Tales from the Eastside Directory -NWA Wildside TV report for 8/21/02

-Congratulations to David Young on being picked up by ZERO-ONE for their latest tour. Young and Steve Corino recently challenged (unsuccessfully) Shinjiro Ohtani and Masato Tanaka for the NWA Intercontiental Tag Team titles, that match got fifteen minutes and should be really awesome.

-I've got most of the Freedom Fight '02 review done, all thats left is the Briscoe/Briscoe and TNT/Lost Boys matches, but keep in mind both of them feature TONS of offense and both go over twenty minutes, plus there's a lot of storytelling and intracy in the Briscoes match. I'd say it should be done by sometime next week.

-Again, no one got entrances this week (except Jimmy Rave) for some odd reason.

-Wildside intro.

-"No geriatrics, no garbage, no General Managers!" promises Steven Prazak, and thank god for that. Prazak goes over the highlights of the Rainman & John Phoenix vs. AJ Styles & Adam Jacobs tag match last week, and the double pin with Jacobs and Phoenix- go read last week's report. Dan Wilson, as usual, tells us what to expect tonight: A main event of the Briscoe Brothers vs. TNT, Rick Michaels vs. Rainman, an eight-man "loser leaves Wildside" match, and more!

-Future Shock vs. Jeremy V and Derrick Driver- Joined in Progress. Brandon P grabs V by the leg and pulls him away from his corner. Stomp and a scoop slam, then he tags Jay Freeze in. Future Shock with their tumbling run legdrop (P)/slingshot senton (Freeze) combo. Big right hand by Freeze and he shoves Driver off the apron. Freeze sets up for a Back suplex on V, but turns and hands him to P, who puts him in powerbomb position, then Future Shock hit the Aftershock from there. Ah, but Driver made a blind tag to V while he was up for the Aftershock, so he's legal now. Freeze goes to cover V, but by the time he finds out V's not legal, Driver leaps off the top with a plancha that gets the upset pin (6:18- about 0:30 aired). Obviously too clipped to rate. If you're gonna chop the match up that badly, why bother airing it at all?

-Rainman (with Jeff G. Bailey) vs. Rick Michaels. Michaels charges the ring, ducks a lariat from Rainman and fires away with five lefts. Whip, high knee by Michaels. Snap suplex by Michaels and he tosses Rainman through the ropes to the floor. Michaels with five more lefts outside, Rainman fires back with a right but gets thrown into the guardrail. Rainman gets his head bashed into the guardrail. Measured left by Michaels, then he puts on a headlock and gives Rainman another. Both men head back to the ring to break the ten count of referee Andrew Thomas. Rainman with a pair of rights, whip and he hits a leg lariat. Rainman to the mount, throwing six rights in all. Michaels with a rake of the eyes to shift the momentum. Rainman thrown into the corner and Michaels works him over with three lefts to the kidneys, then four more stiff lefts to the face. Corner whip and Michaels tries an avalanche, but Rainman gets the boot up. Michaels gets draped over the second rope. Rainman politely takes Thomas aside to discuss the new Anna Nicole Smith show on E!, allowing Bailey a chance to choke Michaels. Stomp by Rainman, then a chinlock with added eyerake. Michaels is whipped into the ropes and nailed with the Spine Splitta, but Rainman doesn't cover, instead choosing to continue the beating. Michaels gets stomped and thrown outside, Rainman with more rights, but Michaels fires back with left. A stiff slugfest breaks out; these two must've learned to punch from Tenryu or something, as they're barely pulling back on those punches (if at all). Thomas tries to break it up and both men shove him, so Thomas calls for the bell (3:35, 60). "Bull-shit" chant from the displeased crowd. The official decision is announced as a DQ on Michaels. Much like the Michaels/Murder One match last week, this was a short but hot brawl. Still, you can't do much with three minutes. Those were some stiff punches, but stiffness alone doesn't make for a good match.

-"Mr. Delicious" Jacey North vs. Jimmy Rave for the NWA World Junior Heavyweight title. Rave's second defense. Shockingly, North's NWA Virginia Heavyweight title is NOT on the line! Referee Speedy Nelson shows both men the belt before displaying it, and North tries to steal the belt when it's shown to him. Heh. Rhythmic clapping by Rave. Collar-and-elbow, wristlock by Rave to a hammerlock, North throws a back elbow and reverses to a hammerlock of his own. Side headlock by North, Rave throws him into the ropes and North hits a shoulderblock. Cover by North for zero. North is whipped into the ropes and Rave drops down, doing a leapfrog as North comes the other way but North catches Rave as he lands with a schoolboy for a two count. Quick drop toehold by Rave and he floats over to a ground side headlock. North gets to his feet, counters to an armwringer, forearm by Jacey and he whips Rave into a hiptoss. North goes for a cover but Rave kicks him off. Japanese armdrag by North, Rave fires back with an armdrag of his own and he holds on to an armbar. North to his feet, whip, waistlock but Rave with a standing switch. Rave tries a German suplex but North blocks, Rave with a trio of forearms to the back but while North is down to one knee, he still won't go over. Rave comes off the ropes with a sliding dropkick, and then he covers for two.

Whip by Rave, reversal, North tries a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Rave counters into a spinning headscissor attempt but North throws him off into a full-nelson bomb! North holds on and turns the full-nelson into a Nirvana Strangle. Rave refuses to submit, so North converts to a Camel Clutch. Still no submission, so North tries a Gedo Clutch which gets two. Gutshot and a gutbuster from North, then two more gutshots. Psst, I think Jacey's picked his body part. Gutwrench suplex by North, cover, Rave kicks out at two. Measured right, whip into the ropes but Rave catches North with a single-leg cradle for two. Swanky headscissor to a pin for two by Rave. Pair of open-hand slaps by Rave, he throws North into the corner and gives him one more. Corner whip attempted, North with the armwringer reversal. Elbow from North and he grabs a waistlock, trying a German suplex but Rave blocks and throws him off into a lariat. Another hard lariat from Rave. Gourdbuster from Rave and he leans over for the pin, but only two. Open-hand slap by Rave, corner whip, trying to follow through to the Gravity Killer but North crotches him and brings him off the ropes with the Iconoclasm! That's Jacey's move but he's opted not to cover, instead going to the top rope. Trying a plancha, but it's an empty pool as Rave moves out of the way. North gets folded with a German suplex and Rave leans over for the pin attempt, one, two, no. Slap, chop and a corner whip by Rave, North reverses, Rave with the nip up but North calmly stops himself and hits a crotchkick. Ha! North goes for a 'rana, Rave holds on and brings him out with a running Jackknife Powerbomb! That's enough for the pin and successful title defense for Rave (6:02, 82). Good stuff here, I could watch these guys mat wrestle for fifteen minutes. They built up to the German suplex, and they played off the counter wrestling strengths of both guys by having the biggest moves (Iconoclasm, running Jackknife Powerbomb) be counters. Poor Jacey, he never wins.

-Some interviewer I've never seen before interviews the Briscoe Brothers. Jay only gets off a few words (calling TNT "punks") before Tony Stradlin and Todd Sexton interrupt. Stradlin, as always, is bitter and angry. "Where's our interview time? You've been in here for two matches, so what, we've been here for two YEARS!" Things get heated and a shoving match erupts.

-Tony Mamaluke, Malachi, Lazarus (with Nisa) and Cru Jones (with Destiny) vs. Kevin Harden, Onyx, Sweet Dreams and Caprice Coleman with the loser of the fall leaving Wildside. Eight men, no entrances for any of 'em. Malachi looks like Nise Scott Steiner, basically. Nisa looks quite a bit tastier than she did in her debut last week. The heels spend a bit too long on their strategy session, prompting Coleman to smack Jones on the ass to get his attention. Now the heels get into a huddle and Jones psychs himself up by running in place; Coleman mocks him with a run of his own, eventually running into the turnbuckle.

Coleman and Jones finally start off the match. Collar-and-elbow tieup, Jones shoves Coleman off. "One Bad Homo" chant from the crowd directed at Jones. Another collar-and-elbow, armdrag by Coleman, then a drop toehold. A second drop toehold, hiptoss, and dropkick from Coleman force Jones to roll outside to regroup. Jones tags Mamaluke while Coleman tags in Onyx. Mamaluke with the "Italian Monster" pose, which if you ask me is a million times cooler than Low-Ki's monkey poses. Circling, collar-and-elbow, side headlock from Onyx, Mamaluke throws him into the ropes but gets hit with a hard shoulderblock. Mamaluke thrown to the corner and he's chopped, then whipped into the ropes and launched with a high backdrop. Irish whip, Mamaluke ducks a lariat but Onyx catches him with a military press. Another military press by Onyx, this time dropping Mamaluke over the ropes and to the floor! Malachi and Dreams are the next two to pair off. Dreams ducks a lariat from Malachi and hits a hiptoss, armdrag and scoop slam to send Malachi quickly back to his corner. Our last two dance partners are Lazarus and Harden. Lazarus tries a lariat, Harden ducks and hits a Belly-to-Belly suplex. Whip into the ropes and Harden hits a lariat. Lazarus begs off.

Armwringer by Harden and he tags in Coleman, who hits a gutshot. Whip, Coleman drops down and hits a leg lariat on Lazarus when he comes the other way. Time for the "Thrilla in Cornelia" as Coleman makes with the Ali shuffle and dancing jabs. Whip, Lazarus reverses, Coleman slides through his legs and turns him into a Sky-Hi! Nisa's up on the apron to get all sultry-like with Coleman, but Coleman turns around in time to catch a kick from Lazarus. Lazarus counters with a low blow. Whip right into a kneelift by Lazarus, then he trips Coleman down to the mat. The heels draw the ref over to discuss with him what they think about the new Bruce Springsteen album, so Mamaluke chokes Coleman on the apron until Onyx chases him off. More choking by Lazarus, this time of the rope-assisted variety. Tag to Jones, he hits Coleman with a right. Whip into the ropes and a lariat by Jones. Jones with the international "screw you" gesture to Harden, drawing him in the ring and the ref over to hold him back. The heels take advantage with a quadruple stompdown. Tag to Malachi and he hits a headbutt before whipping Coleman into a lariat. There's a Nise Steinerline that folds Coleman inside out. Walkaround military press by Malachi, and then he goes to mix it up with the faces. It all breaks down into a brawl, everyone spilling outside except for Jones and Coleman. Destiny hands Jones the evil football helmet, but Coleman kicks it out of his hands and hits the Thermal Shock for the pin (7:30, 68). Entertaining comedy but not much matchwise. Forget all that, though, CRU JONES IS GONE! Hallejulah! After the match, Mamaluke hits Coleman with his signature high-angle Back suplex (hereby dubbed the "Italian suplex" by me) and locks a Cross Armbreaker! Coleman taps but that's not gonna help him. Onyx, Dreams and Harden eventually chase Mamaluke off.

-Todd Sextonand Tony Stradlin vs. The Briscoe Brothers for the #1 contendership to the Wildside Tag Team titles. Stradlin and Mark start us off. Mark with a gutshot and six rights. Stradlin fights back with a chop and some rights of his own. Another gutshot by Mark, whip, Stradlin reverses but Mark nails him with a forearm smash as he comes off the ropes. Mark trying a Vertical suplex, Stradlin drops behind, whip, Stradlin drops down and tries to catch Mark with an armdrag but Mark counters to a cradle for a zero count. Stradlin rolls to his feet and gets sent right back down with a lariat. Tag to Jay. Corner whip is reversed by Stradlin but Jay stops himself from hitting the corner by lifting his knee (Regal-style) and turns around to plow Stradlin over with a vicious high kick! Meanwhile, Mark springboards out onto Sexton with a plancha. Stradlin gets whipped into the ropes and tripped from the outside, so Jay hits a running legdrop (Wilson: "Unlike some people, Jay Briscoe gets height on his legdrop, brother.") then covers for two. Snap suplex by Jay. Whip, reversal by Stradlin and he goes for a backdrop but Jay drops down and uppercuts him. Sexton breaks up Jay's offense with an eye rake, allowing Stradlin to capitalize with a leg lariat. Tag to Sexton, and he hits Jay with a jawbreaker and dropkick in quick succession. Cover by Sexton, Jay gets the shoulder up. Right by Sexton, he whips Jay into the ropes, blind tag by Mark and he springboards in with a dropkick! Gutwrench suplex by Mark, then he nails Sexton right in the face with his signature kneedrop. Tag to Jay and Mark whips Sexton into a side slam/inverted DDT doubleteam. Whip, Sexton reverses, Jay takes a swing at Stradlin but Tony ducks- and that leaves Jay open for a Superkick from Sexton. Tag to Stradlin, who wastes no time covering Jay and getting a two count. Whip and Jayeats a back elbow from Stradlin. Stradlin trying a knee strike, but Jay catches it and rolls through to a Dragon Screw legwhip. Going to tag Mark, but Sexton cuts him off. Irish whip and Sexton with the Heel Telegraphed Backdrop, Jay counters to a sunset flip but Stradlin blind tags Sexton while he's being taken over. Stradlin with a sliding dropkick to Jay, then he works a reverse chinlock and Wildside Continues... We're back and Stradlin has Jay in a side headlock. He throws Jay into the ropes and goes for a leapfrog, but Jay is able to dropkick Stradlin right in the knee as he lands! Great timing on that move. Jay gets within reaching distance of Mark but again Sexton rushes in to cut off the tag. Whip, Sexton with a powerslam right into a cover and Jay rolls the shoulder up for a late two count. Sexton puts Jay in the corner and slaps him. Sexton beats Jay pillar to post, whipping him from one corner to another. Sexton tries the superkick but Jay catches it and plants him with a gourdbuster! Jay gets Sexton on his shoulders- Death Valley Driver! Both men are down, Sexton tags in Stradlin while Jay makes the hot tag to Mark. Mark immediately puts Stradlin down with a precision springboard dropkick to the knee. Mark with a waistlock on Sexton, Sexton throws elbows to break but Mark drops him with a Fishermanbuster! Stradlin tries an enzugiri on Mark, but Mark catches him and takes him down into a reverse Indian Deathlock, continuing to stretch that hurt knee. Looks like Mark is going to turn the Indian Deathlock into a Trailer Hitch (!), but Sexton low blows him to break it up. Sexton tying Mark up in the ropes with an inverted Tarantula (!!) while Stradlin flies all the way across the ring with a springboard dropkick to Mark! Awesome doubleteam there. Stradlin looks like he hurt his knee hitting the springboard dropkick, though. TNT go for the Spike Cradle Piledriver on Mark, but the Lost Boys have wandered to ringside and grabbed their attention. With TNT distracted, Mark switches with Jay. Sexton gets Jay up for the Piledriver but Jay is able to get an inside cradle for the pin and title shot (7:07, 83). As good a tag match as they could've made with the time. The Briscoes always keep things interesting, in this case they added a layer of story by attacking Stradlin's knee. Give these two teams time (which I believe they did on the last TV taping) and they could turn out a classic. The Briscoes keep impressing me each time they work, looking more and more like the best tag team in the world (and who knows, with TenKoji broken up they just might be). I'm spouting hyperbole like Jim Ross on speed, so I'll stop myself before it gets too ridiculous.

-Much like last week's show, this one had two good matches and two bad ones, but the eight-man tag had some entertaining moments and while the rating doesn't reflect it, Michaels/Rainman was more entertaining than Michaels/One (maybe it had something to do with all the punching in the face?). Next week promises Slim J vs. Jeremy Lopez, which I could've sworn was mentioned on last week's show as airing this week, but maybe I was hearing things.

What's the deal with the Coleman vs. Mamaluke series for the TV title? Three matches have been taped but none of them have aired yet...I was really looking forward to them as Mamaluke is the perfect opponent for Coleman, good enough to teach him new things and carry him on the mat but also capable to do the high-flying Coleman is so fond of.

-That's it for now. If any of you in my beloved readership are going to the September Ring of Honor show, I intend on going (and I mean it this time!) so stop by and say hi if you want to see the man behind the exhaustingly long PBP.