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Here, you will find reviews by "The Wrestling Scout" Jon Graham. Scout also does a website: with close to a billion wrestler profiles. It's worth checking out.

Scout was smart and wrote some interesting stuff you should read. I'm not sure of the exact dates that everything was written. Judging by the "Fly Freebird" article, that one had to be written around July 2001. I'd figure the earliest article wasn't written probably around the time this site began, in April 2001. The last article was written around September 2003, when I stopped operating the site.

In modern times, Scout globetrots the planet in search for the blueprints the Soviets used to engineer Fedor Emelianenko.

In the order than they were written:
-Japan - US Comparison
-Globally Honored Crown Championship Tournament
-Is Kawada the Best in the World?
-The Return of Kenta Kobashi
-GHC Junior Heavyweight Tournament
-Misawa-Kawada versus Flair-Steamboat
-Tiger Mask/Dynamite Kid - The Great Sasuke/Wild Pegasus
-Garbage Wrestling
-Puroresu vs. Lucha Libre: Part 1
-Puroresu vs. Lucha Libre: Part 2
-Kazuyuki Fujita: Japanese Bill Goldberg?
-30 Men, 20 Years, 1 Country: Part 1
-30 Men, 20 Years, 1 Country: Part 2
-30 Men, 20 Years, 1 Country: Part 3
-Would You Like Fujita with that Frye?
-Keiji Muto vs. Genichiro Tenryu (6/8/01)
-Zero-One Second Athlete (4/18/01)
-Match Rating - Strong Style and Sports Entertainment
-New Japan TV (6/4/01)
-Wrestling And Revival - All Japan vs. WAR Continues
-"I Have a Dream" Match that Is
-Pro Wrestling - Sick or Dying?
-Rikidozan - The Unlikey Hero
-Puroresu Politics and a Mini-Japanese History Lesson
-Mitsuharu Misawa vs. Jun Akiyama (7/27/01)
-Gang Rules
-The UPW Gaijins
-The Shining Prince and the Shining Wizard
-Understanding Fighting Spirit: Successful Newbie Conversion
-WWF in Japan... What is this world coming to?
-A Look Back at the Year that was 2001
-What Makes and Expert?
-WWF in Japan... Empty House Smackdown
-WWF in Japan... Best Possible Card?
-2002 - Year of the Juniors
-PRIDE 19 Review
-WWF in Japan...the Aftermath
-Best of Puroresu 2001 Review
-Cruiserweight Match Reviews
-The Necessity for Future Aces
-Dream Matches: Pride vs. UFC
-AJPW 2/24/02 PPV Review
-Flash n' Burn - The Fate of T2P
-T2P 3/30/02 league Tournament Review
-Asian Values versus American Business