[New Japan/Pancrase] Minoru Suzuki accepts match with Liger
Brandon on 9/30/2002 @ 04:18 

After Kensuke Sasaki had to cancel his appearance to fight Minoru Suzuki, Jushin Thunder Liger offered to take his place. On 9/29 publicly accepted the match with Liger, which will take place in Yokohama on 11/30.

Suzuki said that he still hopes to have a match with Kensuke in the future.

 [All Japan] Muto and Ishii agree to co-promote
Brandon on 9/30/2002 @ 04:15 

K-1 promoter, Kazuyoshi Iishi (49) and new All Japan president, Keiji Muto (39) publicly agreed to co-promote a pro wrestling event on 11/17 in the Yokohama Arena entitled, "WRESTLE-1."

Ishii promised that Bill Goldberg, Bob Sapp, Sam Greco, Don Frye, Gary Goodridge and Mark Coleman would all be there, and said that he hopes to speak with Nobuhiko Takada and Kazushi Sakuraba about participating.

It appears Fuji Television will have some kind of special airing for this show.

 [New Japan] Yuji Nagata married
Brandon on 9/30/2002 @ 04:05 

Four-hundred and twenty guests attended Yuji Nagata's wedding with his wife Chie Sato. Wrestlers from several different promotions attended, including Shinya Hashimoto from ZERO-ONE, Satoshi Kojima from All Japan and Ultimo Dragon from Toryumon.

It was announced at the wedding that the match between Nagata and Fujita would be for the IWGP Heavyweight Title.

 [PRIDE] PRIDE 22 results
Brandon on 9/28/2002 @ 23:48 

Nagoya Rainbow Hall

-President Morishita announced to the press that Nobuhiko Takada would appear on PRIDE 22 in the Tokyo Dome.

1. Kevin Randleman defeated Michiyoshi Ohara by unanimous decision (3-0) after the third round.
-Ohara received a yellow card from the referee in the third round for stalling.

2. Guy Mezger defeated Norihisa Yamamoto by unanimous decision (3-0) after the third round.
-The fight consisted of no ground fighting.
-Mezger said after the fight that he would like to have a rematch with Ricardo Arona.

3. Anderson Silva defeated Alexander Otsuka by unanimous decision (3-0) after the third round.
-Otsuka escaped a triangle choke and rear naked choke attempt in the first round.

4. Paulo Filho defeated Akira Shoji by submission in 2:48 in the first round with an armbar.

-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Vanderlei Silva came to the ring with their respective titles. Nogueira said, I will fight anyone, I just need to know where and when." Silva did his Inoki impression, yelling, "Genki desu ka!" then went on to say that whoever fights him at PRIDE 23 in the Tokyo Dome "better train hard," because he's going to beat them up.

5. Heath Herring defeated Kotchkine Icuri by referee stoppage with knees in 7:31 in the first round.

Antonio Inoki came out, told a joke, yelled, "Ich, ni, san! DA!" and left.

6. Mario Sperry defeated Andrei Kopylov by doctor stoppage because of bleeding from the mouth in 6:02 in the first round.

7. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson defeated Igor Vovchanchyn by referee stoppage because of a rib injury in 7:13 in the first round.
-Dr. Nakayama reported that Vovchanchyn's ribs were broken.

-Nobuhiko Takada entered the ring and announced to the crowd that he would have his retirement match at PRIDE 23 in the Tokyo Dome later this November. Something we've known for a while now.

8. Ryan Gracie defeated Shungo Oyama by referee stoppage with an armbar in the first round.
-Oyama injured his arm because he did not tap out when Ryan applied the armbar.

 [Onita] Afghanistan show
Brandon on 9/28/2002 @ 22:52 

Atsushi Onita (44) held a pro wrestling show in Kabul, Afghanistan on 9/26 before about 400 fans. Onita appeared as his Great Nita incarnation, doing a lot of comedy throughout the match.

Onita has invited four students and four teachers from Afghanistan to his 10/14 show in the Differ Ariake.

Onita said after the show, "I want to help in returning a smile to the faces of the children of Afghanistan."

 [Michinoku Pro] "10th Anniversary All-Star" card
Brandon on 9/28/2002 @ 22:19 

Ota Ward Gymnasium
1. Kazuya Yuasa vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa (ZERO-ONE)
2. Hideki Nishida/MEN's Teioh/Gran Hamada vs. Tomohiro Ishii/Macho Pump/Masao Orihara
3. Yone Genjin vs. Tsubo Genjin
4. Jody Fleisch/Pentagon Black/Metal Master vs. SUWA/Don Fujii/CIMA (Toryumon)
5. Tiger Mask/Heat (New Japan) vs. Gedo/Koji Kanemoto (New Japan; T2000)
6. Shoichi Funaki vs. Ikuto Hidaka
7. Gran Naniwa/TAKA Michinoku (K-DOJO)/Kaz Hayashi (All Japan) vs. Jinsei Shinzaki/Dick Togo/Great Sasuke

 [NOAH] Kobashi receptive to GHC Tag match
Brandon on 9/28/2002 @ 22:14 

In a public appearance on 9/28, Kenta Kobashi (35) said that he would like to have a match for the GHC Tag Team Titles against Jun Akiyama and Akitoshi Saito, as Akiyama had suggested.

Kobashi said he would have to think about who he would like to be his partner, though, between Kentaro Shiga and Mohammed Yone.

The match will likely take place on 10/19 in Nagoya.

 [NOAH] Takayama appears on talk show
Brandon on 9/28/2002 @ 22:10 

Yoshihiro Takayama (36) appeared publicly for the first time since his match with Mitsuharu Misawa on 9/23, where he suffered a series of injuries.

Takayama said he would be the second to Bob Sapp in his match on 10/14 against Manabu Nakanishi and that he hopes to be able to return for New Japan's 1/4/02 Tokyo Dome show, where he's scheduled to fight for the NWF Heavyweight Title.

It was also reveal that Takayama was married, but he wants to keep it very secretive about who he's married to. He would only say that his wife was not an entertainer.

 [Content] This Week in Puroresu
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 22:43 

And you can't forget, everyone who ever wins a title is inevitably going to have to lose it (unless you're Shawn Michaels). So who will he lose the title to?

 [New Japan] Nagata accepts Nakanishi`s challenge
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 21:32 

IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Yuji Nagata accepted Manabu Nakanishi's challenge for his title. Nagata encouraged Nakanishi to defeat Sapp on 10/14 in the Tokyo Dome and said that Masahiro Chono should have the next shot at the title.

So presumably, Nagata will now defend the title against Nakanishi on 10/26 in Fukuoka, since the Nagata vs. Fujita match on 10/14 is not a title match.

 [Michinoku Pro] "10th Anniversary All-Star" show
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 21:23 

Michinoku Pro announced that their "10th Anniversary All-Star" show on 11/8 will take place in the Ota Ward Gymnasium. The seven-match card will consist of wrestlers from seven different independant Japanese promotions.

 [PRIDE] Morishita "orders" early return for Sakuraba
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 21:16 

Dreamstage-Entertainment President Morishita "ordered" that Kazushi Sakuraba make an early return to PRIDE at PRIDE 23 in the Tokyo Dome this November.

Although Sakuraba had his orbital bone broken on 8/28 at PRIDE and K-1's "Dynamite!" show against Mirko CroCop, Sakuraba will undergo medical revaluation on 10/1.

Morishita also hinted at a possible match between Sakuraba and Hidehiko Yoshida.

 [All Japan] Muto declares he will win Triple Crown on 10/27 as Muta
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 21:11 

On a talk show on 9/27, Keiji Muto (39) declared that he will challenge Genichiro Tenryu as his Great Muta incarnation for the Triple Crown at All Japan's 30th Anniversary show. He says he wants to become Triple Crown champion as he becomes the new president of All Japan.

So far announced for the 10/27 annivesary show:
-Tarzan Goto/Tomokai Honma vs. Terry Funk/Abdullah the Butcher
-Satoshi Kojima vs. Hiroshi Hase
-Agnes Kamen vs. Kendo Ka Shin
-Triple Crown: Genichiro Tenryu vs. Great Muta

Kronik (Bryan Clark and Bryan Adams) will not be on the anniversary show.

Muto also said that he was proud of Kojima for winning the MLW World Heavyweight Title in New York City. He said that he would like to continue "overseas expantion" in the US as well as Europe in the future.

 [Content] PRIDE 22 Preview
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 17:37 
Ichiban Puroresu Special:
Brandon: Thirty bucks for this? I may have to find other means of seeing this show. And who is this Beast from the East? It doesn't make sense.

Scout: You can tell the PRIDE, Inoki or somebody doesn't give a rat's ass about Ohara anymore. After the Gracie debacle, I'm surprised they tagged him in again.

Brien: We started with an "OI!" and so we end with an "OI!". I'd say this is the worst major show main event I've seen in a while, but then UFO Legend was only a month and a half ago.

 [All Japan] Kojima wins MLW Heavyweight Title
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 12:54 

Satoshi Kojima (32) won the MLW World Heavyweight Title in the New York Manhattan Center on 9/26, defeating Jerry Lynn with the lariat. Kojima received loud "Kojima" chants after winning the title in 17:10.

Also, Taiyo Kea earned the right to challenge Kojima next for the title by defeating Sabu.

 [New Japan/Pancrase] Uei and Liger visit Pancrase dojo
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 12:51 

Director Fumihiko Uei (48) and Jushin Thunder Liger visited the Pancrase dojo in Tokyo on 9/27. It was reported that they declined the early possibility of a Kensuke Sasaki vs. Minoru Suzuki match on 11/30 in Yokohama.

Kensuke will apparently be resting his injured right leg after his match in the Tokyo Dome.

Jushin Thunder Liger commented, "I want to respond to Suzuki's warm feeling to New Japan. Pancrase rules will be fine. I would like to petition myself as a substitute opponent to fight with him."

Suzuki said he would have to think about it.

 [WEW] Fuyuki visits Arai`s grave
Brandon on 9/27/2002 @ 12:38 

WEW promoter, Hiromichi Fuyuki (42) visited the late former president of FMW, Shoichi Arai's grave on 9/27. Fuyuki was joined by Tetsuhiro Kuroda and Chocoball Mukai to pay their respects. Fuyuki said that he hopes to gain power from Mr. Arai going into WEW's 10/23 Tokyo Korakuen Hall show and the 11/4 show in Yokohama.

 [New Japan] Manabu eager to fight Sapp
Brandon on 9/26/2002 @ 18:44 

Manabu Nakanishi expressed his eagerness to face Bob Sapp on 10/14 in the Tokyo Dome. He demanded that if he defeats Sapp that Masahiro Chono give him a match with Yuji Nagata for the IWGP Heavyweight Title on 10/26 in Fukuoka.

 [New Japan] Two more matches announced for 10/14 Dome show
Brandon on 9/26/2002 @ 18:38 

-Jushin Thunder Liger/Masahito Kakihara/Tiger Mask vs. American Dragon/Ricky Reyes/Rocky Romero
-Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kenzo Suzuki vs. Shinya Makabe/X

Shinya Makabe makes his return to New Japan on 10/14, but he commented on his match in the Tokyo Dome, saying he was dissatified and wanted a match with Kensuke Sasaki.

More on that and comments from Chono and Nakanishi later.

 [NOAH] Akiyama nominates Kobashi
Brandon on 9/26/2002 @ 12:48 

Jun Akiyama (31) was interview in NOAH's dojo on 9/26 where he said that he would like Kobashi to be the first to challenge himself and Akitoshi Saito for the GHC Tag Team Titles on 10/19 in Nagoya.

Akiyama suggested Kentaro Shiga and Muhammed Yone as possible partners for Kobashi.

 [NOAH] 10/31 to be a special Halloween show
Brandon on 9/25/2002 @ 21:46 

On 10/31, Halloween, Pro Wrestling NOAH will hold a special "Halloween with NOAH" show in Differ Ariake. All the wrestlers will dress in costumes and play "Trick or Treat."

I'm not kidding.

 [Zenjo] 10/20 card; Aja vs. Hotta
Brandon on 9/25/2002 @ 19:14 

Kawasaki City Gymnasium (15:00 JST; 2:00AM EST)
1 (1). Blizzard Yuki revival: Rossy Ogawa vs. Blizzard Yuki
1 (2). Blizzard Yuki vs. Miyuki Fujii
2. Junior Generation Tag: Saki Maemura/Ayako Sato/Kana Ozeki vs. Kaori Yoneyama (JWP)/Takase (ARSION)/Tojo (J'd)
3. All Pacific Title Decision Tournament: Tsubasa Kuragaki (JWP) vs. noki-A (ARSION)
4. All Pacific Title Decision Tournament: Fang Suzuki vs. Kayo Noumi
5. Nanae Takahashi vs. Eagle Sawaki (LLPW/Black Joker)
6. Yumiko Hotta vs. Aja Kong
7. Kumiko Maekawa/? (NEO) vs. Tomoko Watanabe/Takako Inoue
8. All Pacific Title Decision: Winner of #3 vs. Winner of #4
9. WWWA World Singles Title: Momoe Nakanishi vs. Kaoru Ito (c)

 [NOAH] Akiyama refuses Honda`s challenge
Brandon on 9/25/2002 @ 12:54 

Jun Akiyama, who won the GHC Tag Team Titles with Akitoshi Saito on 9/23 in the Nippon Budokan refused Tamon Honda and Masao Inoue's challenge for the titles.

Akiyama said that he would chose the first challenger for the titles on his own later.

Also on the subject of NOAH, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi will defend the titles on NOAH's 10/19 against unnamed opponents. (Jado and Gedo?)

 [New Japan] Bob Sapp vs. Manabu Nakanishi
Brandon on 9/25/2002 @ 12:46 

Kazuyoshi Iishi of K-1 made the formal announcement that Bob Sapp (29) would replace the injured Yoshihiro Takayama in his match against Manabu Nakanishi on 10/14 in the Tokyo Dome.

Masahiro Chono commented saying, "New Japan will crush Sapp!"

 [All Japan] Kea and Kojima arrive in the US
Brandon on 9/25/2002 @ 12:44 

They're here!

 [NOAH] Update on Takayama
Brandon on 9/25/2002 @ 12:41 

Yoshihiro Takayama visited the doctor again on 9/24. He was further diagnosed with a broken right oribtal bone. But also, there is no ligament damage in his dislocated left shoulder as was feared. Still, the doctor reccomended he have surgery on his shoulder, but Takayama refused.

His appearance on New Japan's 10/14 Tokyo Dome show is still uncertain. Antonio Inoki suggested that Bob Sapp take his place.

 [K-1] Major changes to World Grand Prix
Brien Aronov on 9/24/2002 @ 15:50 


The biggest news coming out of K-1 today probably the fact that Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic will, for the second straght year, not be going to the K-1 World GP Finals, as he is injured and has been taken off of the 1st round card. His replacement has yet to be officially named, but it looks like it will be Bob Sapp. The current plan is toe have Sapp fight Hoost, but that fight is "under construstion" and Hoost has said that he is "looking at other options". The other 6 fights look to have been made offical (for now at least) and these winners will join Japan GP champion Musashi at the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals at the Tokyo Dome in December:

Defending Champion Mark Hunt vs Mike Bernardo
Ray Sefo vs Martin Holmn
Peter Aerts vs Glaube Feitosa
Alexi Ignashov vs Stefan Leko
Michael McDonald vs Semmy Schillt
Jerome Le Banner vs Gary Goodridge

 [NOAH] Budokan notes
Brandon on 9/23/2002 @ 21:41 

-After successfully defending the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles against El Samurai and Masayuki Naruse, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi said that they would like former champions Jado and Gedo as their next opponents.

-Mitsuharu Misawa named Jun Akiyama and Kenta Kobashi as his possible future challenges for the GHC Heavyweight Title.

 [LLPW] Kandori to be president of LLPW
Brandon on 9/23/2002 @ 21:29 

As Rumi Kazama plans to retire and step down as president of LLPW, she will allow fellow long-time LLPW wrestler, Shinobu Kandori to become president effective 10/1.

 [NOAH] Broken nose and dislocated shoulder; Takayama vs. Nakanishi in jeopardy
Brandon on 9/23/2002 @ 21:19 

<> 9/23 <> Tokyo Nippon Budokan <> 16,000 fans

Yoshihiro Takayama ended up suffering two injuries in losing the GHC Heavyweight Title to Mitsuharu Misawa on 9/23 in the Nippon Budokan.

After going to the hospital right after the match, Takayama has been diagnosed with a broken nose and dislocated left shoulder. Apparently the dislocation took place somewhere after the 20-minute mark. Misawa also had the inside of his mouth cut after a series of high knee strikes from Takayama.

Takayama will see the doctor again on 9/24.

He is very worried about his ability to participate in NOAH's next series beginning on 10/4, and -- to many fans -- more importantly, his appearance on New Japan's 10/14 Tokyo Dome show, where he is scheduled to fight Manabu Nakanishi.

GHC Heavyweight Title Match l 60 minutes l 1 fall
Mitsuharu Misawa (victory) (pinfall; 23:50) Yoshihiro Takayama (defeat)

 [Onita] Onita leaves for Afghanistan
Brandon on 9/23/2002 @ 21:09 

Onita, pictured with Yaguchi Wolf, who along with two Korean wrestlers will be joining Onita

Atsushi Onita (44) left Narita Airport on 9/23 on his way to promote his pro wrestling show in Afghanistan, which is scheduled to take place in Kabul on 9/26, titled, "Afghanistan Friendship Pro Wrestling."

Leaving to visit Pakistan before going to Afghanistan, Onita said at the airport, "I want the children of Afghanistan to be happy."
 [All Japan] Mrs. Baba appears on talk show
Brandon on 9/23/2002 @ 21:03 

All Japan President, Motoko Baba (62) said on a talk show on 9/23 what we've known for a while now. She said she would step down as president of All Japan at the party on 9/30.

She also acknowledged that Keiji Muto (39) has been unofficially arranged to be her predecessor, including the transfer of stocks to Muto.

When asked about the possibility of Muto doing interpromotional work with NOAH, Mrs. Baba said that it would be left up to them. "Them," I guess being Muto and/or those to take after her.

 [NOAH] 9/23 Budokan results
Brandon on 9/23/2002 @ 06:41 

Harely Race raises Misawa's hand as he wins the GHC Heavyweight Title for the second time.

Tokyo Nippon Budokan - "Great Voyage '02"
Drawing 16,000 (sell-out)

1. Mitsuo Momota/Masashi Aoyagi defeated Kishin Kawabata/Haruka Eigen in 8:33 when Momota pinned Kawabata after a jumping back kick.
-Rusher Kimura was scheduled, but cancelled because of a left leg injury, ending his long streak of matches. Aoyagi took his place.

2. KENTA defeated Yasuhiro Suzuki in 12:07.

3. Takashi Sugiura, Jun Izumida and Akira Taue defeated Makoto Hashi, Daisuke Ikeda and Kentaro Shiga in 18:57 when Izumida pinned Hashi after an F5.

4. Kenta Kobashi defeated Mohammed Yone in 11:47 with a lariat.
, ,

5. Masao Inoue and Tamon Honda defeated Takuma Sano and Yoshinari Ogawa in 18:12 when Inoue pinned Sano.

6. IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi and Yoshinobu Kanemaru defeated Masayuki Naruse and El Samurai in 14:33 when Kanemaru pinned Naruse after a brainbuster to retain the titles.
-Kikuchi and Kanemaru's first successful defense.

7. GHC Tag Team Title: Akitoshi Saito and Jun Akiyama defeated Takeshi Rikio and Takeshi Morishima in 22:47 when Saito pinned Morishima after the Death Sickle to win the titles.
-Akiyama and Saito become fourth champions.

8. GHC Heavyweight Title: Mitsuharu Misawa defeated Yoshihiro Takayama in 23:50 after a running elbow to win the title.
-Misawa become fifth champion.
-This is Misawa's second reign.
-Takayama went to the hospital after the match because of a possible shoulder injury. Possibily a dislocation.

 [Tapes] New releases
Brandon on 9/22/2002 @ 22:40 

Six new tapes have been added to the section, including All Japan's two-day run at the Budokan featuring Bill Goldberg. Also New Japan TV from their two-day run in Sapporo, the digest of the first two days of the G1 Climax, and the 8/7 G1 Climax in its entirity. And the great "GAEA Girls" documentary from the BBC.

New Japan BS-Asahi 7/19-20/02
New Japan BS-Asahi 8/3-4/02
New Japan BS-Asahi 8/7/02
All Japan PPV 8/31/02
All Japan PPV 8/30/02
GAEA Girls

 [New Japan] No Fear: Takayama and Suzuki?
Brandon on 9/22/2002 @ 21:37 

After Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Masahito Kakihara and Yutaka Yoshie, Kenzo Suzuki mentioned the possibility of forming a New Japan version of No Fear with Yoshihiro Takayama. The idea being that both guys are very tall.

 [All Japan] Muto names Kea future ace
Brandon on 9/22/2002 @ 21:24 

In Sapporo on 9/22, Keiji Muto (39) said that Taiyo Kea (26) would be All Japan's future ace. Muto said, "I want Kea to carry All Japan on his back." Muto added that he has great hope for Kea, too, since he is a direct "disciple" of the late great Giant Baba.

Muto asked for consciousness and growth from the young successor to the royal road.

 [GAEA] Nagashima pins Toyota
Brandon on 9/22/2002 @ 21:12 

<> 9/22 <> Tokyo Korakuen Hall <> 2,000 fans

Chikayo Nagashima (victory), Lioness Asuka (19:12) Manami Toyota (defeat), Mima Shimoda

 [New Japan] 9/22 Osaka results
Brandon on 9/22/2002 @ 12:21 

1. Blue Wolf defeated Wataru Inoue in 6:24 with the Mongolion slam.

2. Shiro Koshinaka and Masayuki Naruse defeated Hiro Saito and Tatsutoshi Goto in 8:58 when Koshinaka pinned Saito after a hip attack.

3. Minoru Tanaka and El Samurai defeated Jado and Gedo in 13:44 when Tanaka submitted Gedo with a flying armbar.

4. Kenzo Suzuki and Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Masahito Kakihara and Yutaka Yoshie in 11:16 when Suzuki pinned Kakihara after a jumping knee attack.

5. Osamu Nishimura defeated Jushin Thunder Liger in 4:11 with a cobra twist.

6. IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title: Koji Kanemoto defeated Tiger Mask in 17:40 with an ankle hold to retain the title. , ,
-Kanemoto's first successful defense.
-Kanemoto will meet Heat for the title on 10/14 in the Tokyo Dome.

-Heat confronted Kanemoto after the match saying, "I will tear the belt from you in the dome!"

7. 4 vs. 4 Single Series: Makai Club defeated New Japan 1-2.

-Masahiro Chono defeated Makai #2 in 3:21 with a Yakuza kick.
-Makai #1 defeated Masahiro Chono in 0:38 with a Makai windmill hold.
-Hiroyoshi Tenzan drew Makai #1 after 15:00 after time expired.
-Manabu Nakanishi drew Ryushi Yanagisawa after 5:54 by double countout.
-Tadao Yasuda defeated Yuji Nagata in 9:35 with a right straight to the back of the head. , , ,

8. Yuji Nagata, Manabu Nakanishi, Hiroyoshi Tenzan and Masahiro Chono defeated Makai #1, Makai #2, Ryushi Yanagisawa and Tadao Yasuda in 5:24 when Nagata pinned Makai #2 after a Exploder '98.

 [K-1] K-1 ANDY SPIRITS results
Brien on 9/22/2002 @ 09:19 

K-1 held it's Japan GP Finals tournament today. The winner became the first invite to the World GP finals at the Tokyo Dome in December. There wer also 3 superfights on the card. Complete results:

Hiroki Kurosawa KO 2 Wataru Suda

K-1 Japan GP Q-Finals
Tsuyoshi Nakasako W 3 Ryuta Nochi
Yuusuke Fujimoto KO 3 Toru Oishi
Musashi W 4 Hiromi Amada
Tatsufumi Tomihira W 4 Nobu Hayashi (a bit of an upset)

Superfight 1
Bob Sapp KO 1 Cyril Abidi (GAH! Abidi, go back home to your children)

K-1 Japan GP Semi-Finals
Tsuyoshi Nakasako KO 2 Yuusuke Fujimoto
Musashi W 3 Tatsufumi Tomihira

Superfights 2
Peter Vandrachek KO 2 Great Kusatsu

Superfight 3 (K-1 GP Elimination Match)
Mike Bernardo KO 1 Tom Erikson

K-1 Japan GP Final
Musashi W 4 Tsuyoshi Nakasako

 [New Japan] Tenzan and Nagata vow to destroy the Makai Club
Brandon on 9/21/2002 @ 20:17 

IWGP Tag Team Champion, Hiroyoshi Tenzan (31) and IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Yuji Nagata (34) smiled making a special appearance on "Tokyo Game Show 2002" on 9/21, where they promised to destroy Tadao Yasuda's Makai Club in the 4 vs. 4 series on 9/22 in Osaka.

Nagata said, "I want to sweep away foreign enemy who try to play their games in the New Japan ring," while Tenzan promised that New Japan would win all four matches in the 4 vs. 4 series.

You can follow New Japan's show from Osaka live tonight at 2:00AM EST in the chatroom.

 [All Japan] WAR defeats Muto army without Tenryu
Brandon on 9/21/2002 @ 20:08 

<> 9/21 <> Hokkaido Asashikawa Citizen Gymnasium <> 1,800 fans <>

For the first time, Muto and his army failed to defeat the WAR army without Tenryu as part of the team.

The WAR army and Muto army will meet in a "complete confrontation" match on 10/14 with 300 million yen at stake in the Nagoya Aichi Gym, opposite New Japan's Tokyo Dome show.

60-minutes l 1 fall
Hideki Hosaka, Nobuzaku Hirai (victory), Nobutaka Araya and Arashi (27:17; pinfall) Satoshi Kojima, Kaz Hayashi (defeat), Jinsei Shinzaki, Keiji Muto

 [NOAH] Misawa`s last chance
Brandon on 9/21/2002 @ 19:58 

At the signing ceremony for the GHC Heavyweight Title match between Yoshihiro Takayama and Mitsuharu Misawa on 9/23 in the Nippon Budokan, Misawa (40) expressed that if he loses this match, it will be the last time he ever challenges for the title.

Misawa also warned that he may use the Tiger Driver '91 against Takayama in the match.

 [New Japan] Full press conference from 9/19
Brandon on 9/21/2002 @ 17:29 

<> IWGP junior heavyweight Title Match <> Heat vs. Winner of Tiger Mask/Koji Kanemoto

Heat aims at the junior heavyweight champion on 9/22. He will meet the winner of the IWGP match between Kanemoto (current champion) and Tiger Mask in the Namihaya Dome.

Tiger Mask: I must defeat Kanemoto first in Namihaya -- and I don't know who Heat is, though, I would look forward to meeting him on 10/14.

Heat: Your goal now should be to bring the belt back here [New Japan]. He will become IWGP champion.

[Heat takes off his mask, revealing himself as Minoru Tanaka.]

Tanaka: Heat is the incarnation of Minoru Tanaka. I will win the belt on 10/14.

<> KING OF GLADIATOR Semi-Final <> Tsuyoshi Kosaka vs. Tadao Yasuda <>

The winner of this match will meet Yoshihiro Takayama on 1/4 in the Tokyo Dome to determine the NWF Heavyweight Champion. Kantaro Hoshino speaks on behalf of Tsuyoshi Kosaka.

Yasuda: I have my eye on the NWF belt. The IWGP is not important.

Hoshino: Although we come to fight Yasuda this time, we still fight New Japan with vigor. The strength of this group was show throughout the tour. We will fight relentlessly.

<> New Japan vs. Foreign Enemy Series <> Osamu Nishimura vs. Bas Rutten <>
Nishimura will appear on the "Muga" shows, which will be held in the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium on 10/9 and the Korakuen Hall on 10/6 just before "THE SPIRAL" show. In the dome, he will face foreign enemy Bas Rutten.

Nishimura: I am dissastified with the card for the dome. The puroresu community, Japan, the world. Why do we try to appeal to the people whose ideas and thoughts are different? Muga will have success like last year, from 10/6 to 10/14. Such wrestlers as Dory Funk, The Destroyer and Nick Bockwinkle will be there, while Bas Rutten is unwilling. If he was a pro at all, he would have accepted although it was two days before the card was announced. I want to at least fight under Gotch's rules. He will surely be won over to the Nishimura world and the Muga world. I want to win.

In 1997 in Europe, Nishimura fought in CWA, having fought for the CWA shoot fighting title on 9/21 of that year. Traditional Gotch rules were required. Also, he nominates a referee.

Nishimura: I nominate master of Gotch, Tony St. Clair to be referee. If that does not pass, I do not fight with Rutten.

<> New Japan vs. Foreign Enemy Series <> Kensuke Sasaki vs. Kazunari Murakami <>
Murakami recently intruded on New Japan, revealing himself as one of the men under the Makai Club masks.

Kensuke: Murakami is scratching about now while I am resting my injury. Is there any presently in New Japan Pro Wrestling that would not truly beat him like an ant? I also want New Japan Pro Wrestling to be brave. We have to knock them down, and our place must be protected. Still, although I'm not in condition where I can wrestle right now, my anger has been welling up. In them [SWING-LOWS], although they will not enter [the dome], they are always ready to fight.

Suzuki: I am honored to be a part of this. All of our anger will be felt. It will definitely appear in the dome.

Tanahashi: I want to raise the tension in the dome. It will be decided. If Murakami does something cowardly, it will be settled in the ring.

Wolf: I am with them!

<> New Japan vs. Foreign Enemy Series <> Yuji Nagata vs. Kazuyuki Fujita <>
Nagata's wish to have a match with Fujita has been realized.

Nagata: I'm aiming at defending the belt against the man that has been in my head for a year or two years. I will see that day at last. Fujita cannot avoid me now, since I am champion. Honestly, I am excited and enthusiastic. This is a fight where winning and losing is very important. I have to win. I cannot lose. I will stand by victory and defeat in the match.

<> New Japan vs. Foreign Enemy Series <> Yutaka Yoshie vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa <>

Yoshie makes a fat joke about Yanagisawa.

Yanagisawa: One of my opponents, Dave, I knocked him out easily. There is still a lot in me that I have not brought out yet. No one will be surprised by this match in the dome.

<> New Japan vs. Foreign Enemy Series <> Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. GREAT MUTA <>

GREAT MUTA appeared, but left silently.

Tenzan: I will do it!

Tenzan: In order to prove New Japan is the best, we must crush these men. I don't think this will be a good match. I will crush him in five minutes!

<> New Japan vs. Foreign Enemy Series <> Masahiro Chono vs. Joanie Laurer <>

Joanie Laurer has finally be determined as Chono's opponent, despite Chono's previous unwillingness.

Chono: I am not happy with this. There many different view in New Japan, but I will be strong in being forced to have this match with Laurer. We have seen her fight in the tour and she has been satsifactory in the ring. But as for wrestling with a woman, I don't really want to do it. I think the fans also know that a woman is not needed in the New Japan ring. I will prove it in the dome.

Laurer: Chono, you have been respected as the best wrestler in New Japan. There are some people who stand in the kitchen at home, but born as a woman, I was born as a fighter. And I have talent and have been successful as a model. Women are complete. When I was in the WWE, I wrestled with men for six years. It's an old custom in Japan to refuse to fight with women, so he doesn't understand why I want to fight him. I've been training hard and I weight 90kg. I've been training with no women. The LA Dojo army wants to take over the world. I will kick Chono's [expletive]. On October 14 you'll be mine.

Chono: I also aim at conquering the world, so they are in the way. I do not have an old custom or something like that. Actually, don't you think we could drop her off in her kitchen? On 10/14 she will return to being a normal woman. After I won the G1, I had planned to have a IWGP Title match in the dome. Now that has been crushed and I'm never angry about that. I will be troubled if I do not defeat her.

Laurer: A man who despises women in the US is the worst. You're that man already.

Chono: If I lose, I will give her my role of control in New Japan. A woman in power would be interesting. I'm 100% sure it cannot happen. Since it will not happen, I have declared this.

<> New Japan vs. Foreign Enemy Series <> Manabu Nakanishi vs. Yoshihiro Takayama <>

Nakanishi: Takayama, without an opponent will face me. I'm happy. He became GHC champion. I want to bump into the champion in the dome.

Takayama: I've tried to learn things about him in battle, since he will challenge me with a humble attitude. And since he has won popularity. But I was hoping someone would make me a cake since today is my birthday.

Nakanishi: I didn't know. It's your birthday? Well, I want to have a strong fight in New Japan with Takayama. I think we can have a fight that can only happen between me and him. I think he knows what I mean.

Takayama: I have fought with Manabu before. It was a very good step for me. I will use this match as a step also, so that I can reach a high step.

Nakanishi: I'm also targeting Nagata's IWGP Title. Do you think of me just as a steppingstone?

 [Content] Scout Report
Brandon on 9/21/2002 @ 13:59 
Scout Report:
It was during the Asuka Period in which the power shifted with the be, led by the Soga family, seizing control and forming a powerful alliance with Prince Shotoku. The crown prince was heavily influenced by Chinese thought and used his authority to strengthen the government. Due to his changes, Japan was able to become a powerful nation, but a volatile one.

 [New Japan] Laurer goes home
Brandon on 9/20/2002 @ 21:31 

Joanie Laurer went home temporarily on 9/20. She gave an interview upon leaving in Narita Airport saying that if she wents, she wants Chono to put on a kimono (formal dress for women in Japan) in the ring.

Good, she went home, she won't be on the 9/22 show.

 [All Japan] Kojima to challenge for MLW Heavyweight Title, Jr. tag league note
Brandon on 9/20/2002 @ 21:17 

On 9/26 in Manhattan, Satoshi Kojima (32) will be one of four to challenge for the vacant MLW Heavyweight Title along with Jerry Lynn and Sabu. I wouldn't expect him to win the title, though, since he probably won't be coming back all the time.

Kojima said that he wants to show a high grade of wrestling to American fans.

Taiyo Kea will also be on the show.

Kojima also said that Kea will likely be his tag partner for All Japan's World's Strongest Tag League, which opens 11/23.

In other All Japan news, Gran Hamada and Masanobu Fuchi battled Kaz Hayashi and Jimmy Yang to a 30-minute draw, leaving the two teams tied with 5 points in the World's Strongest Junior Tag League.

 [New Japan] Heat is Minoru Tanaka
Brandon on 9/19/2002 @ 16:09 

In a press conference for the 10/14 Tokyo Dome show held on 9/19, masked wrestler Heat took off his mask to reveal himself as Minoru Tanaka.

More on this and the rest of the press conference later tonight.

 [All Japan] Nobuhiko Takada to return to puroresu?
Brandon on 9/19/2002 @ 05:13 

It showed up as a rumor yesterday that Takada may be thinking about coming back to puroresu, possibly before his has his planned retirement match at PRIDE 23 in the Tokyo Dome in November.

Now Keiji Muto has encouraged Takada to come out retirement. Muto feels that he could now make a big event out of it for Takada, now that All Japan has TV on Fuji Television.

If it happened, it would probably be for just one big match to cash in for, then leave Takada to retire in PRIDE. Muto may be thinking about All Japan's 10/27 anniversary show, since that would be their biggest show scheduled conveniently before PRIDE 23.

 [New Japan] Three matches announced for 10/14
Brandon on 9/19/2002 @ 04:10 

The 7 vs. 7 / New Japan vs. Foreign Army series is now complete.

Three matches were officially added to the 10/14 "The Spiral" Tokyo Dome card on 9/19: Osamu Nishimura vs. Bas Rutten, Yutaka Yoshie vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa, and GREAT MUTA vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan.

 [ZERO-ONE] Otani attacks OH Gun
Brandon on 9/19/2002 @ 04:04 

9/18 <> Fukushima Big Palett <> 3580 fans

Immediately after Shinya Hashimoto and Naoya Ogawa defeated Steve Corino and The Predator, Shinjiro Otani came in the ring and attacked Hashimoto and Ogawa, resulting in of course another ZERO-ONE pull apart to end a show.

Hashimoto said, "A match with Otani and others is near."

Also at the show, Otani and Tanaka tagged together to defeat Samoan Savage and Nathan Jones.

30-minutes l 1 fall
Masato Tanaka and Shinjiro Otani (victory) (13:46; cobra hold) Samoan Savage (defeat) and Nathan Jones

30-minute l 1 fall
Naoya Ogawa (victory) and Shinya Hashimoto
{17:29} The Predator and Steve Corino (defeat)

 [K-1] Sapp trains
Brandon on 9/19/2002 @ 03:53 

While training infront of the media for his upcoming K-1 fight, Bob Sapp showed off a few pro wrestling moves, using the Mongolion chop and lariat on his sparring partner. Sapp said he can also do the powerbomb, dropkick, piledriver and other moves.

 [New Japan] Chono gets handcuffs burned off, awaits who Inoki will send
Brandon on 9/19/2002 @ 03:49 

After being handcuffed by Joanie Laurer in the Nagoya on 9/16, Masahiro Chono (39) claims that he wasn't able to get the cuffs off until 3:00AM on 9/18 when he had to go to a welding place to have them burned off.

But also, Chono is worried that Antonio Inoki will send Bob Sapp, Sam Greco and Gary Goodridge to the Tokyo Dome on 10/14. Yuji Nagata was asked to comment on this, but said, "My head is full of thoughts about the Fujita match."

 [PRIDE] PRIDE 22 full card
Brien on 9/18/2002 @ 09:05 

DSE announced the full card for PRIDE 22 on 9/29. They also released the order of the fights. It is listed below:

1. Michiyoshi Ohara vs Kevin Randellman
2. Norihisa Yamamoto vs Guy Mezger
3. Alexandre Otsuka vs Anderson Silva
4. Akira Shoji vs Paulo Filho
5. Heath Herring vs Kotchkine Icuri(PRIDE site spelling)
6. Mario Sperry vs Andrei Kopylov
7. Igor Vovchanchyn vs Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
8. Shungo Ohyama vs Ryan Gracie

Credit to:

 [All Japan] Deal signed with Fuji TV
Brandon on 9/17/2002 @ 22:32 

In June 2000, All Japan aired its last TV show on Nippon Television. Mitsuharu Misawa took NTV with him when he left All Japan, and ever since then All Japan has been without a national network to broadcast them. While they have been on GAORA, GAORA is only a cable channel not available in all markets.

Now more than two years later, All Japan Pro Wrestling will once again be on network television -- with the TV channel that dropped Zenjo at the beginning of this year: Fuji Television.

Soon-to-be president of All Japan, Keiji Muto (39) said, "Having a television contract is the difference between a major promotion and an indy promotion."

The show's timeslot will be a monthly one-hour airing on Mondays at midnight. The first show will be aired on 9/30.

You could also speculate that All Japan may have something on Fuji's separate satellite channel, like Zenjo had, which was a longer, more complete version of the regular airings.

 [ZERO-ONE] Tanaka and Otani reunite
Brandon on 9/17/2002 @ 22:30 

After their Fire Festival match, where Tanaka upset Otani, the two had decided they would no longer be a tag team. All the while, they've still been NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Champions and have still tagged together. But now they have said they will revive their team to fight together against Nathan Jones, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Shinya Hashimoto and others.

 [New Japan] Happy Birthday Masahiro Chono, Kensuke vs. Murakami
Brandon on 9/17/2002 @ 22:18 

In honor of his 39th birthday, Masahiro Chono was presented with a cake, which Joanie Laurer promptly threw in his face. Apparently, this is what finally lead Chono to accept the match with her for the 10/14 Tokyo Dome show.

Chono became very angry and further said, "A woman is not needed in the ring of New Japan." Chono has vowed to banish Laurer from New Japan.

The match will also be viewed as New Japan taking on the foreign army, since Laurer and the gaijins from the LA Dojo have allied with the Makai Club.

It's too bad, though. Not only because the match won't be good, but because I think New Japan needs more involvement from NOAH to come close to selling the show out. I was hoping for something like Chono and Tenzan vs. Kobashi and Misawa. Which would continue the Misawa/Chono feud and would be monumental, since Kobashi has only been in the ring once against a New Japan wrestler (2/17/02 w/ Misawa vs. Akiyama/Nagata).

Kensuke Sasaki vs. Kazunari Murakaim has also been added to the 10/14 Tokyo Dome show, furthering the idea of a 7 vs. 7; New Japan vs. Foreign Army series, with three matches left to be decided.

So the 10/14 card so far looks like:
-IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title: Heat vs. Winner of Tiger Mask/Koji Kanemoto
-NWF Heavyweight Title Semi-final: Tsuyoshi Kosaka vs. Tadao Yasuda
-Kazunari Murakami vs. Kensuke Sasaki
-Joanie Laurer vs. Masahiro Chono
-GHC Heavyweight Title: Manabu Nakanishi vs. Yoshihiro Takayama
-IWGP Heavyweight Title: Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Yuji Nagata

 [ZERO-ONE] Hashimoto pins Otani
Brandon on 9/16/2002 @ 23:17 

<> 1,500 fans <> 9/16 <> Tokyo Differ Ariake

It looks like ZERO-ONE is doing an angle between Masato Tanaka and Shinjiro Otani, where Otani has said that he can win on his own. However, Otani failed in a match with Tanaka against Kazuhiko Ogasawara and Shinya Hashimoto, as Hashimoto pinned him after 14:06.

30 minutes l 1 fall
Kazuhiko Ogasawara and Shinya Hashimoto defeated Masato Tanaka and Shinjiro Otani in 14:08 when Hashimoto pinned Otani after a brainbuster DDT.

 [All Japan] Arashi pins Hase
Brandon on 9/16/2002 @ 23:08 

In a match that included Genichiro Tenryu getting busted open, Arashi scored his first meaningful pinfall -- maybe ever -- in pinning Hiroshi Hase on 9/16 in the Tokyo Korakuen Hall infront of 2,100 fans.

This is an important victory for Tenryu's WAR team over the Muto army.

60 minutes l 1 fall
Nobukazu Hirai, Nobutaka Araya, Arashi, Genichiro Tenryu defeated Jinsei Shinzaki, Satoshi Kojima, Hiroshi Hase and Keiji Muto in 24:16 when Arashi pinned Hase.

 [New Japan] Nagata vs. Fujita and Takayama vs. Nakanishi officially announced
Brandon on 9/16/2002 @ 23:02 

Two of Japan's top singles titles will be defended on 10/14 at New Japan's Tokyo Dome show. Yuji Nagata will defend the IWGP Heavyweight Title against Kazuyuki Fujita. Fujita and Nagata met for the same title when Fujita was champion on 6/6/01, resulting in a win for Fujita. The match earned match of the year honors from Japanese publications.

And assuming Yoshihiro Takayama defeats Mitsuharu Misawa on 9/23 in the Nippon Budokan, he will defend the GHC Heavyweight Title against Manabu Nakanishi.

 [New Japan] Joanie handcuffs Chono
Brandon on 9/16/2002 @ 22:52 

After Masahiro Chono defeated Tadao Yasuda on 9/16 in 8:18, Joanie Laurer and others attacked Chono, leading to Joanie handcuffing Chono to the ropes.

It just gets better everyday, doesn't it?

 Ryuji Hijikata officially joins AJPW
Gerry on 9/16/2002 @ 15:18 

At AJPW's 9/16 show at Korakuen Hall, it was announced that long time freelancer and former competitor in BattlArts, Ryuji Hijikata (24) signed an official AJPW contract.

Here's a translated excerpt from the interview conducted by AJPW with Hijikata:

Q: What were the circumstances in deciding to join All Japan Pro-Wrestling?

Hijikata: "Although there were many reasons, I felt loyal to AJPW for the amount of time they have allowed me to work for them."

Q: What is your future target?
Hijikata: "I want to aim to be one of the top junior heavyweights.
I will carry out more devotion in the future. Ryuji Hijikata will need the warm encouragement and help of fans."

 [Tapes] Best of Puroresu 2002
Brandon on 9/16/2002 @ 00:10 

: Volume 7 and Volume 8 are now available.

Volume 7
5/2 - Takayama vs. Nagata
5/3 - Hidaka vs. Tiger Mask
5/26 - Delfin/Demekin vs. Qualtt/MA-G-MA
5/26 - Ito vs. Momoe
5/26 - KENTA vs. Kanemaru

Volume 8
6/2 - Meiko vs. Nagashima
6/5 - Nishimura/Nakanishi vs. Tenzan/Chono
6/6 - Brother/Yoshino/Shuji vs. Ryo/Mori/Doi
6/7 - Kensuke vs. Nagata

 [All Japan] Muto anxious to become president
Brandon on 9/15/2002 @ 22:01 

Keiji Muto (39), who is expected to be Mrs. Motoka Baba's predecessor as president of All Japan Pro Wrestling, talked to the media after his match in Fujikyu Highland Hall on 9/15.

Muto will almost certainly officially become president at or after All Japan's 30th anniversary show on 10/27. However, Muto wants to become president as soon as possible.

Muto says that there are many decisions and problems he would like to solve now instead of later, which he says regard the future of puroresu.

 [Toryumon] Ultimo Dragon announces his plan to return
Brandon on 9/15/2002 @ 21:49 

Ultimo Dragon (35) announced that he would return to the ring not only in Japan, but in Mexico and the US also.

He said he will return to Mexico this December and that he will also wrestle in Los Angeles in November.

Ultimo also mentioned that he would like to wrestle in the WWE, since he and Eric Bischoff know each other from when Ultimo was in WCW.

 [All Japan] Kojima turns 32
Brandon Thurston on 9/14/2002 @ 20:54 

Satoshi Kojima (32), who turned 32-years-old on 9/14, fought in two matches on All Japan's show in Koshigaya City. In the opening match, Kojima defeated Dark Guerrera in 10:14 with the Koji Max Hold. Then in the main event, his team with Mitsuya Nagai, Yoji Anjo and Shigeo Okumura was defeated by Isato Aijima, Jinsei Shinzaki, Hideki Hosaka and Keiji Muto when Muto pinned Okumura after 25:52.

In an old All Japan tradition that hadn't been done in a while, Hiroshi Hase, Keiji Muto and others present Kojima with a birthday cake.

 [New Japan] Tiger Mask pins Kanemoto
Brandon Thurston on 9/14/2002 @ 20:45 

Tiger Mask, Minoru Tanaka and Jushin Thunder Liger defeated Koji Kanemoto, Jado and Gedo in 14:50 when Tiger Mask pinned Koji Kanemoto.

Tiger Mask will challenge Koji Kanemoto for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title on 9/22 in Osaka.

Tiger Mask said after the match, "I'm confident now that I'll be able to win [the title] for the first time."

 [New Japan] Chyna pins Hiro Saito, Shane is injured
Brandon Thurston on 9/14/2002 @ 20:38 

With help from the new mysterious Great Muta (Dan Devine?), Joanie Laurer added Hiro Saito to her list along with Gedo and El Samurai.

Shane also bleed heavily from the back on the head and had to go to the hospital.

 [New Japan] Murakami intrudes on New Japan
Brandon Thurston on 9/14/2002 @ 20:28 

Makai Club member, Kazunari Murakami (28) unexpedectedly showed up at New Japan's 9/14 show in the Sagamihara Gymnasium during the inprompto Wolf/Tanahashi/Suzuki/Nagata vs. Makai #1/Makai #2/Yanagisawa/Yasuda match, causing chaos and the match coming to an end after only 1:41 by no contest.

A big brawl ensued, which included Nagata yelling, "Murakami! You will not escape!"

It looks like Murakami will participate in New Japan's 10/14 Tokyo Dome show.

 [Content] Scout Report
Brandon Thurston on 9/13/2002 @ 20:35 
Scout Report:
...one must carefully analyze those things which are considered "Japanese" to discover Asian inspiration in ancient times and Western persuasion in modern times. Furthermore, one must question of this inspiration was sought out by the Japanese or forced upon by outsiders. In this article, I hope to look at the oldest major promotions in Japan (New Japan and All Japan) and how outside influences have affected them...

 [Zenjo] Ito invites Nakano
Brandon on 9/11/2002 @ 22:14 

An interview for the WWWA World Singles Title match between champion Kaoru Ito (30) and Momoe Nakanishi (22) was held today. The match will take place on Ito's birthday on 10/20 in Kawasaki.

Ito called upon retired wrestler Bull Nakano to come to the show in Kawasaki as a spectator.

Also on the 10/20 card, Yumiko Hotta will fight Hiroshi "Rossy" Ogawa and there will be a decision tournament to decide a new All Pacific Champion, which will include Kayo Noumi and noki-A.

One other note: Momoe Nakanishi and Nanae Takahashi will defend their WWWA World Tag Team Titles against Kumiko Maekawa and Kayo Noumi in Hakata on 10/6.

 [New Japan] Tenzan returning
Brandon on 9/11/2002 @ 22:07 

After suffering a concussion in his match with Osamu Nishimura on 9/6 in Ishikawa, Hiroyoshi Tenzan (31) will make his return on 9/12 in the Hachinohe Gymnasium in a match with Masahiro Chono against Yuji Nagata and Osamu Nishimura.

 [PRIDE] Royce vs. Yoshida result unchanged
Brandon on 9/11/2002 @ 22:02 

After Royce Gracie's protest to the result of his match with Hidehiko Yoshida on 8/28 at K-1 and PRIDE's "Dynamite!" show, DSE and Kazuyoshi Iishi have decided to maintain the result of that match, ruling it as Yoshida's victory by submission.

They remained open to the possibility of a rematch between Yoshida and Royce at PRIDE 23 in the Tokyo Dome in November.

 [PRIDE] 2 more PRIDE 22 matches announced
Brien on 9/11/2002 @ 10:46 

DSE announced 2 more matches for PRIDE 22 on 9/29 today, the card as it stands now is:

Shungo Ohyama vs Ryan Gracie
Mario Sperry vs Andrei Kopylov
Alexandre Otsuka vs Anderson Silva
Norihisa Yamamoto vs Guy Mezger

2 of these should be blowouts and the other 2 MIGHT be. No real big matches announced yet, and this is starting to look a bit like PRIDE 9, with a mixture of new faces and old retreds. We'll see what DSE announced in the future for this card.

Credit to:

 [New Japan] Heat to challenge IWGP Jr. Champion
Brandon on 9/10/2002 @ 20:01 

A match was announced for New Japan's 10/14 Tokyo Dome show today. Heat will meet the winner of the Tiger Mask vs. Koji Kanemoto match, which will take place in Osaka on 9/22.

 [Inoki] Bom-Ba-Ye: Part III
Brandon on 9/10/2002 @ 19:55 

Antonio Inoki made the formal announcement on 9/9 in an interview in the LA Dojo that his annual New Year's Eve party will happen once again this December 31st.

 [New Japan] Chono accepts reunion invitation
Brandon on 9/10/2002 @ 19:50 

What seems to be a ceremony that Antonio Inoki is trying to organize for the 10/14 Tokyo Dome show, while the other two members of the "Three Muskateers," Keiji Muto and Shinya Hashimoto have declined, Masahiro Chono has agreed to participate.

Hopefully that won't be what he'll be wearing...

 [NOAH] 9/23 Budokan card announced
Brandon on 9/10/2002 @ 19:39 

1. Mitsuo Momota/Rusher Kimura vs. Kishin Kawabata/Haruka Eigen

2. KENTA vs. Yasuhiro Suzuki

3. Takashi Sugiura/Jun Izumida/Akira Taue vs. Makoto Hashi/Daisuke Ikeda/Kentaro Shiga

4. Kenta Kobashi vs. Mohammed Yone

5. Takuma Sano/Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Masao Inoue/Tamon Honda

6. IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Title: Tsuyoshi Kikuchi/Yoshinobu Kanemaru (c) vs. Masayuki Naruse/El Samurai

7. GHC Tag Team Title: Takeshi Rikio/Takeshi Morishima (c) vs. Akitoshi Saito/Jun Akiyama

8. GHC Heavyweight Title: Yoshihiro Takayma (c) vs. Mitsuharu Misawa

Also, G+SN will be airing a 2 hour and 50 minute live TV special for the show. The broadcast will join in progress at 7:02PM, then show the matches that happened before the broadcast after the main event. They did something similar to this for the 4/7 show this year.

 [K-1]More GP 1st round matches announced
Brien on 9/10/2002 @ 12:30 

K-1 announced today 4 additional 1st Round matches for
the K-1 World Grand Prix. The 5 matches announced are now:

Gary Goodridge vs Jerome Le Banner
Peter Aerts vs Pavel Meyer
Stefan Leko vs Martin Holmn
Ernesto Hoost vs Alexei Ignashov
Mark Hunt vs the winner of the Erikson/Bernardo fight

the other 4 participants as of now are:
Mike McDonald
Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic
Ray Sefo
Semmy Schilt

 [New Japan] Interview with New Japan about the 10/14 show
Brandon on 9/10/2002 @ 06:20 

Chono: The foreign enemy has had various meanings over the past two or three years... Antonio Inoki has devised "Dynamite!" and "Legend." And those performances are considered to be foreign enemies... New Japan has fought in different-style fighting matches. There is a history of puroresu and combative-sport being mixed in New Japan. I think I would like to have a complete confrontation match this time.

Q: Who would you like to be your opponent?

Chono: Laurer is someone who does not understand what a foreign enemy is. It is still being decided who my opponent will be. The otherside should come forward soon.

Kensuke: Fujita will be there, Yasuda will be there, Takayama will be there, but we cannot allow them to win in the New Japan ring. Any opponent for me will be fine and I will crush them. I am injured now, I will still fight the foreign enemy. I will be in the ring in the dome no matter what!

Q: What about a match with Minoru Suzuki?

Kensuke: I still do want to have a match with him. That is what I really feel. But my feelings toward the foreign enemy has been born out of anger. The feeling of anger is becoming large now.

Nagata: There has been talk of an assassin being sent from the LA Dojo other than Fujita, Yasuda or Takayama. Various people from the outside may want to fight, but I want to stand dignified as the IWGP Champion. I think the foreign enemies are strong, but we are also strong and will not be defeated easily.

Q: Who do you hope is your opponent?

Nagata: I want to have a match with Fujita. In the Budokan, didn't Takayama have a feeling that he was fighting someone not as an enemy, but as an ally? So I think Fujita's ability still shines and is still strong. And I think he would be strong in fighting me in the dome for the IWGP.

Q: Takayama wants to cooperate with Fujita.

Nagata: We could have a tag match. I would be interested, but nothing has been said about that yet.

Nakanishi: The foreign enemy army says that they will fight puroresu. So, I want to show the power of puroresu. I want to show the power of Manabu Nakanishi. I will settle with Yasuda in this tour. I want to fight Takayama for the GHC Title.

Tenzan: They should not think that New Japan is weak; New Japan is the best... My head is injured now, but I will have a match anyway.

Chono: He's okay. He is only injured for now.

Nishimura: Muga was thought to be over with in '95, but now it is here for the people who love puroresu. But puroresu has been threatened from the outside. My thoughts about Muga do not change, though, I have no hesitation in fighting together with these five men, for those who love New Japan and puroresu.

Chono: Since the belt is very important in New Japan, we must have an IWGP Title match since this is the 30th anniversary. We will also need the meaning and history of New Japan. I hope to have an opening ceremony and an IWGP Title match.

 [K-1] Changes to Japan GP card
Brien on 9/9/2002 @ 17:30 

K-1 announced who the special surprise "X" fighter to replace Nick Pettas in the Japan GP was today. And it is.....Yuusuke Fujimoto. Yes, the guy that was scheduled to fight Vandrachek originally. Anyway, The Great Kusatsu (From the late Andy Hug's team) now fights Vandrachek, and they also added a rather interesting match between Hiroki Kurosawa(now 40 years old, happy belated birthday Hiroki!) and a young 18-year-old named Wataru Suda. Can the new kid show the old master that it's his time now? We will see.....

 [All Japan/New Japan] Muto ignores Inoki`s invitation
Brandon on 9/9/2002 @ 16:05 

As part of Antonio Inoki's "class reunion" for New Japan's 10/14 Tokyo Dome show, he invited former New Japan wrestler, Keiji Muto. Muto turned down the invitation however, saying that he doesn't wish to have contact with New Japan at this point.

 [Content] Straight Shooting
Brandon on 9/9/2002 @ 16:03 
Straight Shooting:
I took the matches AJPW booked and booked the results the way I would like to see them. With Muto high on gaijin, AJPW really also needs to have some credible midcard to upper midcard natives to counteract the really stinky gaijin workers.

 [Toryumon] 9/8 Ariake Colesium results
Brandon Thurston on 9/8/2002 @ 12:20 

Ariake Colesium, Tokyo

1. Susumu Yokosuka and Genki Horiguchi defeated Takamichi Iwasa and Second Doi in 8:36 when Yokosuka pinned Iwasa with the Yokosuka cutter.

2. Kinya Oyanagi defeated Raimu Mishima in 8:17 with a jack-knife.

3. Ultimo Dragoncito defeated Stoker Ichikawa in 3:33.
-Dragoncito was managed by Sonny Ono.
-Ted Tanabe was special referee.

4. Kennichiro Arai, Super Shisa and Ryo Saito defeated Anthony W. Mori, Henry III Sugawara and Phillip J. Fukumasa in 15:19 when Arai pinned Mori with a Hanshin Tiger suplex.

5. Toru Owashi drew SUWA by no-contest in 14:33.

6. Exhibition: Ultimo Dragon drew Masaaki Mochizuki in 8:54 by doctor's stoppage.
-Former long time New Japan referee, Kotetsu Yamamoto was special referee.
-Mochizuki kicked Ultimo in the arm at one point, causing Ultimo to fall in pain and Yamamoto to stop the match.
-After the match, Takashi Okamura said Ultimo should consider retirement.

7. Latin Lover, Disco Inferno and Magnum TOKYO defeated Shuji Kondo, Berlinetta Boxer and Takayuki Yagi in 6:42 when Magnum pinned Yagi after a Viagara driver.

8. UWA Six-Man Tag Team Titles: "Brother" YASSINI (Tsujimoto), YOSSINO (Masato Yoshino) and Milano Collection AT defeated CIMA, Don Fuji and TARU in 15:08 when Milano submitted CIMA with the AT Lock to become new champions.

9. Mascara contra Mascara / 2/3 falls: Dragon Kid defeated Darkness Dragon in a total of 18:41 after two falls.
-The first fall was a double countout in 6:30, refereed by Lucha referee, Baby Richard.
-Dragon Kid pinned Darkness Dragon for the second and final fall with the Dragon Rana in 12:11, refereed by Yasushi Kanda.
-Darkness Dragon was unmasked, appearing to be the former MAKOTO.

 [Zenjo] Momoe vacates All Pacific Title
Brandon Thurston on 9/8/2002 @ 11:40 

In the Korakuen Hall on 9/8 after losing a tag match with Nanae Takahashi against Kaoru Ito and Yumiko Hotta, where she was pinned by Ito, All Pacific Champion, Momoe Nakanishi vacated the title in favor of challenging Kaoru Ito for the WWWA World Singles Title on 10/20.

10/20 will be big shows for both Zenjo and GAEA. Zenjo will run in the Kawasaki City Gym, while GAEA will run in the Yokohama Kanagawa Culture Gym.

 [K-1] Tentative World GP participants
Brien on 9/7/2002 @ 15:42 

The has a list of the fighters who will(as of now) be in the World Grand Prix 2002. These 14 fighters will pair off (Le Banner vs Goodridge having already been decided) and the 7 winners plus the winner of the Japan GP will compete at the World Grand Prix Finals tournament in December.

Gary Goodridge
Jerome Le Banner
Mark Hunt
Ernesto Hoost
Peter Aerts
Alexei Ignashov
Stefan Leko
Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic
Ray Sefo
Semmy Schilt
Michael McDonald
Martin Holmn
Mike Bernardo
Tom Erikson

 [New Japan] 9/7 results; Chyna pins Gedo
Brandon Thurston on 9/7/2002 @ 13:52 

Niigata Gymnasium
Drawing 3,000 (sell-out)

-Masayuki Naruse declared that he has formed a tag team with El Samurai and that they will defeated Tsuyoshi Kikuchi and Yoshinobu Kanemaru to bring the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Titles back to New Japan.

1. Blue Wolf defeated Wataru Inoue in 5:23 with a Mongolian slam.

2. Yutaka Yoshie defeated Toru Yano in 6:31 with a Boston crab.

3. Minoru Tanaka, El Samurai, Jushin Thunder Liger drew Tiger Mask, Masayuki Naruse and Masahito Kakihara in 20:00 when time-limit expired.
-The match was given a five-minute restart, but time-limit expired without a winner again.

4. Makai Mask #1 and Makai Mask #2 defeated Tatsutoshi Goto and Hiro Saito in 6:25 when Makai Mask #1 pinned Goto after a DDT.

5. Joanie Laurer and Shane defeated Jado and Gedo in 9:02 when Laurer pinned Gedo with a school boy roll-up.

6. Kensuke Sasaki and Kenzo Suzuki defeated Osamu Nishimura and Manabu Nakanishi in 13:20 when Sasaki pinned Nishimura after a lariat.

7. Tadao Yasuda and Ryushi Yanagisawa defeated Koji Kanemoto and Masahiro Chono in 7:57 when Yasuda defeated Kanemoto by referee stoppage.

8. G1 Special: Yuji Nagata defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi in 19:02 with a backdrop hold.

 [NOAH] 9/7 Osaka results
Brandon Thurston on 9/7/2002 @ 13:39 

Osaka Prefectural Gym
Drawing 5,200
1. Masaji Aoyagi and Haruka Eigen defeated Rusher Kimura and Mitsuo Momota in 7:49 when Aoyagi pinned Momota after a kick.

2. Makoto Hashi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi defeated Yasuhiro Suzuki, Takashi Sugiura and KENTA in 14:09 when Hashi pinned Suzuki after a diving headbutt.

3. Tamon Honda and Masao Inoue defeated Kishin Kawabata and Akira Taue in 11:58 when Inoue pinned Kawabata with an inside cradle.

4. Akitoshi Saito and Jun Akiyama defeated Bison Smith and Trevor Rhodes in 13:36 when Saito pinned Rhodes.

5. Richard Slinger, Scorpio, Vader and IZU (Izumida) defeated Mohommed Yone, Kentaro Shiga, Daisuke Ikeda and Kenta Kobashi in 18:31 when Vader pinned Yone with a diving Big Van Crush.

6. GHC Tag Team Title: Takeshi Rikio and Takeshi Morishima defeated Takuma Sano and Mitsuharu Misawa in 17:55 when Morishima pinned Sano with a backdrop to retain the title.

7. GHC Heavyweight Title: Yoshihiro Takayama defeated Yoshinari Ogawa in 16:46 with a German suplex hold to become the fourth champion.

 [New Japan] "Class reunion" on 10/14
Brandon Thurston on 9/7/2002 @ 13:28 

Antonio Inoki has invited Nobuhiko Takada, Akira Maeda, Yoshiaki Fujiwara and Masakatsu Funaki for a special "class reunion" in the Tokyo Dome on 10/14.

 [New Japan] G1 World opener 9/5
Brandon Thurston on 9/7/2002 @ 13:23 

Nishimura and Tenzan went to a 30-minute draw, then a restart, where Nishimura won with a figure-four. Tenzan suffered a concussion in his match with Osamu Nishimura. He underwent evaluation in the hospital and had a CAT scan done, which showed no abnormalities. His apperances for the rest of the tour are uncertain.

Joanie Laurer also made her debut, where her team with SSean McCully and Shane defeated Yuji Nagata, Masahito Kakihara and Jushin Thunder Liger when McCully pinned Kakihara after 9:08.

 [Content] Patrick brings the content!
Brandon on 9/6/2002 @ 01:38 
Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #14
It's 9:52 and the show's already over? No, wait, there's an ad for the "Deja Vu" tape, then a spot for the 9/14 show. Then there are some credits (!) which actually look really good and professional. Sad as it is, the credits were the highlight of this show.

Tales from the Eastside: Tales from the Eastside #15
Your hosts for this evening are Steve Corino and Donnie B. Donnie's nickname is "Big 80s" and I can assure you I will never call him that. Tonight: From "The Era of Honor" begins, it's Low-Ki vs. American Dragon vs. Christopher Daniels!

Eastside Spotlight: Eastside Spotlight #1
Time for a NEW FEATURE-! It's called the "Eastside Spotlight"; it's kind of like the "Single Shot" I introduced last month, but more expansive. Basically, once a month, I find something in the world of wrestling to highlight (be it a company, a wrestler, a type of match, etc.) and I devote an entire column to it, reviewing relevant matches and giving commentary.

 [PRIDE] Dynamite PPV buys
Brandon Thurston on 9/6/2002 @ 00:59 

PRIDE and K-1's live broadcast of "Dynamite!" from Tokyo National Stadium on SkyPerfectTV! pay-per-view drew 100,000 buys. This is the first time in the history of Japanese pay-per-view that the 100,000 mark has been broken. The number will also continue to go up with rebroadcasts of the event.

Previously, the record was 80,000 buys from PRIDE 17 in the Tokyo Dome on 11/3/01.

 [ZERO-ONE] Otani challenges Hashimoto
Brandon Thurston on 9/6/2002 @ 00:52 

After their confrontational first match against each other on 8/31 in the Korakuen Hall, when Otani and Tanaka met Yokoi and Hashimoto, Otani says he wants to fight Hashimoto again and "overthrow" him.

 [New Japan] Chyna and Chono confront
Brandon Thurston on 9/6/2002 @ 00:46 

The former Chyna, Joanie Laurer (32) and Masahiro Chono (38) had a big confrontation in Haneda Airport on 9/5.

Looks like Chyna said some pretty mean things, among saying something about Chono's wife and threatening to kick Chono in a certain part of the body. Though, Chono still refused to fight her.

The drama.

 [NOAH] GHC Tag Team Title
Brandon Thurston on 9/6/2002 @ 00:41 

Mitusharu Misawa (40), who will team with Takuma Sano on 9/7 in Osaka to challenge Takeshi Morishima and Takeshi Rikio for the GHC Tag Team Title, promised that if he and Sano win the title, he will give Jun Akiyama and Akitoshi Saito a title match at the 9/23 show in the Nippon Budokan.

 [NOAH] Akiyama pins Kobashi
Brandon Thurston on 9/5/2002 @ 22:06 

In the Tokyo Korakuen Hall on 9/5, to win an elimination eight-man tag team match for his team, Jun Akiyama (32) pinned Kenta Kobashi (35) after 50:11.

Akitoshi Saito gave Kobashi the Sickle of Death, followed by Akiyama using the Exploder '98 on him.

9/5/02 l Tokyo Korakuen Hall l Unlimited time l Elimination match
Makoto Hashi, Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Akitoshi Saito and Jun Akiyama (50:11) KENTA, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi, Kentaro Shiga, Kenta Kobashi.

 [K-1] 1st World GP opening round match announced
Brien on 9/5/2002 @ 13:21 

K-1 announced it's first match for the K-1 World GP tournament. It will be Jerome Le Banner fighting Gary Goodridge. Le Banner is coming off of a destruction of Don Frye at Dynamite!, while Goodridge's last K-1 rules fight was the 1st round TKO of Mike Bernardo. I would think that Le Banner's vast experience in K-1 would be an advantage, however Gary is no slouch at striking and may have the phyisical advantage in terms of height and reach. It should be a great fight!

 [New Japan] Chyna declares she will be IWGP Champion
Brandon Thurston on 9/4/2002 @ 21:57 

The former Chyna, Joanie Laurer (32) declared that she would challenge and defeat champion Yuji Nagata to become the first woman ever to hold the IWGP Heavyweight Title.

 [Onita] Pro wrestling card in Afghanistan on 9/26 official
Brandon Thurston on 9/4/2002 @ 21:51 

It was formally announced on 9/4 that Atsushi Onita (44) would promote a pro wrestling event in Kabul, Afghanistan on 9/26.

Onita said that there will probably be three matches and that he would like Antonio Inoki to come also.

Also, there will be a charity event on 10/4 in the Differ Ariake.

 [PRIDE] Yoshida vs. Ogawa?
Brandon Thurston on 9/4/2002 @ 00:13 

Antonio Inoki (60) proposed the idea of having a match between Hidehiko Yoshida (32) and Naoya Ogawa (34). Inoki advertized this idea as what would be a "Judo Summit Decisive Battle," as both fighters have extensive judo backgrounds.

Yoshida is also being considered as Nobuhiko Takada's (40) opponent in his retirement match that will likely happen at PRIDE 23 in the Tokyo Dome this November.

In an interview, Yoshida explained his respect for Takada, but seems uncertain as to whether or not he will accept a fight with him.

 [New Japan] Murakami new member of Makai Club
Brandon Thurston on 9/4/2002 @ 00:10 

Tadao Yasuda appeared on a special program for Samurai TV on 9/3 along with idol Miwa Oshiro. On the program, he announced that Kazunari Murakami (28), of Inoki's UFO would be joining his foreign army as the newest member of the Makai Club, whose mission it is to overpower New Japan Pro Wrestling.

 [Tapes] New releases
Brandon Thurston on 9/3/2002 @ 16:57 
-All tapes are available for $10

New Japan PPV 8/3/02
New Japan ESPN 7/10/02
New Japan BS-Asahi 7/8/02
New Japan BS-Asahi 7/4/02
New Japan BS-Asahi 6/23/02
New Japan ESPN 6/21/02
All Japan TV Special 7/20/02
Osaka Pro 5/26/02
Michinoku Pro 5/6/02
Zenjo Samurai TV 6/16/02

 [New Japan] Nagata criticizes Fujita
Brandon Thurston on 9/2/2002 @ 22:15 

IWGP Heavyweight Champion, Yuji Nagata (35) criticized the 8/29 Budokan match between Kazuyuki Fujita and Yoshihiro Takayama in the semi-final round of the NWF Heavyweight Title Tournament. He said it was a hard fight, but was not impressed by Fujita.

He continued commenting on the NWF Heavyweight Title, "I can't think at all that the NWF Title is above the IWGP Title." And suggested that he would like to have a match with Fujita for the IWGP Heavyweight Title.

This match could happen at New Japan's 10/14 Tokyo Dome show, as Nagata does not have an opponent determined for the show.

 [All Japan] Tenryu vs. Goldberg
Brandon Thurston on 9/2/2002 @ 22:05 

Soon to be president of All Japan, Keiji Muto (39) commanded that Genichiro Tenryu (52) defend the Triple Crown against Bill Goldberg (35). He said he would like to see the match happen before the end of the year.

 [New Japan] G1 World cards
Brandon Thurston on 9/2/2002 @ 14:20 

-Obviously these cards are not complete. The remaining matches will probably be announced in the arena before the show starts.

-Some of the more interesting match-ups include Tenzan vs. Nakanishi on 9/13, who have been feuding ever since Nakanishi broke Tenzan's nose on 6/5, and also "Great Muta" is set to tag with Shane against Liger and Tenzan on 9/16. Don't expect Muta to actually be Keiji Muto, it'll surely be another wrestler dressed up in the gimmick. (Maybe Chyna!)

Ishikawa Industrial Exhibition Hall #3 (WPW TV taping)
1. Masahito Kakihara/Jushin Thunder Liger/Yuji Nagata vs. Shane/Justin McCully/Joanie Laurer
2. Manabu Nakanishi/Masahiro Chono vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
3. G1 Special: Osamu Nishimura vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan.

Niigata Gymnasium
1. Tatsutoshi Goto/Hiro Saito vs. Makai Mask #1/Makai Mask #2
2. Jado/Gedo/Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Shane/Justin McCully/Joanie Laurer
3. Osamu Nishimura/Manabu Nakanishi vs. Kenzo Suzuki/Kensuke Sasaki
4. Koji Kanemoto/Masahiro Chono vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
5. G1 Special: Yuji Nagata vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi

Gran Cypripedium (Shizuoka-shi)
1. Yutaka Yoshie/Osamu Nishimura vs. Makai Mask #1/Makai Mask #2
2. Minoru Tanaka/El Samurai/Manabu Nakanishi vs. Shane/Justin McCully/Joanie Laurer
3. Masahito Kakihara/Yuji Nagata vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
4. G1 Special: Shiro Koshinaka vs. Masahiro Chono

Kamaishi Citizen Gymnasium
1. Blue Wolf/Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kensuke Sasaki vs. Shane/Justin McCully/Joanie Laurer
2. Yutaka Yoshie/Shiro Koshinaka/Yuji Nagata/Masahiro Chono vs. Makai Mask #1/Makai Mask #2/Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
3. G1 Special: HIroyoshi Tenzan vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Hachinohe Gymnasium
1. Masayuki Naruse/Masahito Kakihara/Minoru Tanaka vs. Shane/Justin McCully/Joanie Laurer
2. Blue Wolf/Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kenzo Suzuki/Kensuke Sasaki vs. Makai Mask #1/Makai Mask #2/Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
3. Hiroyoshi Tenzan/Masahiro Chono vs. Osamu Nishimura/Yuji Nagata
4. G1 Special: Manabu Nakanishi vs. Yutaka Yoshie

Miyagi Sports Center (WPW TV taping)
1. Blue Wolf/Hiroshi Tanahashi/Kenzo Suzuki vs. Shane/Justin McCully/Joanie Laurer
2. Osamu Nishimura/Masahiro Chono/Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Makai Mask #1/Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
3. G1 Special: Yuji Nagata vs. Kensuke Sasaki
4. G1 Special: Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Manabu Nakanishi

Sagamihara Synthesis Gymnasium (ESPN SXW TV taping)
1. Tatsutoshi Goto/Hiro Saito vs. Shane/Joanie Laurer
2. Blue Wolf/Kenzo Suzuki/Kensuke Sasaki vs. Makai Mask #1/Makai Mask #2/Ryushi Yanagisawa
3. Osamu Nishimura/Masahiro Chono vs. Manabu Nakanishi/Hiroyoshi Tenzan
4. G1 Special: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tadao Yasuda

Mito Citizen Gymnasium
1. Wataru Inoue/Osamu Nishimura/Shiro Koshinaka vs. Shane/Justin McCully/Joanie Laurer
2. Jushin Thunder Liger/Hiroyoshi Tenzan/Yuji Nagata/Masahiro Chono vs. Makai Mask #1/Makai Mask #2/Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
3. G1 Special: Kensuke Sasaki vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Aichi Gymnasium (WPW TV taping)
1. Yuji Nagata vs. Ryushi Yanagisawa
2. Masahiro Chono vs. Tadao Yasuda
3. Jushin Thunder Liger/Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs. Shane/Great Muta
4. G1 Special: Osamu Nishimura vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi
5. G1 Special: Kensuke Sasaki vs. Manabu Nakanishi

Tokyo Korakuen Hall (ESPN SXW TV taping)
1. Minoru Tanaka/Jushin Thunder Liger/Masahiro Chono vs. Shane/Justin McCully/Joanie Laurer
2. Manabu Nakanishi/Hiroyoshi Tenzan/Yuji Nagata vs. Makai Mask #1/Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
3. G1 Special: Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Kenzo Suzuki

Osaka Namihaya Dome (WPW TV taping)
1. New Japan vs. Yasuda Army 4 vs. 4 Single Series: Manabu Nakanishi/Hiroyoshi Tenzan/Yuji Nagata/Masahiro Chono vs. Makai Mask #1/Makai Mask #2/Ryushi Yanagisawa/Tadao Yasuda
2. IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title: Koji Kanemoto vs. Tiger Mask
3. G1 Special: Kensuke Sasaki vs. Osamu Nishimura

 [PRIDE] Dynamite! TV rating
Brandon Thurston on 9/2/2002 @ 13:48 

The taped broadcast of PRIDE and K-1's "Dynamite!" which aired on TBS (Tokyo Broadcast System) at 2:30pm on 9/1 scored an average 10.8 share. The highest point came when Hidehiko Yoshida defeated Royce Gracie, when the share went up to 14.5.

 [K-1] More on 9/22
Brien on 9/2/2002 @ 11:30 

Apparently, Master Iishi (K-1 boss) has decided that he will advise Mike Bernardo to retire should he lose to Tom Erikson at the 9/22 K-1 show. For his part, Bernardo hasn't been the same since getting KO'd by Cro Cop in 1999, and his one triumph (2000 Fukoka qualifying tournament win) was more due to luck than skill. This doesn't change the fact that Bernardo (and Vanderchek for that matter is still under suspension, but that is another story for another time.

 [Toryumon] Ultimo to return to the ring!
Brandon Thurston on 9/1/2002 @ 12:51 

Toryumon promoter, Ultimo Dragon (35) was interviewed on 9/1 where he announced he will make his return to the ring after a four-year absence, since July 1998 in WCW.

Ultimo will make his return for Toryumon's big Ariake Colosseum show on 9/8 against the leader of the regular Toryumon Army, Masaaki Mochizuki.

 [K-1] Andy Spirits Tournament and Super fights
Brien on 9/1/2002 @ 09:37 

K-1 held the Japan GP finals draw and announced 3 superfights for the Andy Spirits show for 9/22.

The Superfights:

Mike Bernardo vs Tom Erikson(winner goes to World GP opening round)
Bob Sapp vs Cyril Abidi
Petr Vondrachek vs Yuusuke Fujimoto

(Note: Both Bernardo and Vondrachek are under suspension in Nevada due to the 8/17 card, with neither suspension due to be up until October. Yet here they are....why?)

Japan GP Finals tournament
Ryuta Noji vs. Tuyoshi Nakasako
Tohru Ohishi vs. X (replacing Defending champ Nik Pettas)
Musashi vs. Hiromi Amada(this would have been a decent final)
Nobu Hayashi(K-1 Japan's "Next Big Thing") vs. Tomihira Tatsufumi

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