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NWA Wildside TV (Episode #188)

Tales From the Eastside by Patrick McGovern

-The Dark City Soldiers (that would be Murder One, Shadow Jackson and the masked One Man Posse) are in the ring, One holding the mic and let's hear what's on his mind, eh? "I'm tryin' to be a merciful guy when it comes to this, but Jeff Lewis, I feel like you wanna inch it a little bit. So what I'm gonna do is challenge you to walk your skinny white ass down that ramp right now. You better make it fast, because I got a lot of women to cut and my time is very precious." One is ready for battle, but he's in for a surprise as Posse pulls off his hood to reveal...Jeff Lewis! Lewis drops Jackson with some rights and goes after One, but they're two and he's one and the numbers game eventually catches up with Jeff. Dark City stompdown on Lewis, but out bounds Jason Blackman and I think we may have an impromptu tag match on our hands...

-Murder One and Shadow Jackson vs. Jeff Lewis and Jason Blackman. So, here's where my crappy "abbreviated" review style comes in. Lewis and Blackman are fiery to start and take control (including a great dropkick from Blackman- who, for the uninformed, is Rick Michaels' last student and someone with a hell of a lot of potential), but the much bigger Jackson puts Blackman down with a sitout spinebuster to shift the match to the heels' way. Jackson worked the back with a single-leg crab and, in a cool touch, added elbowdrops and kneedrops to the back after releasing the hold. The heels get heat on Blackman, One even busting out his Blue Thunder bomb for the first time in a while. Blackman made his comeback by ducking the Blazing lariat and nailing a backbreaker, then he went for a sweet-looking quebrada only to overshoot it (plus One got his knees up anyway). One hit the Blazing lariat but Blackman clotheslined him on the way down for a good double KO spot. Tag to Jackson, hot tag to Lewis who is fists afahr, beating on Jackson while giving One a hard hiptoss that sends him packing out of the ring. Lewis kept beating on Jackson in the corner (give him credit for working on his worked punches), but One entered the ring with a lit cigar...which he jammed right in Lewis' eye! That's a definite DQ there (8:08, 81). Wilson calls it a "blunt" so presumably One's packing some ganja in that cigar. One leaves up the rampway with Jackson, puffing and celebrating the whole way. Surprisingly good match, helped a lot by the crowd which seemed to even be turning in favor of the Dark City guys at one point (!) and were incredibly loud the whole time. Blackman and Lewis are really coming along as workers while One has stepped up his game for this feud with Lewis; his momentum stalled in the neverending and deadeningly boring Onyx feud, but he's been exceedingly fun to watch while testing the rookie Lewis.

-Kid Kool vs. Scott E. Smooth. Hmm, a comedy match. Smooth scampers around a lot at the start, and his first offensive move is pretty much by accident as he counters the Kool Krusher with a reverse Electric Chair into the turnbuckle. That, along with a low blow and vertical suplex, were Smooth's only offense in the match. Smooth actually does a flying legdrop at one point, but Kool rolls out of the way. Kool gets a vertical suplex of his own and goes for the Flying Squirrel, but Smooth also rolls out of the way. Smooth tries for a bodypress, but Kool catches him and nicely swings him into a Cradle DDT for the pin (3:40, 60). As good as you're going to get with Smooth in a singles match, and I guess it gave Kool something to do.

-Todd Sexton vs. Air Paris. The old Suicidal Tendencies music plays, but Paris is nowhere to be found. Something flickers on the video screen and it appears to be...Air Paris in his living room? Well, okay. Paris rants egotistically (he IS Kid Ego, after all) about how he's won every belt Wildside has to offer and carried AJ Styles to getting a WCW deal. "So you trained with the 'Showstopper', huh? You can't even start a freakin' show. You're not even good enough to jerk the curtain at my shows, you hear me boy? So now I see you at Hardcore Hell using MY finish? You claim it's because you trained with Shawn Michaels, but you're really a closet Air Paris mark who trained with Shawn Michaels just so you could be like me. I'M the true Heartbreak Kid and you can ask any rat in the building about that, kid, and that's a shoot. So no, I don't see me comin back to that (shit)hole. I don't see me working for Bill Behrens, because quite frankly, he can't pay my price, but I'll make you a promise: If you can beat Nemesis, you can step in the ring with the true HBK." A large black man enters the ring, and I'll assume that's Nemesis and we got ourselves a match.

-Todd Sexton vs. Nemesis. Paris' NAWA friend is all over Sexton with punches to start, then he sends Todd into the ropes and folds him up with a clothesline. Exploder by Nemesis, but Sexton makes it back to his feet and floors Nemesis with a spinning heel kick. Nemesis takes a long time to recover as Sexton cues up the band, so when Nemesis gets to his feet he walks right into a Superkick! Just like that, we're done here (0:40). Dan the Dragon has some choice words for Paris on commentary: "He got his license revoked on a DUI several years ago. He must not have been able to bum a ride up to the NWA Arena, so he borrowed his buddy's camera that he got in a pawn shop." It was a nothing match, but Paris' cut a really great promo and this angle is progressing nicely thus far. That's saying something coming from me, since I'm anything but a fan of drunky Frank Paris. -The Impact vs. Future Shock in a nontitle match. Wilson is just INSANE on commentary in this, ranting about how much the Wildside Tag Team titles mean while the WWE and TNA belts are basically worthless. It's basically a vitriolic rant against the modern-day wrestling business as a whole, and is must-hear stuff. This match, however, is nothing special. Kaos beats Jay Freeze on early exchanges on the mat and Cage deals handily with both Freeze and Brandon P, until he's dumped to the floor by Freeze and worked over. His big comeback is a run-up-the-ropes armdrag on Freeze. Neat finish, as Future Shock dump Cage from the ring and dispose of Kaos with a Doomsday missile dropkick (P doing the dropkicking) for the pin (6:31, 73). P apparently banged up his shoulder ligit landing on that dropkick. Formulaic match, as Impact are fairly basic right now and Future Shock, while good, can't do the same level of carrying that, say, the Lost Boys could do.

-Hotstuff Hernandez vs. David Young for the #1 Contendership to the Wildside Heavyweight title. This is the David Young show, as Hernandez sells like Goldberg for the first half of the match and it's up to Young to carry things. Young is overpowered a lot at the start, being shrugged off on a pair of collar-and-elbows and then tossed away on a headlock. He hits two low-altitude back suplexes to fight back, but Hernandez fires back with a DISGUSTING German suplex that has Young landing vertically on his neck. Hernandez uses some power offense for nearfalls, like a neck-lock overhead suplex and a powerslam, but Young hotshots him on the top rope to switch the advantage. Young attacks the knee viciously, slamming it against the post and then working it over with a chair, following that up with a kneescissors. Hernandez...immediately does a leapfrog after his knee is attacked. Draw your own conclusions there, folks. Young keeps on the leg, stretching it with a figure-four and then going back to a kneescissors when that fails. Hernandez has to use the ropes to break both times. Hernandez makes his comeback with a Dominator for a nearfall, then he uses a tremendous spear for a very close two count. Hernandez went for his finisher (the running Awesomebomb) but Young dropped out and drilled Hernandez with a Spinebuster! Cover by Young, but Hernandez got his foot on the ropes at the last second. They did build a strong story here with Hernandez having to use the ropes repeatedly to survive the veteran Young. Young tried to follow the Spinebuster with a second rope Frog Splash, but the pool was empty. Hernandez fights back with forearms and he lifts Young onto his shoulders; Young squirms and tries to fight it, but Hernandez LAUNCHES him with the Awesomebomb! Cover by Hernandez and Young gets his foot on the ropes at two, but it's all moot as the nWo- err NWA Elite make the predictable run-in for the DQ (9:27, 82). I am getting real sick of that finish. 'Berg and Rainman put the boots to Hernandez, then Iceberg nailed him with both the big legdrop and the Sudanese meat cleaver (Abdullah the Butcher elbowdrop). Jason Blackman (!) and Jason Cross sprint out for the save, but just to make things even more nWo-like Cross belts Blackman with a chair and does the same to Hernandez. Cross heads upstairs and lands the Shooting Star Legdrop on Hernandez, then gives a big hug to Bailey. Will someone please tell me how this makes any sense? Scotty Wrenn, Todd Sexton and Jimmy Rave sprint out to chase off the Elite and help Hernandez and Blackman up. Cross gives the camera a raspberry and a sneer before exiting with his again-stablemates in the NWA Elite; Wilson is in a rage and Prazak has to calm him down as the show closes.

-Don't get me wrong, the main event was a good match- Young set the pace and carried things well, and despite being sloppy in spots (like his selling of the knee) Hernandez had some impressive power offense and a good presence. But that ending...blech. It was SO Nitro-like, with the nonfinish and the nonsensical, unexplained shock heel turn. It's totally contradictory to Wildside angles from October to March, where Cross was bent on taking out the NWA Elite at any cost, and it comes off as a heel turn just for the sake of a heel turn. If they needed someone to bolster the heel ranks, Tank was right there, and he had motivation and everything! Ending aside, this was a rather average episode of Wildside TV, but the opener and main event were fine matches so it's certainly not a bad hour, plus I'm digging Air Paris far more than I'd imagined. Anyway, sorry for the lame recap this time and I hope to make it up to you next week.