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What Makes an Expert?

I've always loved wrestling. I remember being the biggest Andre "The Giant" mark as a child, watching him and John Studd and just totally getting into it. It took me a long time to go from markdom to smart markdown as I always questioned if that what I really wanted. I almost though if I killed the mystery that I wouldn't like wrestling anymore. I couldn't have been further from the truth. I just see wrestling totally different now. The guys I hated as a child: Ted DiBiase, Rick Rude, and Ric Flair, I realize just how great they really were. I look at match totally different. I still mark out, I just mark out for different things. Overall I appreciate different things and enjoy wrestling even more than I did as a child.

I imagine most people who are into anything (be it a hobby, job, or whatever) often gets "teased" by those around them. For me its been wrestling. Even in high school, I really kept to myself about it because I just couldn't deal with the marks that thought because they went to everyday that they understood wrestling. I tried to "educate" people to why things were done and so fourth, largely to no avail, but the few I could, remain my friends to this day. Recently a two of these people have been trying to convince me I should try to go on "Meet the Geeks." Probably because I have the similar appeal (if that's the right word) of the so-called "experts" on that show and I do know my wrestling.

All this got me to thinking how knowledgeable about wrestling am I really? I think I know my stuff and countless anecdotes to tell about anyone from listening to a million interviews I've read and heard. My problem is I'm like a poorman's Dave Meltzer, I try to follow everything, but with my limited resources I can't do it as well as I'd like to. I really don't specialize in any on area, but I know quite a bit about a lot of areas. Puroresu is really my preference and I spend a lot of money it. I do my best to follow lucha, which I can watch on Galavision during my vacations and passively watch most WWF shows or at least read the results.

But what makes an expert? Personally I'd consider Dave Meltzer the expert, just because he knows seemingly everything about everything. He's a reporter and obviously a lot of wrestlers, promoters, bookers and so on give him crap for various reasons. I recently got some words from Southern worker Dusty Wolfe, who speaks for many of the boys by feeling outsiders don't understand this and that. It's a valid argument, though it has its flaws. He mentioned in rating matches, that the rater usually doesn't know personal problems, physical problems, and other things that really need to be taken into account. I have always wanted to know just these because I love rating matches (which I'm told the boys hate as well) and that stuff is as important as Mr. Wolfe said.

I really don't consider myself an expert though, I just love wrestling and above all want people to know what's good. I don't try to get on a high horse and say what's bad because everyone has different tastes. I chose the handle, wrestlingscout, for a reason. I try to seek out talent and tell people about it. Its always what I wanted someone to do for me and I haven't had a subscription to WON long enough. does a great job, though it's the past. More often than not though, I'd rather watch great stuff ten years old than the same "new" stuff week in and week out.

Sorry if this all came across as a rant…it definitely came out like one. I'd just like to say that I'll be doing massive changes to my website in the next month hopefully. More than anything, I just want to expose people to stuff that they'd like. Though puroresu is my thing, it may not be for everyone. Some might like lucha, some might like the indies, some might like garbage wrestling, mixed martial arts, whatever it may be, I hope I can act as a guide to some extent. Wrestling is beyond a hobby for me; and like anything I enjoy, believe in or love, I want everyone to see it in the same light I do. I will remain dedicated to that as long as I can and though my tastes may change, my purpose will remain the same.

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