[PRIDE] The Gracies leave Japan with a message
Brandon Thurston on 8/31/2002 @ 21:32 

The Gracies returned to home on 8/31, talking to the media in the airport. Royce said, "I want to fight him again," while Heilo suggested that PRIDE does not want to give Royce a rematch.

Royce left with one final message, "Yoshida's win is a lie."

If the Gracies had done this in the US or Brazil, it wouldn't have been a big deal and no one would blame them, as the finish seems to be very questionable. But in Japan, the people absolutely don't want to hear from sore losers. You're expected to accept the result of the match, go home and comeback to tomorrow and prove yourself. They don't care whether you win or lose. That's why fighters like Gary Goodridge and Yoshihiro Takayama are so popular. They might not win all the time, but they go in the ring and go into battle holding nothing back, to kill or be killed.

If PRIDE signs a rematch for Yoshida and Royce, it could be a much larger draw than their first match now. The fans are going to hate the Gracies now after their complaining, especially considering it's over a fight with a native fighter.

 [Toryumon/All Japan] Toryumon to return?
Brandon Thurston on 8/31/2002 @ 21:17 

Ultimo Dragon was present for All Japan's 8/31 Nippon Budokan show. After the Jimmy Yang/Dragon Kid/Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Susumu Yokosuka/Darkness Dragon/Magnum TOKYO match, the Toryumon wrestlers said they were very happy to wrestle in the All Japan ring.

So we should probably look for Toryumon wrestlers to return to All Japan soon.

 [ZERO-ONE] Several notes from 8/31
Brandon Thurston on 8/31/2002 @ 20:50 

-Due to a right knee injury, Tatsuhito Takaiwa missed ZERO-ONE's 8/31 show and will be off until 9/16.

-In the Shinjiro Otani/Masato Tanaka vs. Shinya Hashimoto/Hirotaka Sakata main event in the Korakuen Hall on 8/31, Otani and Hashimoto battled in the ring against each other for the first time. Otani and Hashimoto fought hostily, Hashimoto showing his anger. The match ended at 9:54 when Tanaka pinned Yokoi. Hashimoto said after the match that he would give Otani a beating like he did not know.

-After the Naohiro Hoshikawa/Kazuhiko Ogasawara vs. Ikuto Hidaka/Wataru Sakata match got out of hand, ending in a no contest after 19:04, Ogasawara swore that he would erase Sakata.

-It was formally announced on 8/31 that Naoya Ogawa would participate in ZERO-ONE on 9/12, 9/13 and 9/18, where he will "declare all out war" on ZERO-ONE's gaijin faction.

 [All Japan] Goldberg promises to return
Brandon Thurston on 8/31/2002 @ 20:46 

Bill Goldberg, who destroyed both of opponents, Satoshi Kojima and Taiyo Kea on 8/30 and 8/31, respectively, promised he would return to All Japan.

"Wait until I comeback." Goldberg wants to return to Japan to show the fans the jackhammer, which he didn't need to defeat either of his opponents.

It's almost certain Goldberg will return on 10/27 for All Japan's 30th anniversary show.

Goldberg may also enter All Japan's annual tag tournament, which starts in November and ends in early December, teaming with Bob Sapp.

 [All Japan] 8/31 Nippon Budokan Results
Gerry on 8/31/2002 @ 04:21 

Tokyo Nippon Budokan
Drawing 14,800

1. Nobukazu Hirai def. Ryuji Hijikata (7:01) with a Rock Bottom

2. Mike Rotundo, Johnny Smith & Gran Naniwa def. Gran Hamada, Masanobu Fuchi & Kazushi Miyamoto (16:19) when Smith pinned Miyamoto.

3. Abdullah The Butcher & Kendo Ka Shin def. Yoji Anjo & Mitsuya Nagai (9:32) when Ka Shin pinned Nagai after a Butcher elbow drop.

4. Masaaki Mochizuki, Dragon Kid & Jimmy Yang def. Susumu Yokosuka, Magnum Tokyo & Darkness Dragon (13:39) when Dragon Kid pinned Yokosuka with a springboard huricanrana.

5.Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke def. Yuto Aijima & Tomoaki Honma (5:55) when Adams pinned Aijima after a High Times from Kronik.

6. Mike Barton & Jim Steele def. Shigeo Okumura & Hideki Hosaka (4:10) when Barton pinned Hosaka with a powerbomb.

7. Satoshi Kojima def. Nobutaka Araya (12:00) with a lariat.

8. Bill Goldberg def. Taiyo Kea (3:56) with a single leg powerbomb.

9. Genichiro Tenryu, Masao Orihara, Arashi, Koki Kitahara and Steve Williams def. Keiji Muto, Hiroshi Hase, Jinsei Shinzaki, George Hines and Kaz Hayashi (37:59).
-Kitahara eliminated Hayashi with a Boston crab.
-Arashi eliminted Hines with a frog splash.
-Shinzaki eliminated Orihara with a praying powerbomb.
-Williams eliminated Shinzaki with a Doctor bomb.
-Hase eliminated Kitahara with a Northern Lights bomb.
-Tenryu eliminted Hase with a brainbuster.
-Muto eliminated Arashi with a frankensteiner.
-Williams eliminated Muto with a Dangerous backdrop.
-Tenryu and Williams survived.

 [All Japan] Past champions to meet on 10/27
Brandon Thurston on 8/31/2002 @ 04:04 

All Japan announced that they have invited past champions of the NWA, AWA and WWF on 8/30 for their 10/27 30th anniversary show. Verne Gagne, Bruno Sammartino, Terry Funk (who will wrestle) and others to be named who have had matches with Giant Baba will visit Japan (Gene Kiniski, Destroyer possibily).

 [PRIDE] Yoshida vs. Takada in the Tokyo Dome?
Brandon Thurston on 8/30/2002 @ 18:27 

There has been talk of a Hidehiko Yoshida having a fight with Nobuhiko Takada in the Tokyo Dome at PRIDE 23 in November as Takada's retirement match. It seems that both sides are receptive to the idea, (Antonio Inoki is also) and the match is all but officially set.

Considering it'll be a shoot, here's how Takada and Yoshida compare:
Hidehiko YoshidaNameNobuhiko Takada
9/3/69 (32)Birthdate4/12/62 (40)
180cm / 5'11"Height183cm / 6'0"
102kg / 224lbs.Weight 98kg / 216lbs.
Obu-shi, AichiHometown Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Yoshida DojoAffiliationTakada Dojo

 [ZERO-ONE] Otani and Hashimoto to oppose for the first time
Brandon Thurston on 8/30/2002 @ 15:28 

For the first time in the history of ZERO-ONE, Shinya Hashimoto and Shinjiro Otani will be on opposite sides of the ring on 8/31 in the Tokyo Korakuen Hall, as Hirotaka Yokoi and Shinya Hashimoto face Masato Tanaka and Shinjiro Otani.

 [Joshi] Manami to challenge Nagashima, Zenjo cancels show
Brandon Thurston on 8/30/2002 @ 15:02 

Zenjo's scheduled show in the Kuwana Gymnasium for 9/20 has been canceled, apparently due to problems with sponsorship.

It was announced on 8/30 in the Korakuen Hall that Manami Toyota (31), who left Zenjo for GAEA in July will challenge Chika Nagashima (26) for the AAAW Singles Title on an undetermined date.

 [All Japan] 8/30 notes
Brandon Thurston on 8/30/2002 @ 14:39 

-As well as posing with Muto after Muto's match, Kazuyoshi Iishi, Josh Barnett and Bob Sapp (who was freshly banaged from his fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira) joined Goldberg in the back at the end of the night, where they talked about the possibilities of Sapp and Sam Greco appearing in All Japan, as well as Goldberg's future pro wrestling opportunities -- namely possible matches against Muto and Tenryu.

-Muto and Bob Sapp also shoke hands while Muto was talking to the press.

He looks like Low Ki
-Taiyo Kea (who has once again shaved his head), commented, "Muto was strong... I did not have heart today. I was not myself. I will be a new Kea against Goldberg tomorrow! Goldberg showed today that he is very strong, but this will be my big chance. A new Taiyo Kea will be shown!"

As was for yesterday's show, the results for tonight's Nippon Budokan show may be followed through this site or through the on Starnet. The show starts at 4:00AM EST. If you already have an IRC client, you may click here to join the chatroom.

 [New Japan] Yamamoto and Taguchi to debut, 10/6, 10/9, 10/12 cards announced
Brandon Thurston on 8/30/2002 @ 13:24 

(Left to right: Taguchi, Nagao, Yamamoto)

New Japan's remaining three young lions were interviewed on 8/30. It's been announced that Naofumi Yamamoto and Ryusuke Taguchi with both debut in October, each in matches against Wataru Inoue. Yamamoto will debut on 10/6, while Taguchi will debut on 10/12.

New Japan's last remaining trainee from this class, Hiroshi Nagao continues to train now in the LA Dojo.

Naofumi Yamamoto
Height: 184cm (6'0")
Weight: 94kg (207lbs.)
Birthdate: 8/1/77 (25)
Sport History: Amatuer wrestling
Idol wrestler: Masahiro Chono

Ryusuke Taguchi
Height: 180cm (5'11")
Weight: 87.5kg (192lbs.)
Birthdate: 4/15/79 (23)
Sport History: Soccer
Idol wrestler: Osamu Nishimura

Hiroshi Nagao
Height: 194cm (6'3")
Weight: 105kg (230lbs.)
Sport History: Basketball
Birthdate: 12/26/79 (22)
Idol wrestler: Kenzo Suzuki

New Japan also announced the remaining matches for their 10/6, 10/9 and 10/12 cards. Again this year, these are the Muga shows, which have a throwback theme. The cards include debuts from both Yamamoto and Taguchi, appearances from Nobuyuki Kurashima and Tatsuo Nakano, Iizuka's return, new masked wrestler Heat, and former wrestler and otherwise color commentator Kengo Kimura.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall - "Muga in TOKYO 2002"
1. Blue Wolf vs. Kenzo Suzuki
2. Taguchi's debut: Wataru Inoue vs. Ryusuke Taguchi
3. Masahito Kakihara vs. Nobuyuki Kurashima
4. Minoru Tanaka/Yuji Nagata vs. Masayuki Naruse/Manabu Nakanishi
5. Kengo Kimura vs. Toru Yano
6. Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
7. Iizuka's return match: Osamu Nishimura vs. Takashi Iizuka

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium - "Muga in Osaka 2002"
1. Toru Yano vs. Kenzo Suzuki
2. Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Blue Wolf
3. Masayuki Naruse vs. Nobuyuki Kurashima
4. Minoru Tanaka vs. Tatsuo Nakano
5. Kengo Kimura vs. Masahito Kakihara
6. Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Osamu Nishimura

Tokyo Korakuen Hall - "HISTORY"
1. Yamamoto's debut: Wataru Inoue vs. Naofumi Yamamoto
2. El Samurai vs. Ryusuke Taguchi
3. Toru Yano vs. Nobuyuki Kurashima
4. Masayuki Naruse vs. Tatsuo Nakano
5. Blue Wolf/Kensuke Sasaki vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kenzo Suzuki
6. Tatsutoshi Goto/Shiro Koshinaka/Kengo Kimura vs. Hiro Saito/Hiroyoshi Tenzan/Masahiro Chono
7. Heat's debut: Tiger Mask/Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Heat/Jushin Thunder Liger

Masahiro Chono has said that the card for the 10/14 Tokyo Dome show will be announced next week.

 [All Japan] 8/30 Nippon Budokan Results
Gerry on 8/30/2002 @ 05:45 

Tokyo Nippon Budokan
Drawing 14,800

1. Kazushi Miyamoto defeated Tomoaki Honma in 2:26 with a back cradle.
-Miyamoto commented after the match, "Muto-san and Tenryu-san are not All Japan. I learned puroresu from Toshiaki Kawada from the beginning. Muto produces now, but I do not forget Kawada-san. I was happy to talk to Kawada-san on the phone today and yesterday... I want to convert from junior heavyweight to heavyweight."

2. Hideki Hosaka defeated Nobuzaku Hirai & Ryuji Hijikata in a Triple Threat Match in 4:16 when Hosaka pinned Hirai with a hurricanrana reversal.

3. Mitsuya Nagai, Yoji Anjoh & Shigeo Okumura defeated Arashi, Nobutaka Araya & Yuto Aijima in 10:36 when Nagai pinned Aijima after a high kick.

4. George Hines, Johnny Smith & Gran Hamada defeated Steve Williams, Mike Rotunda & Gran Naniwa in 12:43 when Hines pinned Naniwa with a Hines Driver.

5. Abdullah the Butcher & Kendo Ka Shin defeated Masanobu Fuchi & Mr. Problem (Daijiro Matsui) 8:12 when Butcher pinned Fuchi after a Sudanese Elbow Drop.

6. #1 Contender for PWF World Junior Heavyweight Title: Kaz Hayashi defeated Jimmy Yang in 13:58 with the Final Cut.
-Hayashi earns a shot at the PWF World Junior Heavyweight Title against Kendo Ka Shin.

-Terry Funk was announced as a participant on AJPW's 10/27 Nippon Budokan 30th Anniversary Show. This will be Funk's first appearance in AJPW since 1/28/01

7. Genichiro Tenryu defeated Hiroshi Hase in 14:32 with a brainbuster.

8. Bill Goldberg defeated Satoshi Kojima in 4:02 with a spinning neckbreaker variation.
-Goldberg tried to use the jackhammer, but Kojima evated it.
-Goldberg commented after the match, "This is the first step... Since this was my first time wrestling here, I had a strange feeling... Kojima is a good wrestler, but it was a mistake for him to fight me."

9. World Tag Team Title: Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke defeated Mike Barton & Jim Steele in 17:25 when Adams pinned Steele after the High Times to successfully defend the title.
-Kronik's first successful defense of the title.

10. Keiji Muto defeated Taiyo Kea in 19:47 with a Shining Wizard.
-After the match, Muto posed for photos with Master Iishi, who was in attendance. Iishi was the one responsible for bringing Goldberg to Japan.

 [Site] BOSJ comp released
Brandon Thurston on 8/29/2002 @ 21:24 

A four-hour compilation, showing all matches aired on TV from New Japan's Best of the Super Junior 2002 tournament. Matches are from 5/18, 5/24, 5/25, 5/28, 6/2 and 6/5. All matches are complete. for the full match listings. Get it for $15.

 [All Japan] Goldberg`s prediction
Brandon Thurston on 8/29/2002 @ 20:02 

Bill Goldberg predicted he would defeated Satoshi Kojima (31) in two minutes in his match with him tonight in the Nippon Budokan. He also said he would defeat Kojima with the spear and jackhammer.

It's now very likely that Goldberg will appear at All Japan's 30th anniversary show on 10/27 also in the Nippon Budokan.

Results for both tonight's and tomorrow night's Nippon Budokan shows may be followed through this site or through the on Starnet. The show starts at 5:30AM EST.

 [New Japan] September`s BS-Asahi listings
Brandon Thurston on 8/29/2002 @ 16:05 

Airing on 9/1: G1 Climax - 8/7 (Fukuoka)
Airing on 9/8: Gl Climax - 8/8 (Hiroshima)
Airing on 9/15: G1 Climax - 8/10 & 8/11 (Sumo Hall)
Airing on 9/22: Cross Road - 8/21 (Nippon Budokan)
Airing on 9/29: G1 World - 9/6 (Ishikawa)

 [NOAH/New Japan] Nishimura and Shiga draw
Brandon Thurston on 8/29/2002 @ 08:51 

On the same night New Japan ran their Nippon Budokan show, New Japan wrestler Osamu Nishimura fought on a NOAH card against Kentaro Shiga in NOAH's semi-main event. They wrestled to a 30-minute time limit draw.

 [New Japan] 8/29/02 Nippon Budokan
Brandon Thurston on 8/29/2002 @ 04:52 

"Cross Road" - Tokyo Nippon Budokan
Drawing 9,000

1. El Samurai/Tiger Mask defeated PABLO/Hi69 (K-DOJO) when Tiger Mask pinned PABLO with a Tiger Suplex hold in 9:07.

2. Jado/Gedo defeated Ikuto Hidaka/Curry Man when Gedo pinned Curry Man with a super powerbomb in 13:27.

3. Wataru Inoue defeated KENTA in 9:56.
-KENTA said he would like to have more matches in the future with New Japan wrestlers.

4. Koji Kanemoto defeated Makato Hashi in 15:41 with a kneel kick.

5. Takehiro Murahama (Osaka Pro) drew Masayuki Naruse when time limit expired after 20:00.
-Murahama commented after the match, "Although there was a weight difference, I won. I want to have a match against Tanaka and Liger once again. I especially want to have a match with Tanaka and win. And I would like to challenge the IWGP Junior Champion, in order to build a reputation for myself and Osaka Pro."

-Takashi Iizuka greeted the crowd. He announced he would finally make his return to New Japan on 10/6. Iizuka has been out since 6/6/01 when he suffered a head injury in a match with Mitsuya Nagai. "I will have my return match on 10/6. I will do my best in New Japan. I will need your help."

6. Giant Silva defeated Giant Singh with a Giant press in 10:30.

-New Japan's new masked man, Heat made an appearance immediately after the Silva/Singh match. T2000 attacked him.

7. Nakamura debut: Tadao Yasuda defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in 4:26 with a front sleeper.
-Nakamura commented, "I fought as hard as I could. Maybe a loss was unavoidable. Next time, I will win."

-Yasuda's Makai club tried to jump Nakamura, but Tenzan, Nagata, Suzuki and Tanahashi appeared.

8. Five-minute time-limit: Kensuke Sasaki defeated Minoru Fujita in 1:12 by knockout.

9. IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi/Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated Minoru Tanaka/Jushin Thunder Liger in 22:16 when Kikuchi pinned Liger with a fireball bomb to become the 9th champions.
-Kikuchi and Kanemaru become the first outside team to hold the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles.

10. Semi-Final of NWF Heavyweight Title Tournament: Yoshihiro Takayama defeated Kazuyuki Fujita with a knee kick in 8:28.
-Takayama advances to fight for the NWF Heavyweight Title on 1/4/03.

 [Content] Whole Alfin` Review
Brandon Thurston on 8/29/2002 @ 04:50 
Whole Alfin' Review:
SASAKI PITTIES THE FOOL WHO CHALLENGES HIM! Fujita, you're about to incur the wrath of Mr. K, and I'm guessing he won't need 300 seconds to show you he's angry.

 [Content] Tales from the Eastside
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 21:21 
Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #13
This is also a "pure wrestling" show in a way the WWE or TNA would never produce. No promos, no backstage vignettes, only two angles (the Dustin forfeit and the Jacobs face turn/Phoenix return), both of which were executed quickly. Actually, an interview or two wouldn't have hurt, but let's not nitpick. It was truly refreshing, especially in the US, to see a show where the wrestling is the complete focus.

 [PRIDE] Dynamite! notes
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 20:53 

-Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi of New Japan were attendance for the show.

-Keiji Muto was also there. He wrote a report of the show for the Japanese press. He said there were many fans there. He also complained that there was terrible damp heat in the stadium, causing him to have to take his shirt off. Muto says that now he concentrates on All Japan's two-day series at the Nippon Budokan.

-It appears Kazushi Sakuraba did infact break his cheekbone (orbital bone), which caused the ring doctor to stop the fight, due to Sakuraba being unable to properly move his eyes.

-The official attendance number of 91,107 is the largest indoor or outdoor attendance number combative sport (sumo, judo, amaresu, puroresu, kickboxing, MMA, etc.) in Japanese history. The previous record was held by K-1's Tokyo Dome show on 12/10/00 (with Inoki's retirement show on 4/4/98 in the Dome closely behind).

-The gate for the event was also massive, drawing 10 billion yen, which comes to $82,990,000 in US dollars.

 [PRIDE/K-1] Shock Wave spoiler-free preview
Brien on 8/28/2002 @ 12:59 

For those who don't won't actual spoilers, here is a little song to tell you what to expect should you order the PRIDE/K-1 PPV on 9/1. (To the tune of "12 Days of Christmas; 8th verse)

On the 8th months of 2002, Master Iishi gave to me:

8 fights total;
7 with a winner;
6 ended early;
4 Dutch Fighters
3 KO's
2 US fighters
and the mother of all screwjobs!

 [PRIDE] Dynamite! 8/28 results, major controversy, over 91,000 in attendance!
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 05:59 

Tokyo National Stadium
drawing 91,107 (sell-out)

PRIDE rules: three rounds / five minutes each
K-1 rules: five rounds / three minutes each

1. PRIDE rules: Vanderlei Silva defeated Hideaki Iwasaki in the first round in 1:16 by TKO (punches).

2. PRIDE rules: Jerrel Venetiaan defeated Daijiro Matsui at the end of the third round by split decision (2-1).
-Venetiaan kissed Matsui during fight instructions.

3. PRIDE rules: Gary Goodridge defeated Lloyd Van Dams in the first round in 3:39 by TKO (punches).

4. K-1 rules: Ernesto Hoost drew Semmy Schilt at the end of the fifth round by decision (0-0).
-All three judges scored the fight a draw.

5. K-1 rules: Jerome Le Banner defeated Don Frye in 1:30 in the first round by KO (strikes).

-Intermission: Heilo Gracie was honored in a special ceremony, where he said that jiu jitsu has been around for 80 years and he would like to continue spreading jiu jitsu. Heilo was awarded a plaque from Tarzan Yamamoto. Yamamoto said it was because of people like Heilo that we are able to hold such a mixed martial arts event today.

-Intermission: Bill Goldberg was introduced to the crowd. He thanked Mr. Ishii for allowing him to be part of the event. He said he was very proud and honored to be part of this event and said he would "be back in the Budokan." And closed with, "WHO'S NEXT?!"

6. Regular PRIDE rules (three rounds: 10mins, 5mins, 5mins): Anotnio Rodrigo Nogueira defeated Bob Sapp in 0:57 in the second round by submission (armbar).
-No knees on the ground were allowed from either fighter.
-Awesome fight. Sapp used his power well, overpowering Nogueira's guard many times. Nogueira almost lost many times, but was able to get the armbar to win.
-With Josh Barnett present, Nogueira said after the fight, "I am now the best heavyweight in the world... I hope the Japanese liked that battle. Thanks a lot!"

7. Special rules (two 10-minute rounds): Hidehiko Yoshida defeated Royce Gracie by submission in 7:24 in the first round (choke).
-No striking on the ground and no striking to the head allowed.
-This was a very controversial finish. Royce did not tap out, although the referee stopped the fight while Yoshida attempted a choke. The neck was not closed off for the choke.
-Royce and the other Gracies were very angry after the fight. Royce pushed the referee down to his knee. He shouted, pointing at Yoshida, "He knows I did not tap!"
-Yoshida offered having a rematch after the fight.

8. PRIDE rules: Mirko CroCop defeated Kazushi Sakuraba after the end of second round by TKO.
-Sakuraba used the Mongolian chop at the end of Round 1. Sakuraba and Mirko smiled and shoke hands after the first round bell.
-The fight was stopped at the end of the second round. Sakuraba had a badly swollen eye and possibly a broken cheekbone. Sakuraba was not able to move his eyes properly.
-Iishi said after that it is unforunate what happened to Sakuraba and would like to schedule a rematch.
-Pedro Valente or maybe Rickson Gracie (unsure) spoke at the end on behalf of the Gracies about the Yoshida/Royce fight. Heilo and Royce stood behind him. He said that he referee's did not properly referee the match. The fans booed him. "I hope Yoshida does not need the help of a referee to fight infront of his own Japanese public." The fans responded with huge boos. "We want a no contest decision for this fight... We cannot accept this type of shameful behavior we had tonight." The fans continued to boo him heavily. Iishi asked for two weeks to think about the result of the Royce/Yoshida match.
-Sakuraba said, "I'm sorry for losing on the last day of summer vacation. I will start from scratch again and train hard."
-Mirko said to the crowd, "You are the most supportive public. I love you." He then tried to get everyone to shout, "Dynamite!"

 [All Japan] Short Kea interview
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 03:06 

Q: The Goldberg match was determined.
Kea: I defeated Tenryu-san. I have a chance here also... For me, the two days will be a big challenge... On the 30th, I fight the best from Japan: Keiji Muto. On the 31st, I fight the best from the US: Bill Goldberg.

Q: Your impression of Goldberg.
Kea: I've only seen him several times on video tape, but he is very big. He has a big head and seems to be very tough. He's like no one else anywhere.

Q: How are you for the fight?
Kea: I'm in perfect condition now. Like with the Tenryu match, I'll be 100%. I'll never give up!

Q: Message to the fans.
Kea: Taiyo Kea will do his best on 8/30 and 8/31... Two days, two challenges, two victories.

 [Content] All Japan 8/30 and 8/31 Preview
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 02:24 

Gerry previews All Japan's first ever two-day consecutive run at the Nippon Budokan.

 [Site] Live New Japan 8/29
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 02:07 

Results for New Japan's 8/29 Nippon Budokan show will be posted on this newsboard as they happen, but also you can follow it through IRC in #toukon. Bell time for the New Japan is 5:00AM EST.

You can connect to #toukon through Starchat on an IRC client like . Or you can just use

The same will go for All Japan's 8/30 (5:30AM EST) and 8/31 (4:00AM EST) Budokan shows.

 [WMF] Differ Ariake show nearly sold-out
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 02:00 

Hayabusa's new WMF promotion has almost sold-out in advance for their debuting 8/28 show in the Differ Ariake.

The show will be main evented with a singles match between Mammoth Sasaki and Garuda, who are being billed as the promotion's future.

 [All Japan] Tenryu and Williams for "anti-Muto" group
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 01:48 

Triple Crown champion, Genichiro Tenryu (52) and "Dr. Death" Steve Williams (42) expressed on 8/27 an intention to battle together as an "anti-Muto" group.

Tenryu explained that this is a temporary alliance, as Williams will be part of Tenryu's WAR side in the ten-man elimination match on 8/31 against Muto's team.

Williams said, "Muto wants to become president, but that won't be good for the future of All Japan."

Doc also brought his 10-year-old son, Windham with him to Japan. He introduced him as a future wrestler of All Japan.

 [PRIDE] Rules for Royce vs. Yoshida finalized
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 01:40 

Finally, just a day before the fight, the rules for the Royce Gracie vs. Hidekihiko Yoshida fight have been finalized. There will be two 10-minute rounds, with no striking on the ground.

It has been Royce's effort to fight this match under similar rules that his father, Heilo Gracie fought Kimura under, 51 years ago in another Judo vs. Jiu Jitsu battle.

 [Zenjo] 8/27 notes
Brandon Thurston on 8/28/2002 @ 01:14 

Zenjo's Odaiba W Explosion show drew 1,060 fans to the Tokyo Seventh Floor Rooftop Garden.

After defending the WWWA World Singles Title against Nanae Takahashi, Kaoru Ito spoke to the media. About Manami Toyota's depature from Zenjo, Ito said, "As long as Zenjo exists here, no one will tell us what to do."

Also, Momoe Nakanishi (22) said that she would like to challenge once again for the WWWA Singles Title. Momoe challenged Ito for the title during her previous reign, losing on 9/16/01.

Zenjo now moves towards their 10/20 show in Kawasaki. GAEA will also be running a show in Yokohama on the same day.

In the third match, Yumiko Hotta (35) and ARSION president, Hiroshi Ogawa (45) (who had been feuding recently) shook hands, forming an alliance towards the 10/20, as Zenjo looks to 10/20 as a "war" with GAEA.

 [PRIDE] PRIDE 22 fights announced!
Brien on 8/27/2002 @ 16:03 

Yes, I know I'm a few days late with this one, but PRIDE recently announced the first 2 matches for its next show PRIDE 22. They are:

Mario Sperry vs Andrei Kopylov
Shungo Ohyama vs Ryan Gracie

It seems that PRIDE is trying to make another Gracie killer out of Ohyama. Last time we saw Ryan, he quit like a baby against Tokomitsu "Kendo Ka Shin" Ishizawa, and lost badly to Sakuraba. Sperry/Kopylov should be an interesting matchup of older fighters who are legends in their own realm. Sperry is the "godfather" of BJJ while Kopylov is best known for that one night in RINGS where he defeated 2 opponents in about 35 seconds.

Credit to:

 [Content] Ichiban Puroresu Special
Brandon Thurston on 8/27/2002 @ 12:44 
Ichiban Puroresu Special:
Brien: OK, now that we have the final opponent for Silva, we can let the slaughter begin...
Scout: A true super card on paper, but will it deliver. I think some fights won't Gracie-Yoshida namely, but others will surprise us I'm sure. Every PRIDE I've seen has at least one really good fight, I expect this'll have a few...

 [Zenjo] 8/27 Odaiba results
Brandon Thurston on 8/27/2002 @ 09:37 

Zenjo Odaiba W Explosion 2002
1. Zenjo junior league: Kaori Yoneyama (10pts) defeated Ayako Sato (4pts) in 7:25 by pinfall.

2. Zenjo junior league: Mika Nishio (10pts) defeated Saki Maemura (6pts) in 10:21 with a cross armbreaker.

3. Bionic J, Melissa and noki-A defeated Miyuki Fujii, Yumiko Hotta and ? in 8:38 when noki-A submitted Fujii.

4. Kumiko Maekawa and Rie Tamada defeated Takako Inoue and Tomoko Watanabe in 10:56 when Maekawa pinned Inoue.

5. All Pacific Title: Momoe Nakanishi defeated Kayo Noumi in 17:59 with the momoracci for her first successful title defense.

6. WWWA World Singles Title: Kaoru Ito defeated Nanae Takahashi in 27:46 by pinfall to her first successful title defense.

 [New Japan] Tenzan denies intrustion
Brandon Thurston on 8/26/2002 @ 18:08 

"That guy [Fujita] intruded on my ring and others and made matches messy."

Hiroyoshi Tenzan (31) said that he would not intrude on Kazuyuki Fujita's 8/29 card in the Nippon Budokan Hall.

About Tenzan's secession from T2000, he said there is no grudge with T2000. He says he made that decision because of Fujita's foreign army.

 [PRIDE] Mark Hunt out of Dynamite!; Le Banner in
Brandon Thurston on 8/26/2002 @ 18:03 

Due to injury (broken hand), Mark Hunt will be unable to fight Don Frye at the 8/28 Dynamite! show. Another K-1 kickboxer, Jerome Le Banner will take his place in the fight against Frye.

 [PRIDE] Details on rules for Sakuraba/Mirko and Sapp/Nogeuira
Brandon Thurston on 8/26/2002 @ 17:49 

Since there is a difference of more than 10kg between Kazushi Sakuraba and Mirko CroCop (Saku is lighter), Sakuraba was given the opportunity to disallow strikes on the ground, but turned it down.

Also, since Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is more than 10kg lighter than Bob Sapp, he too was given this opportunity and accepted it. So there will be no strikes on the ground between Nogueira and Sapp.

Nogueira said, "I will win with technique. I want to show in the ring that technique is stronger than power."

And regarding the rules for Yoshida vs. Royce Gracie, the rules will be finalized on 8/27.

 [PRIDE] Venetiaan vs. Matsui
Brandon Thurston on 8/26/2002 @ 17:27 

Jerrel Venetiaan's new opponent for PRIDE's "Dynamite!" show on 8/28 will be Takada Dojo's Daijiro Matsui.

Venetiaan was originally planned to face Vanderlei Silva.

 [New Japan] Tenzan wants to unify titles
Brandon Thurston on 8/26/2002 @ 12:59 

During an autograph session on 8/25, Hiroyoshi Tenzan (31) bragged that he would like to challenge for the GHC Tag Team Titles, to become a double tag champion with Masahiro Chono (38), who are IWGP Tag Team champions.

The GHC Tag Team Titles are currently held by Wild II: Takeshi Morishima and Takeshi Rikio, but Tenzan said he would like to have a match with Jun Akiyama and Aktoshi Saito if they win the titles.

 [Content] Tales from the Eastside
Brandon Thurston on 8/26/2002 @ 12:33 
Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #12
"No geriatrics, no garbage, no General Managers!" promises Steven Prazak, and thank god for that.

 [New Japan] Kanemoto vs. Tiger Mask
Brandon Thurston on 8/26/2002 @ 11:12 

Tiger Mask (31) will challenge IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Koji Kanemoto for his title at New Japan's "G1 World Special" show on 9/22.

During New Japan's Summer Fight Series tour, Kanemoto and T2000 tore off Tiger Mask and Jushin Thunder Liger's masks.

Also on the 9/22 card so far:
-New Japan vs. Yasuda Army 4 vs. 4 singles series: Manabu Nakanishi/Hiroyoshi Tenzan/Yuji Nagata/Masahiro Chono vs. Makai Mask No. 1/Makai Mask No. 2/Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
-G1 Special: Kensuke Sasaki vs. Osamu Nishimura

 [ZERO-ONE] ZERO-ONE to hold junior tournament
Brandon Thurston on 8/25/2002 @ 20:38 

ZERO-ONE is going to be holding a ten-man Strongest Junior Heavyweight Tournament in September. Already announced are Naohiro Hoshikawa, Low-Ki, Wataru Sakata, Spanky and Tatsuhito Takaiwa.


 [All Japan] Goldberg interview
Brandon Thurston on 8/25/2002 @ 18:54 

[Translated from English to Japanese to English.]

Q: Although this is the first time you're here as a pro wrestler, is this also your fist visit to Japan?
Goldberg: I've been to Japan in the Tokyo Dome to play football.

Q: Condition?
Goldberg: I broke my left arm in a car racing accident. It's okay now. It won't effect me in my matches.

Q: Your knowledge of pro wrestling in Japan?
Goldberg: If I have the chance, I want to see some video tapes. The first match I've seen was Muta vs. Chono in the Tokyo Dome.

Q: What's the biggest reason that you have come to participate in All Japan Pro Wrestling?
Goldberg: There are a lot of reasons, but maybe timing is the biggest reason. That and I respect Muta. Tenryu and Hase, too. There are many wrestlers I respect very much here. The tradition of Goldberg in Japan will be made with them.

Goldberg: In WCW, I didn't have the chance to have a match with Muta. I would consider having a singles match or tag match with Muta in All Japan after this.

Goldberg: I respect the Japanese fans and I hope the fans respect me. A match is Japan has been long-awaited. I'm happy. It's a pleasure.

 [New Japan] Yasuda plans to take over New Japan
Brandon Thurston on 8/25/2002 @ 17:13 

On a talk show today, Tadao Yasuda (38) bragged about his plan to take over New Japan Pro Wrestling. He declared that he will "erase" President Tatsumi Fujinami (48) and Masahiro Chono (38) from their positions.

Yasuda will face the debuting Shinsuke Nakamura in the Nippon Budokan on 8/29.

 [ZERO-ONE] Hashimoto to return to the US
Brandon Thurston on 8/25/2002 @ 17:07 

ZERO-ONE promoter and top wrestler, Shinya Hashimoto (37) made it clear that he will once again make a trip to the US this November to wrestle.

He said that his goal will be to regain the NWA Heavyweight Title, which is currently held by Ron Killings in NWATNA. So don't be surprised to see Hashimoto show up on NWATNA PPV in November (considering the promotion is still running by then).

 [All Japan] Goldberg arrives in Japan
Brandon Thurston on 8/25/2002 @ 17:02 

Bill Goldberg (35) arrived in Japan for the first time today. Goldberg will join Stephen Quadros and Bas Rutten for commentary for the US version of the "Dynamite!" pay-per-view on 8/28 (the US PPV airs on 9/1).

Goldberg will also of course make his debut in Japan on 8/30 and 8/31 for All Japan in the Nippon Budokan against Satoshi Kojima and Taiyo Kea, respectively.

 [PRIDE] Two matches announced for PRIDE 22
Brandon Thurston on 8/25/2002 @ 16:53 

PRIDE announced two matches for PRIDE 22, which will take place in the Nagoya Rainbow Hall on 9/29: Ryan Gracie vs. Shungo Oyama and Mario Sperry vs. Andrei Kopylov.

Oyama defeated Ryan's brother Renzo Gracie at PRIDE 21 this last June.

 [PRIDE] Silva`s opponent is changed
Brandon Thurston on 8/25/2002 @ 16:48 

Vanderlei Silva's (26) opponent for Wednesday's "Dynamite!" show has been changed to Pancrase fighter, Tatsuya Iwasaki.

However, Silva's previously scheduled opponent, Jerrel Venetiaan will not be left off the card. He will face an opponent to be named.

 [New Japan] New wrestler, Heat
Brandon Thurston on 8/24/2002 @ 06:56 

In Tokyo on 8/23, New Japan announced that they have a new masked man for their junior heavyweight division, "Heat," who will debut in the Nippon Budokan on 8/29. Heat's nationality, career history and wrestling style are all unknown. The character was taken from the hero from a video game which begins going on sale soon.

This is similar to the Tiger Mask and Jushin Liger characters, who were taken from comic books.

Heat will apparently have three other forms of appearance other than seen above: a "Tiger" form, a "Dragon" form and a "Phoenix" form. And it is said that he would be able to appear as all four simultaneously.

Who is behind the mask is someone who has probably already debuted, and not a wrestler from New Japan's dojo that has not made an appearance yet. New Japan would not debut a wrestler in a gimmick straight out of the dojo. They didn't with Sayama (Tiger Mask). They didn't with Yamada (Jushin Thunder Liger). They were both unmasked wrestlers fighting under their real names before they were given the gimmick. I doubt New Japan would debut a new wrestler under a gimmick without crushing their ego, having them have go through and "pay their dues," and be beaten every night for five or six months straight, as wrestlers like Inoue, Shibata, Tanahashi, Suzuki, Blue Wolf and now Toru Yano have and are going through.

You can likely rule out Wataru Inoue. He's not a likely candidate anyway, and he'll be facing KENTA on 8/29.

Has New Japan signed Tiger Mask, but weren't able to get the gimmick to go with him? No. Tiger Mask would be considerably less valueable without the Tiger Mask gimmick and New Japan would not take him out of it, as I'm sure Tiger Mask himself does not want to lose the gimmick yet. They would sooner have him lose the mask before putting him in an entirely different gimmick, where the people don't even know that that is the guy who used to be Tiger Mask.

Katsuyori Shibata and Katsushi Takemura are the two most likely to be under the mask.

 [Content] Tales from the Eastside
Brandon Thurston on 8/23/2002 @ 12:59 
Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #11
Oh, as I promised in my last CZW TV report, I've brought along a guest for this preview: The resident ZERO-ONE addict and British correspondant, -Alf-! He'll be chiming in at various points to offer his thoughts on matches...

 [All Japan] Information on AJPW`s 30th Anniversary Fan Appreciation Tour
Gerry on 8/23/2002 @ 04:16 

-The tour runs from 9/8 to 9/23 and consists of 12 shows.

-Gen'ichiro Tenryu has boycotted the tour except for the 9/16 show at Korkuen Hall in Tokyo, as Tenryu is a Tokyo resident. The reason for his boycott is unclear. It may be an angle that Tenryu is running to show his disgust with Muto becoming AJPW president, Tenryu has been rumoured to have one tour off per year in his contract, although that is not confirmed, and finally Tenryu may actually bolt from AJPW at the end of September to go to NOAH, although talk of that has died down as of late.

-the Jr. Heavyweight Real World Tag Leauge returns for the first time since 1984 on this tour. It consists of 5 teams, with the winning team also receiving a title shot at the All Asian Tag Team Titles currently held by Arashi and Nobutaka Araya at the tour ending show.

The Teams are as follows:
Kendo Ka Shin & Robbie Brookside (from England's FWA)
Gran Naniwa & Dark Guerrera (not sure who this is exactly, a luchadore obviously, but I can't find anyone who matches the name. If anyone knows who this is e-mail me)
Masanobu Fuchi & Gran Hamada (interesting note - both men were in the 1984 Jr. RWTL. Fuchi teamed with Atsushi Onita and placed 2nd, while Hamada teamed with Mighty Inoue and won the tournament.)
Ryuji Hijikata & Kazushi Miyamoto
Kaz Hayashi & Jimmy Yang

-Other than the 3 jr. heavweight gaijin, Taiyo Kea is the only heavyweight gaijin booked for the tour. This will greatly boost up the overall top to bottom card quality, however the absence of Johnny Smith and George Hines will probably be felt, as Smith brought experience (he also helped train Kazushi Miyamoto in AJPW's dojo)which the younger wrestlers can use, while Hines brought great enthusiasm and also had a strong cult following among AJPW fans.

-Not particularly a major news story, but Yoji Anjo seems to be out of the WAR faction. He is not teaming with them at all on the tour and seems to have formed a tag team with fellow shoot-styler and former Kawada tag team partner Mitsuya Nagai. I'd look for them to get some kind of push as AJPW is starved for tag title challengers in the All Asian Tag title midcard division and the World Tag Title Division which is often made up of teams featuring main eventers.

-In a strange development, Satoshi Kojima will wrestle entirely single matches and one triple threat match this tour in the opening match. I'm not sure what this gimmick is. It may be an exhibition of sorts for Kojima since this is a "fan appreciation" tour, or they may be doing something new with Kojima as it seems he will be jobbing to Bill Goldberg on 8/30, which would be Kojima 3rd straight job on an AJPW show which were all also major shows, so Kojima will start from the bottom and run through the roster to chase Tenryu again for the Triple Crown it seems.

 [PRIDE/New Japan] Wallid Ismael
Brandon Thurston on 8/23/2002 @ 01:32 

In an interview on 8/22, PRIDE fighter Wallid Ismael called Royce Gracie a "fake fighter."

Royce Gracie will fight Hidehiko Yoshida at PRIDE's "Dynamite!" show on 8/29.

In the same interview he called Royce a fake, he said that he would be participating in New Japan soon, becoming part of Kazuyuki Fujita's foreign army.

 [New Japan] Shinsuke Nakamura prepares for Yasuda
Brandon Thurston on 8/23/2002 @ 01:27 

New Japan's newest dojo graduate, Shinsuke Nakamura (22) had an open training session on 8/22, as he trained with Toru Yano, Osamu Kido, Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi.

Nakamura has his debut match on 8/29 against Tadao Yasuda in the Nippon Budokan.

 [Content] Ichiban Puroresu Review
Brandon Thurston on 8/22/2002 @ 16:26 
Ichiban Puroresu Review:
I am Yumiko Hotta. I am MADE OF STEEL. I fell from the top of a ladder! Back-first! And did I sell?? NO! I got RIGHT BACK UP without a second thought, without a clutch. Just like when Kaoru Ito threw twelve chairs at me. I pushed them aside. Laughed. And went right back to throwing heavy metal objects at full speed.

 [K-1/Pride]World Cup Dynamite! Final Card
Brien on 8/22/2002 @ 14:16 

Well, after all the speculation, it looks as though we have a final card for 8/28, "The Greatest MMA Show EVER!!" or at least better that UFO :)

Kazushi Sakuraba vs Mirko Cro Cop(3 5-minute rounds, NHB rules)
Royce Gracie vs Hidehiko Yoshida(3 10-minute rounds, no judges decision, no striking on ground (for now))

K-1 rules fights:
Semmy Schilt vs Ernesto Hoost
Don Frye vs Mark Hunt

Pride rules fights:
Vanderlei Silva vs Jerrel Venetiaan(K-1 Holland 2001 winner)
Gary Goodridge vs Lloyd Van Dams(highly underrated K-1 fighter)
Antonio Rodrigo Noguiera vs Bob Sapp(UGH!)

So there we are then, 7 fights total, 6 of which could be considered Pride vs K-1. Should be fun!

Credit to:

 [Toryumon] Mochizuki to throw opening pitch
Brandon Thurston on 8/21/2002 @ 20:06 

Masaaki Mochizuki (32) will throw the opening pitch for the Nippon Meat Fighter vs. Seibu baseball game on 9/5 in the Tokyo Dome.

That may be the closest Mochizuki comes to the Tokyo Dome this year.

 [New Japan] A match with Chyna is
Brandon Thurston on 8/21/2002 @ 20:01 

Chyna is just ahead of Kazuyuki Fujita, in first place of the internet voting to decide Masahiro Chono's (who dyed his hair blonde; see the Picture of the Day) 10/14 Tokyo Dome opponent. However, Chono left no doubt that would absolutely not have a match with Chyna.

 [Site] Puroresu FAQ
Brandon Thurston on 8/21/2002 @ 19:28 
I updated the , adding a list of words and phrases commonly heard in puroresu.

 [Site] Email address change
Brandon Thurston on 8/21/2002 @ 14:08 
I've been getting more than 40 pieces of junk email a day, plus a virus every day or so, even with the security thing on high or whatever.

It's not time to get a new car, I'm not in massive debt, I don't want to get paid to shop and eat out, I don't want a free cellphone, I don't care if my computer's too slow, I don't want to meet singles in my area, and no -- I don't want $350 billion in government grants. So I'm starting over. My new email address is: burandonsaasuton@hotmail.com

 [All Japan] Muto vs. Sapp next year?
Brandon Thurston on 8/21/2002 @ 03:58 

In reponse to Bob Sapp's (28) statement, where he challenged both Bill Goldberg and Keiji Muto, Muto responded with excitement about facing Sapp. He said he would like to have a match with him, possibly next year.

Also, Master Iishi has offered Genichiro Tenryu to fight at the PRIDE/K-1 Dynamite! show. Tenryu has responded with no comment.

 [ZERO-ONE] Hashimoto invites Choshu
Brandon Thurston on 8/21/2002 @ 03:52 

Shinya Hashimoto (37) sent "love call" to Riki Choshu (50), inviting him to participate in Hashimoto's ZERO-ONE promotion.

Hashimoto's last match as a New Japan wrestler was against Riki Choshu on 1/4/01 in the Tokyo Dome, in what was a heated brawl until Tatsumi Fujinami approached the ring and ordered the match stopped for no apparent reason.

 [NOAH] Saito/Akiyama vs. Shiga/Kobashi decided
Brandon Thurston on 8/21/2002 @ 03:45 

While Mitsuharu Misawa and Takuma Sano will challenge Takeshi Rikio and Takeshi Morishima for the GHC Tag Team Title on 9/7 in Osaka, Misawa suggested that Kentaro Shiga and Kenta Kobashi have a match with Jun Akiyama and Akitoshi Saito, which will determine who will face the tag champions at a later date.

It seems NOAH is building up for an impendingly huge Akiyama vs. Kobashi match.

Also, Kobashi demonstrated his new move that he's been talking about since his return: the "Diamond Head" powerbomb. It looks like the move is similar to a thunder fire powerbomb.

 [All Japan] Kojima explains his strategy for fighting Goldberg
Brandon Thurston on 8/20/2002 @ 05:36 

Satoshi Kojima (31), who will face Bill Goldberg (35) in the Nippon Budokan on 8/30, promised that he would not allow Goldberg to use his spear on him.

Kojima compared Goldberg's spear to bullfighting.

Kojima has been studying video tape of Goldberg and been doing "special" training. He said that he would block the spear when he attempts to use it.

 [New Japan] Tenzan withdraws from Team 2000
Brandon Thurston on 8/20/2002 @ 05:30 

Hiroyoshi Tenzan (31) visted the New Japan office in Shibuya, Tokyo and suggested his withdrawal from T2000 on 8/19.

Tenzan said, "I want to be by myself as a lone wolf without a team or other relations."

"I've been proud of the team with Chono. We have proven to be the strongest team in New Japan and hold the IWGP Tag Title. But the meaning of T2000 is fading."

It seems Tenzan would like to have his own personal role, as New Japan is united for a common purpose to fight Kazuyuki Fujita's (31) foreign army corps.

Tenzan will move towards his own independence starting with New Japan's next tour (opening 9/6).

 [Content] Tales from the Eastside
Brandon Thurston on 8/20/2002 @ 03:10 
Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #10
Acid knocks him to the floor with a Yakuza Kick! Gargiulo would've said "YAKUZA KICK! YAKUZA KICK! YAKUUUZA KICK!" right now, but Feinberg is talking about how he likes the last name "Stradlin". I hate this commentary team...

 [ROH/ZERO-ONE] Dick Togo and Ikuto Hidaka on 9/21 ROH show
Brandon Thurston on 8/19/2002 @ 15:39 

It looks like Ring of Honor and ZERO-ONE are working together.

Ring of Honor announced three teams that would be entering their Tag Team Title tournament for their Philadelphia show on 9/21. Among them, Christopher Daniels and Donovan Morgan, Da Hit Squad and right on American soil in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Ikuto Hidaka and Dick Togo.

Matches already scheduled for the 9/21 show are: Steve Corino vs. American Dragon, Takao Omori vs. Michael Modest and the return of Spanky.

 [Content] Scout Report
Brandon Thurston on 8/19/2002 @ 15:34 
Scout Report:
I, after discussing it with BT, decided the Toryumon-T2P war should largely mirror the "Freiza Saga," in which the Z-Fighters go to a far away planet to confront the all-powerful villian Frieza.

 [Big Japan] Kojika denies embezzlement scandal
Brandon Thurston on 8/19/2002 @ 03:11 

President Great Kojika (60) of Big Japan denied an apparent embezzlement scandal. At Big Japan's 8/18 Yokohama show, Kojika went up to the ring for the first time in about eight months. "I am sorry to have brought about trouble and worries to things outside of the ring. However, there is no fact to this." He continued, "Although it is not good, if Big Japan does not aim at tomorrow, don't have the narrow-minded idea that the business will not move on."

Great Kojika announced he would step down as president of Big Japan some weeks ago.

 [K-1/All Japan] Bob Sapp challenges Goldberg
Brandon Thurston on 8/19/2002 @ 02:47 

K-1 held a conference meeting here in the US (Las Vegas 8/17) which talked more on Dynamite!. Master Iishi also mentioned more about Bill Goldberg (Free) participating in AJPW.

It was also mentioned that Goldberg is in an "extensive" MMA training. The conference got a tremor as Bob Sapp intruded and claim Golberg was a chump and wants to face him weather AJPW or Pride (he also challenge Keiji Mutoh)...interesting...

Special thanks to Izzy:

 [Dynamite!] Another match announced
Brien on 8/18/2002 @ 13:19 

Before last nights K-1 Vegas event K-1 boss Master Iishi announced another fight for World Cup Dynamite!, the MMA supershow on the 28th. 3-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion Ernesto Hoost will face King of Pancrase Semmy Schilt, in a K-1 rules fight. Schilt, you may remember, fought long time K-1 Japan star Musashi in a K-1 Japan event a few months back, barely squeaking out a decision win.

Credit to:

 [K-1] 8/17 Vegas Results
Brien on 8/18/2002 @ 13:10 

O Canada! The Canadian contingent at the K-1 event last night in Las Vegas had quite a night. First, Gary Goodridge TKO'd Mike Bernardo in 98 seconds and then Michael "The Cro Cop Killer" McDonald won the Qualification tournament to get one of the 14 spots in the K-1 World GP Opening Round. Full results follow:

K-1 Tournament Q-Finals
Mike McDonald KO 1 Ricardo Duenas
Tony Gregory KO 1 Petr Vandrachek
Pavel Mayer W 3 Adam Watt
Errol Paris KO 1 Andrew Thompson

Superfight #1
Ernesto Hoost KO 3 Jan Nortje

K-1 Semi-Finals
Mike McDonald W 3 Tony Gregory
Pavel Mayer KO 1 Errol Paris

Superfight #2 & #3
Stefan Leko W 5 Remy Bonjasky
Gary Goodridge KO 1 Mike Bernardo

K-1 Final
Mike McDonald KO 2 Pavel Meyer

Credit to:

 [Choshu] The "Rikinagashima" plan
Brandon Thurston on 8/17/2002 @ 00:07 
Riki Choshu (50), who left New Japan in April, has founded (as expected) a new promotion with New Japan's former advertising department manager, Katsuji Nagashima (59). Nagashima himself had left New Japan in February in interest of starting a new business.

Nagashima appeared on a talk show in Tokyo on 8/16, seemingly coincidentally with Shinjiro Otani (30). Nagashima said that he and Choshu had started the, "Rikinagashima" plan on 6/17.

Nagashima said, "[Choshu] said that he wanted to get various people to agree to participate and make an announcement in October."

One month after, it was of course revealed that a dojo had been complete in Tokyo: Dojo Riki.

On the topic of Choshu's silence since his departure from New Japan, Nagashima said, "He will have an announcement to make when he speaks publicly shortly."

It also appears that Choshu will be in attendance on 8/28 for PRIDE and K-1's "Dynamite" show.

 [Content] Ichiban Puroresu Review
Brandon Thurston on 8/16/2002 @ 04:28 
Ichiban Puroresu Review:
Also the most consistent, Kaoru Ito is among the best wrestlers in the world -- male or female. She appears to be more experienced than any other wrestler on the planet. Not only experienced in the fluidy of a match, but experienced within kayfabe, too. She appears to be a wrestler who knows how to counter and get out of every move you could possibly throw at her. Ito makes this a match Manami is sure not to forget.

 [Content] Tales from the Eastside
Brandon Thurston on 8/16/2002 @ 04:19 
Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #9
"Welcome back to your number one wrestling destination, and in fact, your number one wrestling alternative- NWA Wildside!" sayeth Steven Prazak. Prazak goes over last week's main event of David Young vs. Iceberg; we get a slo-mo clip of Young giving Iceberg a top-rope Spinebuster in the WarGames cage match to set things up. Iceberg falls on top of Young for the pin, Young gets his foot on the rope at two but Jeff G. Bailey employs his usual shenanigans and pushes Young's foot off. Dan Wilson tells us what we're seeing this week: A main event of John Phoenix and Rainman vs. AJ Styles and Adam Jacobs, Jimmy Rave defending his NWA World Junior Heavyweight title, and more!

 [Zenjo] Little Frankie dies at age 44
Brandon Thurston on 8/16/2002 @ 00:04 

Long-time midest wrestler for Zenjo, "Little Frankie" Masanobu Okamoto was found dead on the morning of 8/15. No marks were found on his body and it was concluded that cause of death was due to illness.

Okamoto-san debuted for Zenjo in 1976. He was their first WWWA World Midget champion and the first WMA World Unified Midget champion. He had not wrestled in about a year because of poor health.

 [New Japan] Nagata anticipates a unification match
Brandon Thurston on 8/15/2002 @ 23:55 

Yuji Nagata (34), who began training again on 8/15, said that he would like to have a title unificiation match between the NWF Heavyweight Champion next spring, expecting it to be Kazuyuki Fujita.

Nagata also once again talked about defending the IWGP Heavyweight Title in the US. He suggested he could defend it against Steve Austin. "We wrestled each other twice, six or seven years ago."

When talking about the former Chyna, Joanie Laurer, Nagata buried his face in his hands. Nagata said he is very unsure of how he will have to wrestle Chyna, since he does not want to hit a woman.

 [NOAH] Misawa persues the GHC Heavyweight Title
Brandon Thurston on 8/15/2002 @ 23:47 

Mitsuharu Misawa (40) declared that he would try to become the first to hold the GHC Heavyweight Title on two occasions.

Yoshinari Ogawa will defend the title against Yoshihiro Takayama on 9/7. Misawa said he would like to face the winner of that match in the Budokan on 9/23.

So you can make a good bet that Takayama will be champion on 9/7, because I doubt Misawa would put himself vs. Ogawa in the main event for the Budokan, while Takayama has drawing power now.

 [Content] Whole Alfin` Review
Brandon Thurston on 8/15/2002 @ 05:25 
After a long G1 Climax hangover, the content returns... (a Zenjo review is also on the way)

Whole Alfin' Review:
YEAH-!-!-!-! THIS IS IT-!-!-! Remember what I said about guys who've done nothing for years and just being in a prominent match because of their name value? Well Z-1 in its infamous wisdom, chose a guy who'd done nothing in Japan, with no name value whatsoever to main event their tour final at the Korakuen Hall. IT MAKES NO SENSE! Was it due to NWA politics? Was it due to Hashimoto's Rikidozan complex?

 [Zero-One] Ryouji Sai out for 6 months
Alf on 8/14/2002 @ 18:21 

Ryouji Sai was today recovering from lung problems that have had him in hospital since August 2nd, having complained of pain when breathing. Unfortunately, Sai is expected to be out for half a year, meaning he'd return in January 2003.

Sai's been a highpoint of the Z1 television that I've seen, looking very capable against a variety of differently schooled opponents. It's a great shame that this has happened to him and hopefully he'll have no futher setbacks in his promising career.

Get well Ryouji.

 [G1 Climax Pool] The results are in!
Brandon Thurston on 8/14/2002 @ 02:48 

The results are in. The top 10 scores (11 actually, there was a massive tie for 3rd place) are up. How did you do? How did I do? .

 [Site] New Releases
Brandon Thurston on 8/14/2002 @ 02:34 
Fifteen tapes new tapes are now available in the section.

Toryumon TV April (aired 5/17/02)
Toryumon T2P 6/6/02
Toryumon TV 6/7/02
Toryumon TV Special 7/7/02
NOAH Di Colleseo G+SN 5/25-5/26/02
ZERO-ONE Samurai TV 5/19/02
New Japan ESPN 5/19/02
New Japan ESPN 5/18/02
New Japan ESPN 6/2/02
GAEA G-Panic 6/2/02
Zenjo Samurai TV 5/26/02
Zenjo Samurai TV 7/6/02
Zenjo Samurai TV 7/9/02
Rikidozan TV Special (6/10/02)
All Japan BAPE STA 6/9/02

 [NOAH] Nishimura vs. Shiga, Ogawa vs. Takayama
Brandon Thurston on 8/13/2002 @ 22:35 

Pro Wrestling NOAH officially announced to matches on 8/13. Osamu Nishimura, from New Japan will enter NOAH for the first time against Kentaro Shiga on 8/29 in Nagano. And Yoshinari Ogawa will make his third defense of the GHC Heavyweight Title against G1 Climax runner-up, Yoshihiro Takayama on 9/7 in Osaka.

 [New Japan] Fan vote for Chono`s opponent on 10/14
Brandon Thurston on 8/13/2002 @ 22:11 

Masahiro Chono (38) announced that he would determine his opponent for the 10/14 Tokyo Dome show by an internet fan vote run from 8/14 to 8/20.

Chono says he will attempt to negotiate with anyone the fans chose, even whether it be Misawa, Muto, Choshu or Inoki.

 [All Japan] Kojima comments on Goldberg
Brandon Thurston on 8/13/2002 @ 21:53 

Satoshi Kojima (31), who will face Bill Goldberg (35) in his first match in Japan, said, "I'm very happy to be able to be his opponent in his first match in Japan... I want to win the Triple Crown and do my best... A match with [Goldberg] I could not pass up. I'm looking forward to the 30th, as I want to show myself and have a hard-fought battle."

 Full Lineups for AJPW 8/30 & 8/31 Nippon Budokan Shows
Gerry on 8/13/2002 @ 07:27 

8/30 Nippon Budokan (Booked by Keiji Muto)
1. Tomoaki Honma vs. Kazushi Miyamoto
2. Hideki Hosaka vs. Nobukazu Hirai vs. Ryuji Hijikata
3. Yoji Anjoh, Mitsuya Nagai, & Shigeo Okumura vs. Arashi, Nobutaka Araya, & Yuto Aijima
4. Steve Williams, Mike Rotunda, & Gran Naniwa vs. Johnny Smith, George Hines, & Gran Hamada (Michinoku Pro)
5. Masa Fuchi & Mr. Problem (Daijiro Matsui) vs. Abdullah the Butcher & Kendo Ka Shin
6. PWF Jr. Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders match: Kaz Hayashi vs. Jimmy Yang
7. Gen'ichiro Tenryu vs. Hiroshi Hase (non-title)
8. Bill Goldberg vs. Satoshi Kojima
9. AJPW World Tag Titles Match: Brian Adams & Bryan Clark vs. Mike Barton & Jim Steele
10. Keiji Mutoh vs. Taiyo Kea

8/31 Nippon Budokan (booked by Gen'ichiro Tenryu)
1. Nobukazu Hirai vs. Ryuji Hijikata
2. Masa Fuchi, Gran Hamada (Michinoku Pro), & Kazushi Miyamoto vs. Mike Rotunda, Johnny Smith, & Gran Naniwa
3. Masaaki Mochizuki (Toryumon), Dragon Kid (Toryumon), & Jimmy Yang vs. Magnum Tokyo (Toryumon/M2K), Susumu Yokosuka (Toryumon/M2K), & Darkness Dragon (Toryumon/M2K)
4. Tomoaki Honma & Yuto Aijima vs. Brian Adams & Bryan Clark (non-title)
5. Shigeo Okumura & Hideki Hosaka vs. Mike Barton & Jim Steele
6. Yoji Anjoh & Mitsuya Nagai vs. Abdullah the Butcher & Kendo Ka Shin
7. Satoshi Kojima vs. Nobutaka Araya
8. Bill Goldberg vs. Taiyo Kea
9. Elimination Match: Gen'ichiro Tenryu, Steve Williams, Arashi, Kouki Kitahara (CAPTURE International), & Masao Orihara (Michinoku Pro) vs. Keiji Mutoh, Hiroshi Hase, Jinsei Shinzaki (Michinoku Pro), George Hines, & Kaz Hayashi

 [New Japan] Great Muta will appear with New Japan on 9/16, but...
Brandon Thurston on 8/12/2002 @ 21:52 

At the request of Joanie "Chyna" Laurer, the Great Muta will participate in New Japan's 9/16 card in Tomohiro.

However, New Japan still owns the rights to the actual Great Muta gimmick, so absolutely do not expect the man in the paint to be Keiji Muto.

 [PRIDE/All Japan] Ishii says Goldberg will be in the Stadium and will fight on 8/30 and 8/31
Brandon Thurston on 8/12/2002 @ 21:49 

Superindendant, Kazuyoshi Ishii announced that Bill Goldberg would be in attendance at the PRIDE/K-1 "Dynamite!" show in Tokyo National Stadium.

Ishii says that Goldberg's participation in All Japan's two-day Nippon Budokan run has also been determined.

 [ZERO-ONE] Ogawa formally booked
Brandon Thurston on 8/12/2002 @ 21:37 

ZERO-ONE formally announced Naoya Ogawa would fight on ZERO-ONE's 8/22 and 8/24 shows in Gifu.

 [New Japan] Inoki backs "anti-New Japan" army
Brandon Thurston on 8/12/2002 @ 21:26 

Antonio Inoki once again hinted, as he did on 8/11, after the G1 Climax final, in Narita Airport that he would be behind Kazuyuki Fujita's "anti-Shin Nihon" foreign army.

 [NOAH] Takao Omori to wrestle in ROH
Brandon Thurston on 8/12/2002 @ 21:13 

It's been announced that Pro Wrestling NOAH's Takao Omori will wrestle NOAH/PWI's Michael Modest at Ring of Honor's 9/21 show in Philadelphia.

 [All Japan] Goldberg in the Budokan?
Brandon Thurston on 8/12/2002 @ 21:10 

All Japan has made it clear that they are trying to book Goldberg for their 8/30 and/or 8/31 Budokan Hall shows. They would like Goldberg to face Satoshi Kojima on 8/30; and face Taiyo Kea on 8/31.

They probably won't happen one reason, and I hope it doesn't happen for another. First, things like this (especially issues concerning Goldberg) tend to be a lot of hot air. Goldberg is someone who doesn't really like pro wrestling in the first place. He's said himself that he only does it for the money. So to get Goldberg to Japan is going to cost a lot of money. Plus, I don't think Goldberg is going to be interested in jobbing. So if this does (somehow) go through, you're looking at jobbing out Taiyo Kea and Satoshi Kojima (your two stars of the future) to a guy who may never make another appearance in your promotion. And all of that for two shows you'd likely draw well for, if not sell-out anyway.

 [MMA] Shamrock fight off...again
Brien on 8/12/2002 @ 12:18 

I guess it was too good to be true after all. The Frank Shamrock/Ricardo Almeida fight was called off after Frank got hurt. This marks about the 8th or 9th time that Frankie was suppose to fight but in the end didn't. Will he ever fight again? He says he will, I have my doubts.

Credit to:

 [World Cup Dynamite!] 2 more fights announced
Brien on 8/12/2002 @ 10:58 

2 more fights were announced for World Cup Dynamite!/Shock Wave (the PRIDE/K-1 8/28 show)

They are:
(Pride rules fight) Bob Sapp vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
(K-1 rules fight) Don Frye vs Mark Hunt

Also the full rules-set for Gracie/Yoshida and Filipovic/Sakuraba was said to be near completion and will be announced shortly.

Iishi also said that Vanderlei Silva, Semmy Schillt, and depending on their condition, Jerome Le Banner, Mike Bernardo and Ernesto Hoost will compete. He also didn't rule out the possibility of a gold BAGU player participation either.....OI!

Credit to:

 [New Japan] G1 8/11 results (G1 final), Chono wins fourth G1! Shin Nihon aligns!!
Brandon Thurston on 8/11/2002 @ 02:23 

Tokyo Sumo Hall
Drawing 11,500 (sold out in advance)

1. Wataru Inoue defeated Toru Yano in 3:42 with a Mexican stretch.

2. Jado, Gedo and Koji Kanemoto defeated Masahito Kakihara, Minoru Tanaka and El Samurai in 13:13 when Kanemoto submitted El Samurai with a standing ankle lock.

3. Jushin Thunder Liger and Shiro Koshinaka defeated Tatsutoshi Goto and Hiro Saito in 7:46 when Koshinaka pinned Goto after a powerbomb.

4. Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kenzo Suzuki defeated Blue Wolf and Yutaka Yoshie in 11:05 when Kenzo pinned Wolf after a flying knee attack.

5. Tadao Yasuda and Ryushi Yanagisawa defeated Masayuki Naruse and Manabu Nakanishi in 3:49 when Yanagisawa submitted Naruse with a choke sleeper.
-Ryushi Yanagisawa (fought in RINGS, K-1, Pancrase) was Yasuda's mystery partner.
-Yanagisawa said after the match, "A revolution has begun in New Japan."

6. Kensuke Sasaki and Yuji Nagata defeated Osamu Nishimura and Hiroyoshi Tenzan in 13:05 when Nagata submitted Nishimura with the Nagata Lock II.
-Nagata commented about the G1 final, "I absolutely want Chono to win. Of course, Takayama is strong. But I want Masahiro Chono to win the G1 Climax to prove Takayama is not so great."

7. G1 Climax final: Masahiro Chono defeated Yoshihiro Takayama in 20:23 with a Yakuza kick.
-Chono's "Summer Man" tradition is revived! He wins his unparallel fourth G1 Climax. , , ,

-After Chono defeated Takayama, Fujita and Yasuda immediately intruded. Confused fighting broke out between Fujita and Team 2000. Yasuda took the microphone.

Yasuda: The match in Hiroshima [Chono vs. masked men on 8/8] is not your victory. I think of it as my victory!

Nagata stepped in the ring.

Nagata: (turning to Fujita ) The man to who fights for IWGP! (turning to Chono) Can't we fight together!? Tenzan! Nakanishi! We can fight them all. Their ability cannot fight ours!!

More confused fighting. Until they were separated once again for Fujita to speak.

Fujita: Hey! We'll take out your champion. We'll fight whenever you want.

Chairman, Antonio Inoki then entered the ring (he had made his entrance before the Takayama/Chono match began).

Inoki: If they want it to be, fight them!! Konoyaro!

Fujita and Nagata run at each other. Chono holds back Nagata. T2000 and others enter the ring. Tenzan, Nakanishi, Nagata and Chono shake hands. New Japan is united as one against the foreign army. The fans chant, "Shin Nihon! Shin Nihon!" Foreign enemies, Fujita, Yasuda, and Takayama bitterly return to the lobby. .

-Chono was awarded the check for 10 million yen.
Chono: (points to the mat) Every year this is our battlefield. We fight in it everyday. One-hundred thirty to 150 matches each year. And they fight here twice a year. There is an aura for motivation now. This ring will go up!

Comments from the lobby:

Nagata: My heart and pride are in New Japan Pro Wrestling. It will not allow them to disgrace the IWGP Title.

Tenzan: If we fight them, there will be no clatter. We will crush them.

 [New Japan] Chono comments
Brandon Thurston on 8/10/2002 @ 20:49 

After it was decided that Chono would meet Takayama in the G1 final on 8/11, said, "Fujita, Yasuda, Takayama. Finally the foreign enemy will be stopped. No matter what, I will stop them."

And you have your story for this year's G1 Climax final.

 [New Japan] Chyna requests Muto to return to New Japan
Brandon Thurston on 8/10/2002 @ 20:42 

The former Chyna, Joanie Lauer addressed the crowd in the Sumo Hall on 8/10. She said that she was offered a deal from the WWE, but turned it down to come to Japan (she probably turned it down because the deal wasn't big enough to carry her ego nor give her the WWF Title).

She expressed her anticipation to begin wrestling for New Japan on 9/6 (and you're the only one, Chyna). She also requested Keiji Muto, as his Great Muta incarnation return to New Japan for an appearance.

Uhh... yeah, Chyna.

 [UFC] UFC 39 matches announced
Brien on 8/10/2002 @ 15:24 

ZUFFA has announced the fights for UFC 39, and it looks like a hell of a show, here are the matchups at this time:

Vacant Heavyweight Title Decision Match
Randy Coulture vs Ricco Rodriguez

Lightweight bouts(winners to possibly meet for vacant title)
BJ Penn vs Matt Serra
Caol Uno vs Din Thomas
Other fights include:
Phil Baroni vs Dave Menne
Pedro Rizzo vs Gan Mcgee
Ivan Salaverry vs Matt Lindland
Sean Sherk vs Benji Radich
Tim Sylvia vs Wes Correira

Credit to:

 [K-1] More Vegas Changes
Brien on 8/10/2002 @ 15:15 

K-1 announced more changes to the 8/17 Vegas event. Now the 3 superfights are:

Mike Bernardo vs Gary Goodridge(of PRIDE fame)
Ernesto Hoost vs Jan Nortje (why can't they change THIS fight?!!?)
Stefan Leko vs Remy Bonjasky(recent Cro Cop victim)

Credit to:

 [New Japan] G1 8/10 results (semi-finals), Takayama vs. Chono in G1 final
Brandon Thurston on 8/10/2002 @ 06:28 

Tokyo Sumo Hall
Drawing 10.000 (sell-out)
1. Blue Wolf defeated Toru Yano in 7:19 with the Mongolian slam.
2. JWP offering match: Azumi Hyuga, Ran Yu Yu and Command Borishoi defeated Tsubasa Kuragaki, Kayoko Haruyama and Kaori Yoneyama in 13:30 when Hyuga pinned Kuragaki with a German suplex hold.
3. Hiro Saito and Tatsutoshi Goto defeated Wataru Inoue and El Samurai in 8:31 when Saito pinned Inoue after a senton.
4. Jushin Thunder Liger, Minoru Tanaka and Masayuki Naruse defeated Jado, Gedo and Koji Kanemoto in 14:10 when Liger pinned Gedo after a brainbuster.
5. G1 Decision match: Osamu Nishimura defeated Manabu Nakanishi in 5:49 with a Japanese leg roll hold.
-Nishimura goes on to face Takayama in the main event.
6. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kenzo Suzuki and Kensuke Sasaki defeated Masahito Kakihara, Yutaka Yoshie and Yuji Nagata in 15:29 when Sasaki pinned Kakihara after a lariat.
7. G1 Climax semi-final: Masahiro Chono defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan in 22:03 with the cross-leg STF.
-Chono advances to the G1 final on 8/11.
8. G1 Climax semi-final: Yoshihiro Takayama defeated Osamu Nishimura in 22:38 with a German suplex hold.
-Takayama will meet Chono in the G1 final on 8/11.

 [UFO] TV ratings
Brandon Thurston on 8/9/2002 @ 20:13 

UFO's live "Legend" broadcast on NTV (Nippon Televesion Network) received a average rating of 10.8. Their highest point was at the point where Ogawa defeated Matt Ghaffari in the main event, with a 21.2.

NTV was expecting a 15.0 average rating for the show. However, NTV officials said the rating was a "tolerable number," and are open to another broadcast.

 [UFO] Rickson vs. Ogawa?
Brandon Thurston on 8/9/2002 @ 20:02 

After defeating Matt Ghaffari in the Tokyo Dome on 8/8, Naoya Ogawa (36) said he wanted to fight Rickson Gracie next.

On 8/9 Rickson Gracie (42) said that Ogawa would be a major candidate for his return match. Rickson said, "Ogawa, Nogueira, Fujita. Anyone will do."

 [LLPW] Rumi Kazama to retire next year
Brandon Thurston on 8/9/2002 @ 19:58 
LLPW president and current champion, Rumi Kazama (36) announced on 8/9 in Kawasaki that her 20th year as a wrestler would be her last, announcing she would retire next year.

However, Rumi says that she "does not want to fade out," and that she wants to be present in joshi puroresu "until the end."

 Petition to get puroresu on American TV
Brandon Thurston on 8/9/2002 @ 19:48 
Sign it here:

 [New Japan] G1 Climax 8/8 results
Brandon Thurston on 8/8/2002 @ 08:21 

Hiroshima Green Arena
drawing 5,800
1. Blue Wolf and El Samurai defeated Toru Yano and Wataru Inoue in 11:32 when Wolf pinned Yano with the Mongolian slam.
-Yano's first tag team match.
2. Masayuki Naruse, Masahito Kakihara and Minoru Tanaka drew Jado, Gedo and Koji Kanemoto in 15:00 when time limit expired.
3. Kuishinbo Kamen, Billy Ken Kid and Tigers Mask defeated Ebessan, Super Delfin and Jushin Thunder Liger in 14:06 when Kamen pinned Ebessan with the Cancun Tornado.
4. Masahiro Chono defeated three masked men in 2:48 by disqualification.
-the masked men were Chono's mystery opponent(s) as replacements for Tadao Yasuda, who fought at the UFO show
5. G1 Climax - Block A: Yutaka Yoshie [2] defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi [4] in 10:38 with a rolling backfist.
6. G1 Climax - Block B: Manabu Nakanishi [5] defeated Kenzo Suzuki [4] in 11:17 with the Argentinan backbreaker.
7. G1 Climax - Block A: Yoshihiro Takayama [8] defeated Shiro Koshinaka [4] in 12:00 with the German suplex hold.
-Takayama clinches a spot in the semi-finals
8. G1 Climax - Block B: Osamu Nishimura [5] drew Yuji Nagata [5]
-Nishimura and Nakanishi tie for runner-up of Block B. Nakanishi takes the edge over Nagata for beating him head-to-head.
9. G1 Climax - Block A: Hiroyoshi Tenzan [6] defeated Kensuke Sasaki [6] in 15:52 by referee stop.
-Tenzan advances to the semi-final; takes Block A runner-up seed.

Assuming Nishimura and Nakanishi will now have to have a special playoff at the beginning of the 8/10 card, here's how the 8/10 semi-finals will go:
-Hiroyoshi Tenzan (Block A runner-up) vs. Masahiro Chono (Block B winner)
-Nakanishi/Nishimura (Block B runner-up) vs. Yoshihiro Takayama (Block A winner)

 [UFO] 8/8 UFO "Legend" results, AWFUL gate
Brandon Thurston on 8/8/2002 @ 05:09 

Masakatsu Funaki and Rickson Gracie were both in attendance for the show.

^All matches are fought in three five-minute rounds.

Tokyo Dome
drawing 28,648
1. Hirotaka Yokoi defeated Bulldozer George in 1:47 in the 1st round with a choke.
2. Jens Pulver defeated Takehiro Murahama by split decision (2-1) at the end of the 3rd round.
3. Vladimir Matyushenko defeated Antonio Rogerio Nogueira by unanimous decision (3-0) at the end of the third round.
4. Joanie Lauer (Chyna) defeated Chika Nakamura by TKO in 1:50 in the 1st round.
-Chika Nakamura is the 2002 Female Golden Gloves champion. This sounds like a disaster. The fans booed loudly when the referee stopped the fight early. The referee was probably just doing what he was supposed to do, but Chyna likely just landed some illegitment shots. Clearly a work. Chyna said she would like to fight a man next time.
5. Mario Sperry defeated Wataru Sakata by unanimous decision (3-0) at the end of the third round.
6. Wallid Ismael defeated Kazunari Murakami by TKO at 3:03 in the 2nd round.
7. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira defeated Sanae Kikuta by TKO in the 2nd round with a right straight.
-Kikuta could not stand after the fight and was taken out on a stretcher.
8. Kazuyuki Fujita defeated Tadao Yasuda by submission in 2:46 in the 1st round with an armbar.
9. Naoya Ogawa defeated Matt Ghaffari by TKO at 1:56 in the 1st round with a right straight.

Hit refresh/reload to check for updates.

 [Toryumon] Live airing on 9/8
Brandon Thurston on 8/8/2002 @ 02:40 

Ultimo Dragon was in Tokyo on 8/7 for the announcement of Toryumon's 9/3 Differ Colleseum show, which will air live on GAORA.

This will be the second time Toryumon will be aired live on TV. Their 7/1/01 Kobe Hall show was shown live on SkyPerfect pay-per-view last year.

Ultimo Dragon said that he wants Toryumon's first big show in the Tokyo metropolitain area to be a success. What will be on the card is unclear yet, but Ultimo said there will be a "complete confrontation" between Toryumon Japan and T2P, while the UWA Six-man Titles will also be defended.

 [UFO] Rickson Gracie in attendance
Brandon Thurston on 8/8/2002 @ 02:35 

Rickson Gracie made an "urgent" visit to Japan on 8/7. He will help Naoya Ogawa prepare of his fight against Matt Gharaffi.

 [New Japan/NOAH] Nishimura responds to Shiga
Brandon Thurston on 8/8/2002 @ 02:31 

After defeating Tadao Yasuda on 8/7, Nishimura responded to NOAH's Kentaro Shiga's offer.

Shiga has offered Nishimura to particpate in a match in NOAH in Nagano on 8/29. Since NOAH will send four of their junior heavyweights (KENTA, Makato Hashi, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi and Yoshinobu Kanemaru), Shiga offered Nishimura is serve as an "alternative wrestler" for NOAH's 8/29 show.

Nishimura responded by saying, "I'm interested in NOAH."

 [New Japan] G1 Climax results 8/7
Brandon Thurston on 8/8/2002 @ 02:23 

Fukuoka International Center
Drawing 5,500 (sell-out)
1. Blue Wolf defeated Wataru Inoue in 10:52 with the Mongolian slam.
2. Tiger Mask, Masayuki Naruse and Masahito Kakihara defeated Jado, Gedo and Koji Kanemoto in 12:51 when Tiger Mask pinned Jado with a standing moonsault.
3. El Samurai, Minoru Tanaka and Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Azteca, El Diablo and Cosmo Soldier in 9:41 when El Samurai pinned Soldier with the Samurai bomb.
4. G1 Climax - Block A: Yoshihiro Takayama [6] defeated Yutaka Yoshie [0] in 11:28 with a knee kick.
5. G1 Climax - Block B: Osamu Nishimura [4] defeated Tadao Yasuda [4] in 1:36 with an Octopus hold.
-Yasuda will not appear on the 8/8 show. Will forfeit match to Chono. Chono will face a mystery opponent on 8/8.
6. G1 Climax - Block B: Masahiro Chono [5] defeated Kenzo Suzuki [4] in 17:33 with the STF.
-Chono clinches a spot in the semi-final.
7. G1 Climax - Block A: Hiroyoshi Tenzan [4] defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi [4] in 14:49 with the Tenzan Tombstone Driver.
8. G1 Climax - Block A: Kensuke Sasaki [6] defeated Shiro Koshinaka [4] in 8:33 with a lariat.
9. G1 Climax - Block B: Manabu Nakanishi [3] defeated Yuji Nagata [4] in 17:21 with a German suplex hold.

Block A scenarios:
Kensuke - 6 (needs Tanahashi to lose; advances with win or draw against Tenzan on 8/8)
Koshinaka - 4 (advances if he defeats Takayama, while Kensuke loses or draws)
Yoshie - 0 (cannot advance)
Tanahashi - 4 (advances if he defeats Yoshie on 8/8; or if he draws with Yoshie, while Tenzan/Kensuke draw)
Tenzan - 4 (needs Tanahashi to lose; advances with win over Kensuke on 8/8)
Takayama - 6 (advances with win or draw against Koshinaka on 8/8)

Block B scenarios:
Nagata - 4 (advances if he defeats Nishimura on 8/8, or if he draws with Nishimura while Nakanishi draws or loses to Kenzo on 8/8)
Nakanishi - 3 (will tie with Nishimura if he defeats Kenzo on 8/8, while Nishimura and Nagata draw)
Nishimura - 4 (advances if he defeats Nagata on 8/8, while Kenzo loses or draws Nakanishi on 8/8)
Kenzo - 4 (advances if he defeats Nakanishi on 8/8, while Nagata draws or loses to Nishimura on 8/8)
Chono - 5 (has clinched a spot in the semi-finals)
Yasuda - 4 (cannot advance; will forfeit match to Chono on 8/8)

 [Content] Tales from the Eastside
Brandon Thurston on 8/8/2002 @ 01:40 
Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #8
Having re-watched the tape of M-Dogg 20/Tony Stradlin from last week, I noticed that MD20 1) Did the DVD backbreaker on the injured knee, and 2) Landed RIGHT on the injured knee with his somersault doublestomp yet covered right after. Shoddy selling and I'm back to being down on MD20, so ignore my comments from last week. Ahh, revisionist history, gotta love it...

 [New Japan] Tanahashi and Suzuki predict the G1 final
Brandon Thurston on 8/6/2002 @ 21:10 

In their first entries into the G1 Climax, Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroshi Tanahashi did an angle together, saying that they would both advance to the "G1 Typhoon" stage of the tournament and would face each other in the final round.

 [New Japan] Nagata promises to win next two matches
Brandon Thurston on 8/6/2002 @ 21:06 

After Tadao Yasuda punched him out in their G1 Climax match on 8/5, Yuji Nagata promised to win his last two matches in the G1 (against Nakanishi and Nishimura).

 [WEW] WEW Heavyweight Title
Brandon Thurston on 8/6/2002 @ 20:58 
WEW promoter, Kodo Fuyuki announced that a decision match to determine the first WEW Heavyweight Champion would be between Testuhiro Kuroda and Kintaro Kanemura on 8/23 in Differ Ariake.

The show will have a 2-hour showing on Samurai! TV that will air on 9/3.

 [UFO] Ogawa and Murakami no-show press conference
Brandon Thurston on 8/6/2002 @ 20:54 

As part of angle, Naoya Ogawa and Kazunari Murakami didn't bother to show up for the press conference to lead up to UFO's 8/8 Tokyo Dome show.

 [UFO] Inoki invites Tyson to the Dome
Brandon Thurston on 8/6/2002 @ 20:51 

Inoki has sent an invitation to Mike Tyson in hope that he will participate in UFO's 8/8 "Legend" Tokyo Dome show.

I probably shouldn't even bother posting this, as it's just another pathetic attempt by Antonio Inoki to sell some tickets, in hope that fans will show up to see something that won't happen.

 [Content] Ichiban Puroresu Special
Brandon Thurston on 8/6/2002 @ 17:38 
Ichiban Puroresu Special:
I honestly don't know what to say about this. I don't like this "fight" as the main event of a Class B Shooto show in Honolulu, let alone a "huge" event like this is suppose to be. THIS is the main reason this show is going to bomb, as the rest of the card is actually not half bad. I'd go into their backrounds, but really what's the point...

 [Content] Scout Report
Brandon Thurston on 8/6/2002 @ 02:18 
Scout Report:
After a sample of the best matches that NWA TNA has to offer, one has to be convinced that this new group has struck a nerve for many with their X Division, which has been the make-or-break aspect of each show. Doing the math one also has to ask is this worth $50? Probably not, but for those starving for something new, who find the wrestling of Japan overwhelming, lucha libre confusing and the indies hard-to-follow this is perhaps the best thing going.

 [New Japan] 8/5 G1 results
Brandon Thurston on 8/5/2002 @ 20:31 

Many of the matches for the 8/5 show seemed to be kept short, since this was a taping for their 2-hour ESPN-SXW show.

1. Wataru Inoue defeated Toru Yano in 4:34 with a Boston crab.
2. El Samurai and Blue Wolf defeated Masayuki Naruse and Masahito Kakihara in 9:50 when El Samurai pinned Naruse with a la magistral cradle.
3. Minoru Tanaka and Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Gedo and Koji Kanemoto in 13:04 when Minoru pinned Gedo with a backslide.
4. G1 Climax - Block B: Kenzo Suzuki [4] defeated Osamu Nishimura [2] in 18:10 with an inside cradle.
5. G1 Climax - Block A: Kensuke Sasaki [4] defeated Yutaka Yoshie [0] in 0:41 with a Northern Lights bomb.
6. G1 Climax - Block A: Shiro Koshinaka [4] defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan [2] in 11:02 with a powerbomb.
7. G1 Climax - Block A: Yoshihiro Takayama [4] defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi [4] in 9:24 with a German suplex hold.
8. G1 Climax - Block B: Masahiro Chono [3] defeated Manabu Nakanishi [1] in 16:17 with a front cradle.
9. G1 Climax - Block B: Tadao Yasuda [4] defeated Yuji Nagata [4] in 11:10 by countout.
-After taking a punch from Yasuda and being counted out, Nagata had to be carried out of the ring on a stretcher.

 [New Japan] Chyna in New Japan
Brandon Thurston on 8/5/2002 @ 19:58 

Yes, it's true. The former Chyna, Joanie Lauer will tour with New Japan in September.

Apparently, she will also have a match at UFO's 8/8 show against a mystery opponet. Hmm... Joey Budafucco? I hope it's a shoot... but it won't be.

But an even worse thought, who is Chyna going to wrestle in New Japan? Chyna has insisted that she's looking forward to fighting men. What are they going to do with here? Are they going to book her to go over Wataru Inoue and Katsuyori Shibata and Katsushi Takemura and Blue Wolf and Toru Yano. Losing to Chyna could be far worse for their careers than it was for Jeff Jarrett or Chris Jericho, where wins and losses and who they are to mean much more in Japan.

Maybe they'll put her in the G1 World tournament with the other gaijins. At least there isn't as much promise to be damaged there.

This could be so bad in so many ways.

 [ZERO-ONE] Otani and Tanaka no more?
Brandon Thurston on 8/5/2002 @ 18:47 

Shinjiro Otani (30) and Masato Tanaka (29) are scheduled to defend their NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Title at ZERO-ONE's next tour, which begins in Gifu on 8/22. Shikashi, uneasiness has come between them since Tanaka defeated Otani for the first time, giving Otani his only loss in the Fire Festival.

Otani has said that although he would like to defend the title with Tanaka, the dissolution of their tag team is, "unavoidable."

 [All Japan] Tenryu challenges Muto to tag with... himself?
Brandon Thurston on 8/5/2002 @ 18:34 

Genichiro Tenryu (52), who will book All Japan's 8/31 Budokan show (while Muto will book the 8/30 Budokan show), has offered the idea of having a Kojima/Tenryu vs. Muto/MUTA match.

Yes, Tenryu wants Keiji Muto to tag with his own gimmick.

I know Muto wrestled three times in one night on 7/20, but I don't know if he can wrestle twice in the same match. But then again, Muto is a -shining wizard-.

 Top 4 Matches for AJPW 8/30 Nippon Budokan Show Announced
Gerry on 8/5/2002 @ 08:12 

This show is entirely booked by Keiji Muto and has the theme of "Happy Fights".

Main Event: Keiji Muto vs. Taiyo Kea

World Tag Team Titles: Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke (c) vs. Mike Barton & Jim Steele.

PWF World Jr. Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders Match: Kaz Hayashi vs. Jimmy Yang.

Masanobu Fuchi & Mr. Problem (Daijiro Matsui) vs. Abdullah The Butcher & Kendo Ka Shin

 [ZERO-ONE] Otani wins second Fire Festival
Brandon Thurston on 8/4/2002 @ 21:17 

As he promised, Shinjiro Otani won his second consecutive Fire Festival tournament in Kumamoto today by defeating Testuhiro Kuroda in the final round. In the same night, Otani defeated Samoa Joe, while Kuroda defeat Kohei Sato, to advance to the final round.

On the same day New Japan drew only 6,000 to the Osaka Prefectural Gym, ZERO-ONE drew 6,800 to a less saturated market in the Kumamoto Gran Messe.

<> Fire Festival '02 Final l No time limit l 1 fall <>
Shinjiro Otani defeated Testuhiro Kuroda in 17:53 with a dragon suplex.

 [Big Japan] Great Kojika to retire from presidency
Brandon Thurston on 8/4/2002 @ 21:07 

Big Japan President, Shinya "Great" Kojika made it clear that he will retire from his position this October.

Kojika founded Big Japan Pro Wrestling in 1996.

Manager Tosaka very subtly suggested that this could have something to do with Jun Kasai's exit from the promotion, or at least attributed to it.

 [New Japan] G1 Climax 8/4 results
Brandon Thurston on 8/4/2002 @ 04:28 

Today's show drew 6,000 to the Osaka Prefectural Gym, while yesterday's show drew 6,200 in the same building. The extra 200 people must've gone to the NFL preseason game.

Before the show started, Liger and Minoru held a "professional wrestling classroom," where they taught some of the kids some of the basics of pro wrestling, who attended the show.

The same classroom will be held at tomorrow's show. Be there! Don't miss your chance to be taught how to bridge by Jushin Thunder Liger!

1. Blue Wolf defeated Toru Yano in 6:24 after the Mongolian slam.

2. Masayuki Naruse defeated Wataru Inoue in 6:20 with a sleeperhold.

3. Masahito Kakihara, Minoru Tanaka and Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Jado, Gedo and Koji Kanemoto in 14:54 when Kakihara pinned Kanemoto with the Kaki cutter.

4. G1 Climax - Block A: Shiro Koshinaka (�z�����Y) [2] defeated Yutaka Yoshie [0] in 10:54 by pinfall.

5. G1 Climax - Block B: Yuji Nagata [4] defeated Kenzo Suzuki [2] in 14:51 with the Nagata Lock II.

6. G1 Climax - Block A: Hiroshi Tanahashi [4] defeated Kensuke Sasaki [2] in 0:40 with an inside cradle.

7. G1 Climax - Block B: Tadao Yasuda [2] defeated Manabu Nakanishi [1] in 2:15 after a right straight punch.

8. G1 Climax - Block B: Osamu Nishimura [2] drew Masahiro Chono [1] in 30:00 time expired.

9. G1 Climax - Block A: Yoshihiro Takayama [2] defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan [2] in 13:18 with a German suplex hold.

 [ZERO-ONE] TV in Finland?
Brandon Thurston on 8/3/2002 @ 23:34 

"The world strategy of ZERO-ONE flies to Europe, and carries out fire."

Although ZERO-ONE hopes (keyword: hopes) to hold their first even in the US in the fall, they claim to have unexpectedly been offered a broadcast contract from a television station in Finland.

ZERO-ONE officials say that this offer has come from their connections with the NWA. "We have been talking about broadcasting a show twice a month."

If a deal is signed, ZERO-ONE says that they could be on TV in Finland as earlier as this fall.

They also said, "If this suceeds, next, Britain is expectable."

But as always, this is from the Japanese media, so don't take it too seriously yet.

 [New Japan] G1 Climax 8/3 results
Brandon Thurston on 8/3/2002 @ 23:22 

The real mid-summer classic, New Japan's G1 Climax tournament kicked off in Osaka on 8/3 live on Japanese pay-per-view on SkyPerfectTV.

But first, New Japan's ring doctor, Dr. Misawa examined the G1 entrants before their matches to be sure they were in good health. And after checking over all twelve entrants carefully, Dr. Misawa reported "no abnormalities." Let the G1 begin!

1. Masahito Kakihara and Masayuki Naruse defeated Blue Wolf and Wataru Inoue in 5:50 when Kakihara submitted Wolf with a Boston crab.

2. Jado, Gedo and Koji Kanemoto defeated El Samurai, Minoru Tanaka and Jushin Thunder Liger in 14:32 when Jado submitted El Samurai with the Crossface of Jado.

3. G1 Climax - Block A: Hiroshi Tanahashi [2] defeated Shiro Koshinaka [0] in 8:52 with an inside cradle.

4. G1 Climax - Block A: Hiroyoshi Tenzan [2] defeated Yutaka Yoshie [0] in 15:53 by referee stop.

5. G1 Climax - Block B: Kenzo Sukuzi [2] defeated Tadao Yasuda [0] in 0:37 after a spear.

6. G1 Climax - Block B: Manabu Nakanishi [1] drew Osamu Nishimura [1] when time expired in 30:00.

7. G1 Climax - Block B: Yuji Nagata [2] defeated Masahiro Chono [0] in 16:00 when the Nagata Lock II.

8. G1 Climax - Bock A: Kensuke Sasaki [2] defeated Yoshihiro Takayama [0] in 12:11 with the Northern Lights Bomb.
Kensuke: The New Japan ring is made from blood and sweat of everyone!

 [All Japan] Kawada interview
Brandon Thurston on 8/3/2002 @ 18:41 

Reporter: How are your knees?
Kawada: I'm able to walk around alright on a regular day finally.

Reporter: What is the detailed situation of the injury?
Kawada: Since I will wrestle later, I shouldn't speak of the details on the injury. (smile)

Reporter: When do you think you'll be fully recovered?
Kawada: I will do my best. But even if I do my best, I have to be careful not to get hurt in training now.

Reporter: Are you getting better?
Kawada: Although I'm doing light exercise now, I still always get inflammation. I get frustrated. I wish that I could do what I did before the injury in training.

Reporter: Did you see the match where you were injured?
Kawada: I read about it in the newspaper, but the sports newspapers can't be trusted (smile). I watched it on the TV replay.

Reporter: The All Japan ring has been changing.
Kawada: All Japan changed, however, I do not change. All Japan has progressed, and the way of royal road is not laid.

Reporter: Muto-san will produce the 8/30 Budokan Hall show.
Kawada: I will not be at either show. (smile)

Reporter: When do you plan to return to the ring?
Kawada: I would like to return for the 30th annivesary.

[Message to fans.]
Kawada: Since I have to get better and return from being injured, I will need your support once again.

 [Zero-One] Fire Festival standings w/ those eligible to win.
Alf on 8/3/2002 @ 10:57 

Tommorow's Zero-One show features the deciding Fire Festival matches (the final four round robin matches followed by the Fire Festival final).

Matches scheduled are:
[Block A] Shinjiro Ohtani vs. King Joe
[Block A] Masato Tanaka vs. TAKA Michinoku
[BLock B] Yuki Ishikawa vs. Hirotaka Yokoi
[Block B] Tetsuhiro Kuroda vs. Kohei Sato

Here are the standings going into tommorow's show:
Block A
Masato Tanaka (5 points) - 1 match left
Shinjiro Otani (4 points) - 1 match left
Kintaro Kanemura (3 points)- 0 matches left
King Joe (2 points) - 1 match left
TAKA Michinoku (2 points) - 1 match left

Only Tanaka or Otani can win their block.
-If Tanaka defeats TAKA and Otani defeats Joe, Tanaka wins Block A.
-If TAKA defeats Tanaka and Joe defeats Otani, Tanaka wins Block A.
-If TAKA defeats Tanaka and Otani defeats Joe, Otani wins Block A.
-If Tanaka defeats TAKA and Joe defeats Otani, Tanaka wins Block A.

Block B
Hirotaka Yokoi (4 points) - 1 match left
Tetsuhiro Kuroda (4 points) - 1 match left
Steve Corino (4 points) - 0 matches left
Yuki Ishikawa (2 points) - 1 match left
Kohei Sato (2 points) - 1 match left

At the moment, Block B could end with a draw.
-If Yokoi defeats Ishikawa and Sato defeats Kuroda, Yokoi wins Block B.
-If Ishikawa defeats Yokoi and Kuroda defeats Sato, Kuroda wins Block B.
-If Ishikawa defeats Yokoi and Sato defeats Kuroda, everyone in Block B will finish on 4 points.
Only Yokoi or Kuroda must win their match tommorow, for Block B to end with a clear winner.

The winners of each block go on to face each other in the Fire Festival 2002 final, the main event of the show.

 [UFO] Fujita vs. Yasuda
Brandon Thurston on 8/2/2002 @ 23:30 

A match between Kazuyuki Fujita (31) and Tadao Yasuda (38) was officially announced today. The match will also be refereed by Antonio Inoki.

During this annoucement, Fujita expressed his anger towards UFO's decision to put Ogawa vs. Garaffi in the main event above his match with Yasuda.

Also, in the Narita Airport, Matt Garaffi arrived today. He promised he would defeated Naoya Ogawa on 8/8 and predicted he would knock him out with knee strikes.

 [ZERO-ONE] Otani wins the fastest match in history
Brandon Thurston on 8/2/2002 @ 23:15 

Coming off his loss to Masato Tanaka on 7/31, Shinjiro Otani (30) picked back up on ZERO-ONE's Fire Festival by defeating Kintaro Kanemura (31) in three seconds: apparently the fastest match in pro wrestling history.

Otani will now face Samoan Warrior (Samoa Joe) in his final Fire Festival match, to try to earn his spot in the Fire Festival final.

 [New Japan] Chono comments
Brandon Thurston on 8/2/2002 @ 23:06 

Masahiro Chono (38) said that if he wins the G1 Climax (as he has promised he would dominate it), he said that he would declare war on and "crush" whoever wins the NWF Heavyweight Title.

 [Content] Scout Report
Brandon Thurston on 8/2/2002 @ 22:29 
Scout Report:
If these formulas can be expanded into positions like the amateur ride, Jiu-Jitsu guard, etc. This will work. The Ki-Dragon match uses these situations beautifully and builds the majority of the match from these types of positions...

 [Content] Ichiban Puroresu Review
Brandon Thurston on 8/2/2002 @ 06:10 

Ichiban Puroresu Review:
After the match, Kea tells us he's sorry and that, "they had too much power." I'm sorry, too, Kea-san. At least we have the main event... All Japan has brought us another one: match of the year -- a lock.

 [Content] Whole Alfin` Review
Brandon Thurston on 8/1/2002 @ 22:22 
Whole Alfin' Review:
5/19 was one of the best looking cards of Genesis tour. In some respects it delivered, in others it didn't...

 [Content] Tales from the Eastside
Brandon Thurston on 8/1/2002 @ 22:17 
Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #7
Thin show this week, but the Slim J/Jeremy V match was good enough to carry things. Also a smart choice of footage to show with the Jacobs/Phoenix/Bailey/Styles angle at the end of the show. Coleman/Jones wasn't good but it's Cru Jones so you have to keep your expectations low.

 [Tapes] New Releases
Brandon Thurston on 8/1/2002 @ 20:22 
You can find two new tapes in the section:
All Japan 7/17/02 PPV

Tapes coming soon:
AJW 7/6, AJW 7/9, GAEA 6/21, Toryumon 5/17, T2P 6/6, Toryumon 6/7, Toryumon 7/7, NOAH 5/25, NOAH 5/26, NJPW 5/18, NJPW 5/25, NJPW 6/2, ZERO-ONE 5/19, Rikidozan special, WEW 5/5, AJPW BAPE STAA 6/9.

 [MMA]Well this came from nowhere.....
Brien on 8/1/2002 @ 20:09 
Apparetnly World Extreme Cagefighting has pulled off a bit of a coup, as they have signed a Frank Shamrock vs Ricardo Almieda fight for their 9/31 "West Coast vs East Caost" fight. This is a huge shock as Frank has been thought to have been close to signing with PRIDE and/or UFC on numerious occasions. This should be a great fight and if you happen to be in the Uncasvil, CT area at the end of August, there are far worse ways to spend some money and a night out!

Credit to:

 [Onita] Afghanistan show, ZERO-ONE participation
Brandon Thurston on 8/1/2002 @ 19:57 

Pro wrestling legend and Japanese assemblyman, Atsushi Onita returned from South Korea today. He told the Japanese media that he was there to work towards organizing a professional wrestling event in Afghanistan.

Onita wants to run the show in a soccer stadium in Afganistan's capital city, Kabul.

He says he is considering a singles match for himself if the show happens and would like to bring Shinya Hashimoto with him.

In a separate issue, Onita hinted he would participate in ZERO-ONE's 8/22 show.

 [NewJapan] 8/29 Nippon Budokan card
Brandon Thurston on 8/1/2002 @ 19:46 

New Japan announced the card for their 8/29 Budokan Hall show today.

Yuji Nagata declared that he would boycott the show, meanwhile, he's formed a friendship with new young lion, Shinsuke Nakamura, who will make his debut on the show against a member of Fujita's foreign army, Tadao Yasuda.

Jushin Thunder Liger, who will team with Minoru Tanaka to defend the IWGP Junior Tag Team Title in a rematch from NOAH's 4/7 show against Tsuyoshi Kikuchi and Yoshinobu Kanemaru, said, "With Minoru, we will prove that we are the strongest."

1. El Samurai/Tiger Mask vs. PABLO/Hi69 (K-DOJO)
2. Takehiro Murahama (Osaka Pro) vs. Masayuki Naruse
3. Nakamura debut: Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Tadao Yasuda
4. Five-minute time limit: Minoru Fujita vs. Kensuke Sasaki
5. Ikuto Hidaka/Curry Man vs. Jado/Gedo
6. KENTA vs. Wataru Inoue
7. Makato Hashi vs. Koji Kanemoto
8. Giant Singh vs. Giant Silva
9. IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Minoru Tanaka/Jushin Thunder Liger
10. Semi-Final of NWF Heavyweight Title Tournament: Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Kazuyuki Fujita