathlock. Guerrero is quick to drape his arm over the bottom rope. Williams is slow to break. The crowd applauds and Eddy wants a handshake, but Williams shoves him in response. Guerrero with a shove of his own and a slugfest breaks out, Guerrero winning. Irish whip and Guerrero hits Williams with a back elbow. Guerrero steps over with La Majistral but can only get two. Guerrero with another pin attempt, this time a bodyscissors to front cradle, and another two count. Double-leg takedown by Williams and he hooks a figure-four jackknife hold and that gets two as well. The Dean fellow says "Add up all those two counts and what do you get? A wrestling master-class!", and I'm inclined to agree.

Drop toehold by Guerrero and he hooks in an Indian Deathlock. Williams is in mid-ring and he makes a slow crawl to the ropes, eventually forcing a break. Stomp by Guerrero and he pulls Williams to his feet. Guerrero tries a whip, Williams reverses to an armwringer and whips Guerrero the other way, then catches him with a Backdrop suplex. Williams going to the top rope, and he comes off with the "Bomb Scare" kneedrop! He got all of Guerrero with that, too. Williams covers, but only a two count. European uppercut by Williams and a whip, but Guerrero comes back the other way with a lightning-quick 'rana! Guerrero hooks the leg and gets a two count. Williams goes back onto offense, sending Guerrero into the corner. Guerrero hits a Euro uppercut but Williams fights back by throwing four Euro forearms. Williams going to the top rope again, trying a huge diving senton but Guerrero rolls out of the way! Guerrero leans back just enough to pin Williams' shoulders down, and he gets two. Guerrero gets Williams up for a powerbomb, but he takes a walk and converts Williams into a Gorry Special! Williams refuses to submit, so Guerrero turns it into a pin attempt, one, two, Williams flips it over for a two count of his own. Eddy flips him the other way and bridges the legs in a pinning combo for two, countered when Williams flips him sideways into another pinning predicament and that also gets two. Williams rolls to his feet...and is sent right back down courtesy of a lariat from Guerrero!

Front sleeper hooked on by Guerrero, but when Williams starts to fade he's able to counter with a Greco-Roman style throw! Cover and Williams gets two. Williams asks the ref if he's SURE that was a two count. Williams sets up for a Vertical suplex but Guerrero tucks him into an inside cradle! One, two, no! Guerrero mashes Williams' face to the mat, then hooks an armbar while ramming his forearm into Williams' face. Guerrero changes up to using both arms to crank back on the armbar, and Williams is in serious pain but he refuses to submit. Guerrero changes his attack plan, dragging Williams into position and going to the top rope. Frog Splash? No, it's a picturesque rolling senton- Williams moves but Guerrero is able to roll through to his feet. Guerrero turns and tries a lariat, Williams ducks and goes for his finisher, the Revolution DDT, but Guerrero throws him off. Williams is groggy so Guerrero comes off the ropes with La Majistral, he gets it three-fourths of the way hooked on but Williams leans back and hooks Guerrero's leg, one, two, three (10:03, 93)!

This was really, really awesome. Ten minutes of the best wrestling you'll see all year. The matwork at the beginning was beyond any superlative I could throw out, up there with Johnny Saint's work. Eddy's psychology was spot-on, focusing alternately on the back and legs. Also, it wasn't like he switched between them at random; it took Williams hurting his knee on the missed kneesmash for Eddy to target it. There were also some cool nods to Eddy being able to hang at the British style, with him using the British figure-four and European uppercut at points. The finish was smart, since Eddy had already used La Majistral so Williams logically found a way to counter it. Just great and essential viewing. If these two got twenty minutes I think they could've put on the best match of the year so far.

-Well, that's it for now. Sorry for the lateness of the report but I've been busy lately. Of course, I'm going to be even busier for the rest of this week, so if I can't get the Wildside report done Thursday afternoon then it'll be delayed to likely Sunday, with the CZW TV report following Tuesday or Wednesday or so. I'm still hoping to review other stuff (ROH key matches, MPro Tag League 96 TV special, Freedom Fight '02), but that won't be for a while. I haven't gotten some of the ROH matches yet, though. I haven't gotten FF '02 either but I received a very generous offer from someone to send it to me for free, so that should be arriving shortly. No matter what happens, I can guarantee plenty of that sweet, non-sexual pro-wrestling love in the future!