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WWF in Japan…the Aftermath

Without getting into the particulars of what happened exactly, WWF's Yokohama show was a rousing success. To puroresu purists, myself partially included, this was a horrible, shocking sign. With all the problems in the current Japanese wrestling scene, the fact something foreign could come in and do so good is unfortunate. Not that I wanted the WWF to fail, but in there mind it shows them even in traditionalist, over saturated Japan they can still do big business. Lucha fans, let's just hope they don't make a sojourn South of the Border.

I guess it proved that even in strong markets, fans of outside markets exist. This makes sense because this is a puroresu site for us in America. Even a great many of puroesu people attended this show, making it like no other event of this year. The WWF marks came out in droves and made this thing a sound accomplishment for them. They understood the angles, played along with the roles and so on. It proved the smart fans that are so dominant in Japan (due to the public perception of the sport) aren't all that exists.

This event was also taped for TV and apparently opened a can of worms, though it could be just a coincidence, I'm not wholly sure. WWF TV does run on Japanese television and apparently because of this is reasonably popular. TV Tokyo was looking to edit the Yokohama show due to content and then began looking at the WWF programming they were already airing. Unlike TSN in Canada, they're hands are tied to the editing process. So according to reports J-Sky Sports is picking up the ball and running with it. Now I always hear on the LAW about bizarre editing done by TSN and was wondering if Japan was to do it would it be overdone and is it wrong for them to even do so?

Most reading this will probably concur that WWF's current product is mediocre at best. Now I don't know why these people are turned off to the WWF as it could be any number of reasons. Though I am not one to advocate censorship, the WWF is certainly nothing that should be so widely consumed by children. Though it has toned down since the Russo-era, WWF stuff seems to be playing the time travel game, so who knows what is around the corner. Personally I think Vince MacMahon's vision of "sports entertainment" is a joke. He waters down the porn and ultra-violence, then says, "Hollywood's no worse." Well, maybe you should be above Hollywood, just go in a different direction…people don't exactly have an alternative anymore!

I think more than anything I think it sad when something I enjoy be followers not leaders. I think WWF's desire to be mainstream is becoming so pathetic with all the nu-metal bands on TV and then they have forty-somethings trying to take over. It's like watching on of them hip teen horrors with popular bands on the soundtrack and if they tossed in Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) as the heartthrob lead, it'd be asinine. Needless to say I like my horrors pre-80s and I like my wrestling pre-sports entertainment. I don't want to see crap that was messed up time and time again in my life, copy old territories (or do it better rather) and put in fresh faces, don't bring back guys who may have wrestled in those same territories.

Sorry to rant, but when I know the WWF has power in an area I want off limits (Japan) – it angers me.

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